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13th June 2013
Stackpole Develops EWT Series Vitreous Enamel Coated Tubular Wirewounds

Stackpole’s EWT Series of vitreous enamel coated tubular wirewounds are a good choice for high power load dump applications. The EWT Series is available in power ratings from 12 watts up to 1300 watts and the vitreous enamel coating withstands temperatures of up to 500C.

31st May 2013
Stackpole's RAF Flat Termination Chip Resistor Arrays Provide Size and Weight Reduction

The RAF Series from Stackpole is a small size chip resistor array consisting of two or four isolated 0201 equivalent resistors in a single rectangular shaped chip with no scallops or holes. By removing the scallops that chip arrays usually have, the substrate becomes less complex and less expensive.

29th May 2013
Stackpole Announce ZOV High Energy Varistors

The ZOV Series of metal oxide varistors is a series of epoxy coated square varistors with sizes from 23mm to 60mm. These high energy varistors come in a single disc, double, triple and quadruple disc versions with pulse current capabilities of up to 80kA.

17th May 2013
Stackpole's RNCP Series for High Power Anti-Sulfur Applications

The RNCP series from Stackpole has no silver or other susceptible metals in the terminations to cause sulfur contamination. In addition, the thin film resistive element provides outstanding stability and higher power ratings compared to commodity thick film chip resistors.

3rd May 2013
Stackpole's RC Series Carbon Comps Ideal for High Energy Load Dump Applications

Stackpole’s RC series is an axial leaded carbon composition technology available in 1/4W, 1/2W, and 1W power ratings. The RC’s dense carbon slug element handles high energy surges much better than metal film based surge resistors.

25th April 2013
Stackpole's CSRF Series of Foil on Ceramic Carrier Current Sense Chip Resistors Adds 0603 and 0402 Sizes

Stackpole announces the release of the CSRF0603 and CSRF0402 sizes to add to their broad current sense resistor product group. The CSRF0603 is available in resistance values from 5 to 10 milliohms in 1% tolerance and 75 ppm TCR.

18th April 2013
AVL Automotive Varistors Offer High Current and High Energy Handling

Stackpole Electronics, Inc., through its strategic alliance with KEKO Varicon, announces the AVL Series of radial leaded automotive varistors that are designed to protect automotive level electrical systems from transient voltage events. The AVL Series is designed specifically to protect 12V, 24V, and 42V automotive electrical systems.

2nd April 2013
Stackpole's BR Series Bare Element Current Sense Resistors for Lower PCB Temperatures

The BR series from Stackpole is a thru hole current sense resistor series offering power ratings up to 5 watts with low PCB temperatures. The BR series elevates the resistive element off of the board for maximum cooling into the ambient air and minimizing the amount of heat that must be dealt with at the board level.

2nd April 2013
HMC Series Economical Chip Resistors with Resistance Values Up To 10G Ohms

The HMC series from Stackpole is a thick film based chip resistor series capable of high resistance values. This series utilizes special high resistance inks and volume production to achieve a chip resistor that is capable of extremely high resistance values without significant cost increase.

1st February 2013
Stackpole releases the SM8035 for High Energy Pulse Applications

Stackpole Electronics announces the release of the SM8035 4 watt molded SMD wirewound resistor. The robust wirewound element is able to withstand much higher surge energy than other film surge resistors. The SM8035, in a 1 ohm value for example, has the energy handling capacity of 43.3 Joules.

23rd January 2013
Stackpole's Precision Thin Film Chip Resistor Arrays Offer Tolerances as Low as 0.1%

The RAVN Series from Stackpole is a thin film based chip array designed for applications with tight tolerance or tight TCR requirements. The RAVN Series offers four resistive elements in a package measuring 1.6mm by 3.2mm with resistance values from 100 ohms up to 33K ohms in a 0.1% tolerance. This part can also achieve 10 ppm TCR for a limited resistance value range.

8th November 2012
Stackpole’s RNCH Series for High Power and High Humidity Applications

The RNCH is a high power version of Stackpole’s award winning RNCS series of anti-corrosive passivated nichrome thin film chip resistors. The RNCH offers the power rating of the RNCS0805 in the 0603 size and similar power upgrades for the 0805 and 1206 sizes.

31st October 2012
Stackpole’s RHC2512 for Power Applications Requiring Low Self Heating

The RHC2512 is a two-watt thick film chip resistor which utilizes special materials, design, and processing to achieve low heat rise compared to other high power chip resistors. The RHC2512 has a hot spot temperature of just under 120C at 2 watts where most 2512 size chip resistors may reach that temperature at only 1 watt of applied power.

30th March 2012
Stackpole's Thick Film Sample Kits Provide all E96 Resistance Values Per Decade

Today, Stackpole announced the release of its new thick film sample kits. The sample kits feature Stackpole's RMCF Series general-purpose thick film chip resistors with 1% tolerance values. These thick film resistor kits feature 20 pieces of all E96 standard 1% resistor values per decade, totaling 1,920 pieces.

5th October 2010
Stackpole - High Voltage Resistor Series

Stackpole Electronics ASR / SPR Series metal film resistors are designed to withstand high voltage pulses. The pulse voltage capability ranges from 1KV for low resistance values in the ¼ watt size up to 10KV for higher resistance values in the mini ½ watt and 1 watt sizes. In addition, these resistors can withstand thousands of pulses of this type even up to several seconds in duration without significant resistance shift.

7th September 2010
Stackpole's Advanced ESD Solutions for USB Port Protection

Stackpole Electronics, Inc's discrete (ESD Series) and array (ESA Series) suppression devices are ideal for ESD protection of high speed communications ports such as USB 2.0. These products offer capacitance as low as 0.01pF, which preserves signal integrity even up to data rates approaching 5GHz. Like other gap type devices, the ESD and ESA have very low leakage current.

31st August 2010
Stackpole develops 1% tolerance chip resistors

Stackpole Electronics, Inc. announced the addition of 1% tolerance to the popular RPC Series of thick film high pulse withstanding chip resistors. Previously this series was only available down to 5% tolerance due to the elimination of the calibration laser trim. Through proprietary materials and processing, Stackpole is now able to offer 1% accuracy with only minor sacrifices to the pulse power handling of the product.

17th August 2010
Stackpole’s HVC Series High Voltage Resistors Offer ESD Withstanding Up To 40KV

The HVC Series thick film high voltage chip resistors from Stackpole are designed to operate and withstand extremely high voltages which would destroy other standard and medium voltage resistors. The high resistance values in the HVC Series in standard chip sizes of 1206 and larger are rated for voltage handling above 15KV, and the 3512 size chip can withstand up to 40KV transients. This means that even repetitive ESD surges of 15KV will not sign...

3rd August 2010
Stackpole’s Customizable SWT and EWT Series Tubular Wirewounds

Stackpole’s SWT and EWT Series are high power tubular wirewounds that can be customized to fit many different applications. Along with the standard sizes, these two series can be provided with non-standard core sizes, adjustable center taps, non-inductive windings, different size mounting brackets, and different tab connectors. Many high power resistor applications require a resistor to fit into a fixed enclosure, housing, or space within anoth...

27th July 2010
Stackpole Announces Release Of The MHL Series Aluminum Clad Wirewounds Rated Up To 1000 Watts

Stackpole announces the release of its aluminum housed low profile wirewounds, the MHL Series. Available in power ratings from 60 watts up to 1000 watts, this series offers a high power wirewound solution that is typically less than half the height of traditional aluminum housed wirewounds. This product has standard lead wire terminations coming out of one end, and can also be provided with leads coming out of opposite ends or with quick connec...

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