6G and AI research, and O-RAN and NTN test solutions

11th June 2024
Paige West

Viavi Solutions Inc. announces its participation in the IEEE International Communications Conference in Denver, Colorado, where it will present research, solutions, and perspectives on next-generation networking technologies, including 6G, AI, Open RAN (O-RAN), and Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTNs).

The company will also showcase the VIAVI Automated Lab-as-a-Service for Open RAN (VALOR).


  • Full AI neural network transmission: showcasing VIAVI’s proprietary complete neural network (NN) receiver in a downlink scenario, utilising 5G-NR compliant OFDM signal (PDSCH) transmission and reception on a custom-built testbed
  • MIMO Delay-Doppler Domain waveform: demonstrating Orthogonal Time Frequency Space (OTFS) modulation technique's performance in multi-antenna transmission using a VIAVI proprietary simplified precoder solution and comparing it with OFDM
  • Rate-splitting multiple access in an overloaded network: showcasing a VIAVI proprietary technique in the Rate Splitting Multiple Access (RSMA) scheme, designed to mitigate multi-user interference in overloaded networks where transmitter antennas are fewer than the users

High-fidelity digital twin

VIAVI collaborates with the Institute for Wireless Internet of Things and the Open6G cooperative research centre at Northeastern University on large-scale RF propagation channel modelling based on AI and ML technologies to develop a city-scale digital twin of a 6G network. VIAVI and Northeastern will demonstrate:

  • The use of AI/ML to augment ray tracing for radio frequency (RF) propagation modelling to drive the digital twin
  • Conducting real-world measurement campaigns on the Northeastern Boston campus using the VIAVI Ranger rugged RF capture and playback instrument
  • Incorporating higher-layer KPIs in the digital twin to model the effects of network conditions on application performance more effectively

Open RAN and NTN

  • VALOR: made possible by a $21.7 million grant from the US NTIA Public Wireless Supply Chain Innovation Fund (PWSCIF), VALOR provides fully automated, open, and impartial testing and integration for Open RAN. It offers a pathway to certification in the US for new entrants, startups, and academia. Access to VALOR is free for academic institutions and NTIA co-grantees, subject to availability
  • NTN: VIAVI and Rohde & Schwarz will jointly demonstrate an end-to-end NTN-NR testbed for the lab, evaluating end-to-end user app performance over NTN links
  • RIC Test: demonstrating an energy-saving rApp integrated with a Non-RT RIC using the VIAVI TeraVM RIC Test. This rApp uses intelligent procedures based on ML to optimise cell control, achieving significant energy savings without compromising service quality in realistic scenarios
  • O-RAN Security Test: validating O-DU/O-CU security using the VIAVI O-RAN Security Suite

Dr. Sameh Yamany, VIAVI Chief Technology Officer, will deliver a keynote address on ‘Telecom Digital Twins And Their Role In Future Technologies Maturity’. The address will be delivered on Wednesday, June 12, 9:00-11:00 am in the Plaza Ballroom, Concourse Level.

Dr. Paul Harris, Principal Wireless Architect at VIAVI, will participate in a panel discussion on ‘Bridging the Gap: Channel Sounding and Modelling for Joint Communications and Sensing’. The panel will convene on Wednesday, June 12, 11:30 am-1:00 pm in Plaza Ballroom D, Concourse Level.

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