Anti-sulfur chip resistor arrays utilise thick film technology

25th August 2015
Jordan Mulcare


Stackpole Electronics announces the release of the RAVS series of convex termination anti-sulfur chip resistor arrays. The RAVS series utilises thick film technology with lower silver inner terminations to significantly reduce the susceptibility of the array to contamination by sulfur.

This performance is proven with less than 1% resistance shift under industry standard sulfur test ASTM B 809-95. Anti-sulfur resistors are popular for a wide variety of applications such as automotive controls, industrial and commercial machinery controls, marine equipment, electric motor and pump controls, HVAC controls, LED lighting fixtures, fire and safety systems, remote communications equipment and power supplies for industrial or harsh environments.

The RAVS is available in sizes including 0402 x 2, 0402 x 4, 0603 x 2, 0603 x 4 and 1206 x 4. Pricing for RAVS series ranges from $0.015 to $0.05 each in full reel quantities, dependent on size, resistance and tolerance.

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