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15th May 2024
New high-level object-oriented Python package

Spectrum Instrumentation presents a new open-source Python package (“spcm”) that is now available for the current line of all Spectrum Instrumentation test and measurement products.

17th April 2024
Next-generation EPR spectrometer from Spectrum Instrumentations

Digitisers and AWGs by Spectrum Instrumentation are at the heart of the new spectrometer instruments.

Test & Measurement
21st March 2024
DDS option for high-speed AWGs generates up to 20 sine waves

Spectrum Instrumentation has released a new firmware option for its range of versatile 16-bit Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWGs) with sampling rates up to 1.25GS/s and bandwidths up to 400MHz.

Test & Measurement
28th February 2024
Making automated testing easier and faster

Electronic measurement and testing instruments, like modular digitisers, are constantly being improved and updated. Market needs and improved components like analog to digital converters drive this movement to enhanced performance. 

21st February 2024
Lightning research with 8-channel digitiser system

The causes of a lightning flash are complex and still unclear. At Duke University, North Carolina, USA, the team of Prof. Cummer tries to resolve these secrets.

Test & Measurement
15th November 2023
Ultrafast digitisers and AWGs get Digital Pulse Generator option

Spectrum Instrumentation has expanded its Digital Pulse Generator (DPG) feature to include ultrafast digitisers (with speeds up to 10GS/s) and Arbitrary Waveform Generators, following its successful implementation in medium speed products.

Test & Measurement
25th October 2023
Create GHz-speed digitiser systems with up to 16 channels

A new option from Spectrum Instrumentation offers a user-friendly way to create multi-channel data acquisition systems with ultrafast sampling speeds up to 10 GS/s.

Test & Measurement
4th October 2023
Digitizer streaming mode speeds up sampling rate

Saying it sets a new standard for data acquisition, Spectrum Instrumentation has added a new streaming mode to its flagship M5i.33xx digitizer series.

4th October 2023
Spectrum’s COTS solutions store over 6 hours of signal data

Spectrum Instrumentation has added a new streaming mode to its flagship M5i.33xx digitiser series.

23rd August 2023
3D wind turbulence simulation with real world data

A common way of designing a new large building is to make a scale model and test it in a wind tunnel.

27th June 2023
PCIe digitisers combine speed, resolution, and fast streaming

A 10GS/s sampling rate, 12-bit vertical resolution and 12.8GB/s data streaming are features of two new PCIe Digitiser cards from Spectrum Instrumentation.

11th May 2023
Early warning system for dangerous volcanos with ADC card by Spectrum

Guatemala in Central America has three constantly active volcanos, all of which have villages near them, so it is vitally important to have an early warning system for eruptions to save lives.

19th April 2023
Digitisers continuous digital down conversion via GPU

Spectrum Instrumentation’s complete line of PCIe digitiser cards can now perform Digital Down Conversion (DDC) thanks to a low-cost option that uses an external GPU card for continuous ‘on-the-fly’ processing.

Test & Measurement
14th March 2023
PCIe digitisers combine speed, high resolution & streaming

The addition of two PCIe Digitiser cards from Spectrum Instrumentation extends the company’s flagship M5i series to deliver optimal GHz signal acquisition and analysis capabilities.

Test & Measurement
2nd November 2022
High-resolution digitiser helps in hunt for dark matter

To help explain the formation, evolution and behaviour of large-scale structures in the universe such as galaxies, scientists have predicted the existence of dark matter. In fact, theory suggests that the universe may actually contain up to five times more dark matter than ordinary matter!

Test & Measurement
12th October 2022
Record-breaking digitisers now offer advanced FPGA-based averaging

A new firmware option has been created by Spectrum Instrumentation that allows the company’s high-speed M5i digitiser cards to perform on-board summation averaging.

Test & Measurement
14th September 2022
Sound waves studied in a simulated ocean

The Acoustics Research Group at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Brigham Young University, Utah, USA has chosen Spectrum Instrumentation’s digitisers and signal generators to form the heart of its new underwater acoustics laboratory.

News & Analysis
18th May 2022
Record-breaking digitizers get next variant

Spectrum Instrumentation expands leading-edge digitizer family

Mixed Signal/Analog
27th April 2022
SPECTRUM digitisers and AWGs support NVIDIA Clara

Spectrum Instrumentation now offers driver support for the NVIDIA Clara AGX, a universal computing architecture for the next generation of AI medical instruments. The new drivers enable scientists and developers to choose from 64 different Spectrum Digitisers, Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWGs) and Digital I/O cards, letting the NVIDIA Clara AGX kit perform high-speed electronic signal acquisition and generation for analog and digital signals.&...

9th March 2022
Next-gen digitiser cards smash transfer speed barriers

The release of two PCIe Digitizer cards from Spectrum Instrumentation brings next gen performance to PC-based instrumentation.

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