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19th September 2023
SCHURTER in medical technology

Whether patient care, laboratory technology, or diagnostics: electronic components and input systems from SCHURTER are used in medical technology wherever safe power supply, a long service life, reliability, and simple operation are required.

5th September 2023
The new MSM II MO metal push buttons

The MSM push-button family has been successfully used on the market for over 30 years. It is known for its durability, precision, and particularly high-quality workmanship. These characteristics – combined with additional features – distinguish the new MSM II generation to the same extent.

Eco Innovation
17th August 2023
Green plastics for electronic components

The time has come. Plant-based plastics are a top engineering topic at SCHURTER.

Eco Innovation
11th August 2023
SCHURTER Green Line product collection

Sustainability is no longer a trend, but the order of the day. For this reason, SCHURTER introduces the new Green Line products.

19th July 2023
Launch appliance inlet type DG11/DG12 with Cordset

The SCHURTER Products DG11 and DG12 have been upgraded for an IEC 60320 and IEC 60529 compatible appliance inlet.

6th July 2023
How do you develop a HMI PCAP touch panel?

HMI input systems for machines, plants, and devices are technically complex and sophisticated.

9th June 2023
A new FXP Fuseholder for very high power

Closed fuse holders are a fine thing: the fuse is well protected and yet easy to replace. According to IEC-60127-6, however, the limit was previously 16A. 

11th May 2023
Why resistive multitouch?

The PCAP technology is currently the most common input medium for multitouch applications. However, there are certain applications that still require resistive touch technology. What is the reason for choosing the resistive multi-touch technology? In which applications will it be used?

19th April 2023
UHS: safe tripping high currents in the SELV range

SELV stands for ‘Safety Extra Low Voltage.’ The term sounds self-explanatory and harmless, but it comes with complications.

6th April 2023
FRM-A and DRM-A: for demanding requirements in avionics

SCHURTER addresses avionic industry needs with the FRM-A and DRM-A fuse holder/fuse combination.

28th March 2023
The first Smart Products from SCHURTER

SCHURTER presents the first products of the new Smart Products range.

15th March 2023
When is optical bonding a must-have?

Optical bonding has established itself in industry and medicine and is a technically mature method of HMI display optimisation.

9th March 2023
SCHURTER launches a new very compact filter series

SCHURTER launches a new very compact filter series with the 5121 appliance inlet filter. An IEC C14 inlet is surrounded by a closed metal housing and thus effectively shields the mains input. The new filter series is available as a standard or medical technology version for a rated current up to 10 A / 15 A with wire connections.

6th March 2023
Customised wire harness

Wire harnessing is the production of ready-to-connect cables, cable bundles and complete wire harnesses with connectors, contacts, or wire end sleeves.

Eco Innovation
19th January 2023
Sustainable Innovation at SCHURTER

Devices and products that are connected directly to the Internet are becoming more and more prevalent in our everyday lives. The development of IoT allows manufacturers to make their products smart. The SCHURTER Smart Platform, which includes a cloud, user app and device firmware, provides the foundation for developing further products.

22nd December 2022
Single phase block filter with ground choke

SCHURTER is expanding the successful FMAB NEO single-phase filter family with new variants.

14th December 2022
3-phase block filters for machine applications

Schurter is expanding the FMBC EP and FMBD EP 3-phase filter families with new variants for machine applications.

30th November 2022
THR: Through hole technology for the reflow oven

Electrical and electronic components come in a wide variety of sizes and mounting technologies. The classic is the through hole technology (THT). Its modern counterpart is the surface-mounting technology (SMT).

26th September 2022
SCHURTER 6080 with cordset

Protection against dirt particles and moisture is becoming increasingly important. With the product type 6080 and the associated V-Lock power cable, SCHURTER is launching an IP54 device connection that also meets high demands.

1st December 2021
Thermal fuse with low tripping temperature

SCHURTERS RTS thermal fuse, successfully launched in 2018, gets a new variant with a tripping temperature of >175°C

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