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31st August 2010
Stackpole develops 1% tolerance chip resistors

Stackpole Electronics, Inc. announced the addition of 1% tolerance to the popular RPC Series of thick film high pulse withstanding chip resistors. Previously this series was only available down to 5% tolerance due to the elimination of the calibration laser trim. Through proprietary materials and processing, Stackpole is now able to offer 1% accuracy with only minor sacrifices to the pulse power handling of the product.

17th August 2010
Stackpole’s HVC Series High Voltage Resistors Offer ESD Withstanding Up To 40KV

The HVC Series thick film high voltage chip resistors from Stackpole are designed to operate and withstand extremely high voltages which would destroy other standard and medium voltage resistors. The high resistance values in the HVC Series in standard chip sizes of 1206 and larger are rated for voltage handling above 15KV, and the 3512 size chip can withstand up to 40KV transients. This means that even repetitive ESD surges of 15KV will not sign...

3rd August 2010
Stackpole’s Customizable SWT and EWT Series Tubular Wirewounds

Stackpole’s SWT and EWT Series are high power tubular wirewounds that can be customized to fit many different applications. Along with the standard sizes, these two series can be provided with non-standard core sizes, adjustable center taps, non-inductive windings, different size mounting brackets, and different tab connectors. Many high power resistor applications require a resistor to fit into a fixed enclosure, housing, or space within anoth...

27th July 2010
Stackpole Announces Release Of The MHL Series Aluminum Clad Wirewounds Rated Up To 1000 Watts

Stackpole announces the release of its aluminum housed low profile wirewounds, the MHL Series. Available in power ratings from 60 watts up to 1000 watts, this series offers a high power wirewound solution that is typically less than half the height of traditional aluminum housed wirewounds. This product has standard lead wire terminations coming out of one end, and can also be provided with leads coming out of opposite ends or with quick connec...

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