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7th January 2016
3W current sense chip is now AEC-Q200 qualified

  Stackpole Electronics has announced that its CSSH2512 3W current sense chip has now been qualified to AEC-Q200. The CSSH2512 offers resistance values from 0.5 up to 10mΩ in tolerances as tight as 0.5% and TCR as low as 25ppm.

17th December 2015
Resistors offer lower PCB temperatures

Stackpole's BR series is a radial leaded thru hole current sense resistor series offering power ratings up to 5W. The BR series elevates the resistive element off of the board for maximum cooling into the ambient air and minimising the amount of heat that must be dealt with at the board level.

8th December 2015
Resistors are AEC-Q200 qualified for 1% tolerances

Stackpole's RPC Series of anti-surge chip resistors is now AEC-Q200 qualified for 1% tolerances and wider. Along with providing top notch pulse handling, the AEC qualification provides additional assurance to designers that the RPC Series is able to pass the stringent electrical and environmental requirements set forth by the AEC standard.

30th October 2015
SMD shunts sizes add 0.2mΩ resistance value

The HCS series from Stackpole now includes an 0.2mΩ resistance value in the 3920 and 5930 chip sizes. This extremely low resistance value allows higher power current sensing with greater efficiency. In addition, the all-metal raised element means lower PCB temperatures due to increased convection under the part. The HCS typically runs 15 to 30°C cooler than comparable sized flat chips.

23rd October 2015
Precision chip resistors are sulfur & moisture resistant

Resistant to the effects of both sulfur and moisture, a series of thin film precision chip resistors have been unveiled by Stackpole Electronics. While thin film nichrome resistors typically have difficulty withstanding high humidity environments under low power, Stackpole's proprietary materials and processing protects the nichrome element and performs as well under high humidity testing as much more expensive technologies such as tantalum nitri...

16th October 2015
Shunt chip resistors offer resistance down to 0.3mΩ

Stackpole has expanded its HCS series high current shunt chip resistors to include a 1206 size part rated at 2W. The HCS series combines an elevated resistive element to lower the induced heat on the PCB with low resistance values down to 0.3mΩ to achieve this outstanding performance.

2nd October 2015
Thin film chip resistors offer 0.01% tolerances

The popular RNCF series from Stackpole is a thin film chip resistor series capable of outstanding precision. From sizes 0402 up to 2512 the RNCF offers 0.01% tolerances for a wide range of resistance values. The RNCF also offers TCR down to 5ppm for a significant value range for the same sizes.

22nd September 2015
Current sense resistors now offered in higher power versions

Based on foil on ceramic carrier technology, the CSRF series from Stackpole offers very low resistance values and low TCR in small chip sizes. Utilising proprietary materials and manufacturing processes, Stackpole now offers a higher power rating version. Both with TCR from 75 to 200 ppm and resistance values down to 5mΩ, the CSRF0402-HP has a power rating of 0.25W and the CSRF0603-HP has a power rating of 0.5W.

15th September 2015
Current sense chip resistors available in 0805 & 0603 sizes

  Stackpole has expanded its CSS series of current sense chip resistors to include a 0.33W rated 0603 size and a 0.5W rated 0805 size. Both offer resistance values of 5, 10, and 15mΩ in 1% tolerances and 50ppm TCR.

4th September 2015
Anti-surge resistors utilise high voltage power film

  Utilising high voltage power film to achieve high working voltages and high overload voltages, the ASR/ASRM series of anti-surge resistors has been released by Stackpole. The devices withstand repeated high voltage pulses of up to 10KV every 5 seconds with very little resistance shift.

25th August 2015
Anti-sulfur chip resistor arrays utilise thick film technology

  Stackpole Electronics announces the release of the RAVS series of convex termination anti-sulfur chip resistor arrays. The RAVS series utilises thick film technology with lower silver inner terminations to significantly reduce the susceptibility of the array to contamination by sulfur.

19th August 2015
Precision thick film chips now offer 0.1% tolerances

Stackpole Electronics announces its tolerance expansion for the RGC series. The thick film technology is now available in ±0.1% tolerances in chip sizes from 0603 through 2512. This development is a significant enhancement to the series that allows engineers to take advantage of precision tolerances while avoiding design challenges associated with thin film resistors, namely high moisture/humidity.

22nd July 2015
High current chassis mount shunt resistors rated at 15W

  Stackpole Electronics, has released the HCC8420 high current chassis mount shunt resistors. The HCC8420 is rated at 15W and has a resistance value of 0.1mΩ and can handle currents up to 350A. The TCR for this part is an impressive 100ppm/°C.

20th July 2015
Current sense chip resistors offer the industry's lowest values

  A series of foil on ceramic current sense chip resistors that offers resistance values among the lowest in 0402 and 0603 chip sizes has been released by Stackpole Electronics. The CSRF series consists of the CSRF0402–HP and the CSRF0603.

13th June 2013
Stackpole Develops EWT Series Vitreous Enamel Coated Tubular Wirewounds

Stackpole’s EWT Series of vitreous enamel coated tubular wirewounds are a good choice for high power load dump applications. The EWT Series is available in power ratings from 12 watts up to 1300 watts and the vitreous enamel coating withstands temperatures of up to 500C.

31st May 2013
Stackpole's RAF Flat Termination Chip Resistor Arrays Provide Size and Weight Reduction

The RAF Series from Stackpole is a small size chip resistor array consisting of two or four isolated 0201 equivalent resistors in a single rectangular shaped chip with no scallops or holes. By removing the scallops that chip arrays usually have, the substrate becomes less complex and less expensive.

29th May 2013
Stackpole Announce ZOV High Energy Varistors

The ZOV Series of metal oxide varistors is a series of epoxy coated square varistors with sizes from 23mm to 60mm. These high energy varistors come in a single disc, double, triple and quadruple disc versions with pulse current capabilities of up to 80kA.

17th May 2013
Stackpole's RNCP Series for High Power Anti-Sulfur Applications

The RNCP series from Stackpole has no silver or other susceptible metals in the terminations to cause sulfur contamination. In addition, the thin film resistive element provides outstanding stability and higher power ratings compared to commodity thick film chip resistors.

3rd May 2013
Stackpole's RC Series Carbon Comps Ideal for High Energy Load Dump Applications

Stackpole’s RC series is an axial leaded carbon composition technology available in 1/4W, 1/2W, and 1W power ratings. The RC’s dense carbon slug element handles high energy surges much better than metal film based surge resistors.

25th April 2013
Stackpole's CSRF Series of Foil on Ceramic Carrier Current Sense Chip Resistors Adds 0603 and 0402 Sizes

Stackpole announces the release of the CSRF0603 and CSRF0402 sizes to add to their broad current sense resistor product group. The CSRF0603 is available in resistance values from 5 to 10 milliohms in 1% tolerance and 75 ppm TCR.

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