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Quantum Tech
14th October 2020
AWG-card by Spectrum used to move around single atoms

How do you determine what is going on when you can’t actually see the components in the system you are investigating? This is the challenge when investigating the quantum behaviour of electrons in a lattice of ions. The solution being created by the Physics Department at the University of San Diego, California is to build a model that is slightly larger with observable components of single atoms moving in an optical lattice.

Test & Measurement
9th July 2020
Fast PCIe digitisers get additional digital inputs

Spectrum Instrumentation has announced a new digital input option (M4i.44xx-DigSMA) for its popular high-speed and high-resolution series of PCIe digitisers. The option consists of an additional module that sits beside the existing digitiser card to provide eight additional digital input lines.

27th May 2020
Digitisers used for road-radar to detect wild animals

Every two minutes there is an accident caused by wildlife on German roads at a cost to the insurance industry of more than €600m in 2015 alone. To address this, the Universities of Applied Sciences of Ulm and Heilbronn along with industrial partners have created 'SALUS' to help detect wild animals.

Test & Measurement
22nd April 2020
LXI-digitisers get extra I/O lines for mixed-mode testing

Spectrum Instrumentation has extended the capabilities of its popular LXI-digitisers by adding a powerful mixed-mode testing option. This new option is available on four different models, all featuring 8 analogue input channels that synchronously sample signals at rates up to 5 MS/s, 20 MS/s, 40 MS/s or 125 MS/s with 16-bit resolution.

Test & Measurement
11th March 2020
New digitisers provide up to 5 MS/s speeds

Spectrum Instrumentation has released 11 new digitiser products that are specifically intended for the capture and analysis of electronic signals in the DC to 2MHz frequency range.

Test & Measurement
12th February 2020
AWGs deliver 24V output swings on up to 8 channels

The ability of Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWGs) to recreate virtually any waveshape makes them especially useful as signal generators in today’s sophisticated electronic systems. Spectrum Instrumentation recently released four new models in its generatorNETBOX family with output swings of up to 24V on up to 8 channels, to cover even the most demanding test applications.

Test & Measurement
4th February 2020
Multi-channel AWGs solve signal generator cost problem

Designed for engineers and scientists that need to simultaneously generate multiple electronic test signals, Spectrum Instrumentation’s latest line of Arbitrary Waveform Generators offers 24 to 48 synchronous channels in a single rack-unit with a very economic cost-per-channel. 

10th December 2019
Spectrum Instrumentation celebrates its 30th birthday

Spectrum Instrumentation has built a global enterprise since it was first founded 30 years ago in December 1989. The company uses a versatile modular design approach to create a wide range of digitiser and generator products as PC-cards (PCIe and PXIe) and stand-alone Ethernet (LXI) instruments. In 30 years, they have gained customers all around the world, including many universities. The company is headquartered near Hamburg, Germany.

Test & Measurement
26th November 2019
AWGs deliver output swings up to 24V

Six Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWGs) have been added to its recently released M2p.65 xx series of PCIe cards by Spectrum Instrumentation. The new AWGs extend the product families capabilities by boosting the available output range, so that waveforms can be generated with amplitude swings of up to ±12V into 1MΩ or ±6V into 50Ω.

T&M and Monitoring
16th October 2019
High channel count sets standard for arbitrary waveform generators

Designed for engineers and scientists that need to simultaneously generate multiple electronic test signals, Spectrum Instrumentation’s latest line of Arbitrary Waveform Generators offers 24 to 48 synchronous channels in a single rack-unit with a very economic cost-per-channel.

Test & Measurement
23rd September 2019
Mixed mode option for digitisers and AWGs

Spectrum Instrumentation has released an optional module for its latest range of 16-bit digitisers and AWGs that adds 16 synchronous digital lines to the analogue data. The additional digital lines extend the four multi-purpose XIO lines that are already standard on these digitiser and AWG cards.

Test & Measurement
14th August 2019
Portable AWG allows signal-generation for up to 16 channels

The latest line of Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWGs) from Spectrum Instrumentation is based on the LXI instrumentation standard and has been created for engineers and scientists that need to simultaneously generate up to 16 precise electronic signals. Small and compact, the units are ideal in automated testing or remote-control type applications.

5th June 2019
Digitisers help advance fusion research

Fusion has long been viewed as the ultimate goal for energy generation. Smashing together deuterium and tritium atoms releases energy as they combine and is the reaction at the heart of the sun.

Test & Measurement
15th May 2019
PCIe-cards provide up to 80 AWG-channels in one PC

A modular design philosophy has enabled Spectrum Instrumentation to create a solution for customers wanting multi-channel AWGs. Having 8 AWG channels on a single PCIe-card only 168 mm in length offers new opportunities for very compact and affordable test systems.

Test & Measurement
13th March 2019
16-bit AWGs boast 40 or 125MS/s speed

Six Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWGs) optimised for signal quality, size and cost have been introduced by Spectrum Instrumentation. The new "65" series AWGs offer the latest 16-bit Digital-Analogue-Converters, a fast PCIe x4 interface with up to 700MByte/s streaming speed and a card length of only 168 mm to fit into nearly every PC.

7th February 2019
Ultra-fast digitiser aids cell sorting research

Cell sorting plays a fundamental role in molecular biology, pathology, immunology and virology research. It requires the ability to rapidly search through and sort out cells based on their unique chemical features and shapes. Conventional methods are limited in uncovering these differences, or are too labour or time intensive, or have to trade off between speed and accuracy.

12th December 2018
Digitisers and AWG used for atmospheric research with LIDAR

Atmospheric research uses pulsed laser beams to measure temperature and wind speed along the beams by measuring the Doppler shifted and backscattered light at 100km height in the atmosphere. The returning light signals are very weak and can be blocked by sunlight, but The Leibniz Institute for Atmospheric Physics (IAP) has solved this problem.

Mixed Signal/Analog
22nd November 2018
Digitisers with ultra-long signal averaging capabilities launched

  A new signal averaging package from Spectrum Instrumentation hopes to revolutionise the way that signals can be acquired and averaged. Signal averaging plays a crucial role in applications where signal details, hidden in random noise, need to be extracted and analysed. 

Test & Measurement
25th July 2018
Digitisers deliver precision measurements for up to 48 channels

Twelve products have been added to Spectrum Instrumentation’s family of LXI-based digitizerNETBOX data acquisition instruments. Designed specifically for situations where multiple signals need to be acquired, stored and analysed, users can select from models that provide 24, 32, 40 or even 48 fully synchronised channels.

Mixed Signal/Analog
14th March 2018
General purpose digitisers can now perform up to 50% faster

Spectrum Instrumentation has announced the addition of five new models to its general purpose M2p.59xx series of PCIe 16-bit digitiser cards. The new versions extend the performance range by increasing the maximum sampling rate from 80 up to 125MS/s. The increased sampling rate, together with higher overall bandwidth, enables the new cards to capture a wider range of electronic signals.

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