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22nd April 2021
Membrane switches for demanding applications

SCHURTER has a long tradition in the development and manufacturing of customised membrane switches for demanding applications. Based on our know-how, SCHURTER works to find the optimal solution even for challenging applications and fields of use.

Aerospace & Defence
4th March 2021
Hydraulic vs electric in aviation

With the electrification of the automotive industry, the ambition quickly arose to transfer this to aviation to the same extent. Hydraulic systems give way to electric ones. The system's supply voltage increases to allow for greater ranges thanks to reduced mass.

1st March 2021
Optical bonding of e-paper displays

Optical bonding enables the connection of touch sensor, cover glass and display into one unit by means of different technologies and processes. Just as with optical bonding of TFT LC displays, this finishing process can also be applied to e-paper displays.

9th February 2021
Displays for HMI solutions from Schurter

SCHURTER has announced that it now offers its customers complete HMI solutions with the right display to meet all desired requirements. With the company’s knowledge and extensive sourcing channels, it has selected the optimal display for the customer's application.

19th October 2020
Solutions for high EMC requirements

Touch panel products for the European market must comply with European directives and be CE certified. An essential requirement is that these products meet the requirements for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). But which are these?

5th October 2020
Piezoelectric switches re-certified according to ATEX/IECEx

Piezoelectric switches are particularly tough. They are hermetically sealed and have no mechanical switching contacts. The production site of the SCHURTER PSE EX has just been re-certified according to ATEX/IECEx. The switches of the SCHURTER PSE EX family feature aluminium or stainless-steel housings.

6th August 2020
FMBB EP single phase block filter brings high performance

SCHURTER has completed its portfolio of ultra-compact single-phase filters with a new generation of particularly high-performance thanks to a double stage filter design. FMBB EP is the name of the latest member in the completely closed steel housing.

14th July 2020
Control without touching to minimise COVID-19 risks

The threat of the COVID-19 is forcing us all to take far-reaching measures to reduce health risks as much as is possible. Many SCHURTER customers have questions about the hygiene of control panels. Are these applications hygienic enough? SCHURTER offers the possibility to control without touching.

13th July 2020
Schurter prioritises medical component production

SCHURTER has taken the facts of the COVID-19 pandemic into account and has prioritised and ramped up the production of its components and input systems, which are used in medical devices.

7th May 2020
Changes to the Board of Directors at Schurter

After almost 35 years success in leading positions including CEO of the family business, Hans-Rudolf Schurter is retiring. The reason for this is not due to a lack of enthusiasm for his duties, but to the company's Articles of Association.

6th May 2020
Volex and SCHURTER License and Distribution Contract

The British power cord and cable assembly solutions specialist Volex and SCHURTER Group have a long standing and successful partnership. This partnership has now been taken to a new level in a ‘License and Distribution Contract’.

16th December 2019
Global harmonisation of the appliance coupler standard

  In the process of global harmonisation, the US and Canada will adopt the IEC 60320 standard for device plugs with minor deviations.

4th December 2019
Optimised resistive touch screen solutions

Resistive touchscreens have been frequently used in industrial and medical environments for nearly 30 years. The resistive technology is a proven, reliable and mature technique with features such as robustness, EMC conformity, closed front without dirty edges, IP67, available in diagonals up to 24".

6th September 2019
Whitepaper expertise on zero energy indicators

Indicators for the operating status of electrical equipment generate heat during operation. Wasted energy, which also promotes the ageing of surrounding components. But that does not have to be the case. A new technology reduces the power loss by up to 2,000%.

29th July 2019
Three-phase mains filter with small footprint

FMAD NEO is the name of the latest single-stage filter family for three-phase systems with a neutral line. Especially compact with high performance, the new filter series is suited for use in today's more portable industrial machines, designed to occupy less floor space in manufacturing plants. A wide temperature range extends its capabilities for use in many critical applications.

5th June 2019
One-phase filter designed for AC and DC applications

SCHURTER extends its successful family of chassis mounted filters for 1-phase systems, FMAB NEO with the new series FMAB HV. It is suitable for applications up to 277VAC as well as 400VDC. In North America, there are various 1-phase applications in the 3-phase 480/277VAC network. 400VDC is often used in modern data centres with DC power supply. The single-stage filter series combines a compact design with a high level of performance.

16th May 2019
Medical and health and safety standard successfully passed

  SCHURTER has successfully passed the initial certification for the medical standard according to DIN EN ISO 13485 as well as the occupational health and safety standard according to DIN ISO 45001. The certification audits for the two standards took place in April 2019 and were successfully passed following a well-prepared and organised process.

17th April 2019
Evaluation boards for current-compensated high-current chokes

Proven test circuit boards are being offered by SCHURTER for the DKIH-1 and DKIH-3 high-current chokes. With these, an EMI filter circuit for one or three phase systems can be set up and tested easily and quickly in an iterative process without having to make any adjustments to the layout of your own PCB. 

18th March 2019
Coupler system enables efficient DC power distribution in data centres

With the GP21 plug connector and the GS21 socket-outlet, SCHURTER has launched the UL approved IEC TS 62735-1 standardised DC coupler system designed to enable efficient DC power distribution in data centre power distribution strips and UPS. With a complete DC power supply architecture, from source to load, the cost intensive and failure-prone transformations and conversions, including their components, are completely eliminated. Operat...

6th February 2019
The voltage rises in vehicles

  The idea of a higher vehicle electrical system voltage in automobiles is not new. As early as the 1990s, a 42V consortium was set up. However, due to a lack of standards, this approach was not successful. But now everything is to change. 

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