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12th December 2018
Digitisers and AWG used for atmospheric research with LIDAR

Atmospheric research uses pulsed laser beams to measure temperature and wind speed along the beams by measuring the Doppler shifted and backscattered light at 100km height in the atmosphere. The returning light signals are very weak and can be blocked by sunlight, but The Leibniz Institute for Atmospheric Physics (IAP) has solved this problem.

Mixed Signal/Analog
22nd November 2018
Digitisers with ultra-long signal averaging capabilities launched

  A new signal averaging package from Spectrum Instrumentation hopes to revolutionise the way that signals can be acquired and averaged. Signal averaging plays a crucial role in applications where signal details, hidden in random noise, need to be extracted and analysed. 

Test & Measurement
25th July 2018
Digitisers deliver precision measurements for up to 48 channels

Twelve products have been added to Spectrum Instrumentation’s family of LXI-based digitizerNETBOX data acquisition instruments. Designed specifically for situations where multiple signals need to be acquired, stored and analysed, users can select from models that provide 24, 32, 40 or even 48 fully synchronised channels.

Mixed Signal/Analog
14th March 2018
General purpose digitisers can now perform up to 50% faster

Spectrum Instrumentation has announced the addition of five new models to its general purpose M2p.59xx series of PCIe 16-bit digitiser cards. The new versions extend the performance range by increasing the maximum sampling rate from 80 up to 125MS/s. The increased sampling rate, together with higher overall bandwidth, enables the new cards to capture a wider range of electronic signals.

Test & Measurement
15th February 2018
Physics experiments on single atoms controlled by AWG

  The Stuttgart University has chosen a Spectrum Arbitrary Waveform Generator for their experiments in which single atoms in a diamond are replaced by nitrogen atoms. This method is a base for applications like a magnetic field detector at the atomic level or a qubit in a quantum computer.

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