5 good reasons for the Smart Connector DS11 PEM

15th February 2024
Harry Fowle

The digital world is advancing in big steps. One example of this is the integrated Smart Connector DS11 PEM.

The DS11 is a smart power entry module and can be installed in almost any device. With the Smart Connector, standard devices can be quickly and easily digitalised and integrated into the IoT without time-consuming and cost-intensive in-house development. Read more about 5 selected advantages of the Smart Connector that can offer great added value.

IoT-ready overnight

The Smart Connector is a smart device input connector with WLAN connectivity. By installing the Smart Connector and using the SCHURTER Smart Ecosystem, you have all the functions necessary for an IoT-enabled device. Do without your own IoT development.

Detailed data analysis

By recording values such as power consumption, performance and voltage, usage patterns can be identified and device operation optimised. In addition, information can be exchanged via an API interface. For example, the utilisation of the devices can be monitored or preventive maintenance can be planned. Offer your customers customised solutions that optimally meet their needs.

Comprehensive SCHURTER Smart Ecosystem

The SCHURTER Smart Ecosystem consists of the Smart Connector, the SCHURTER Cloud, the Smart Dashboard, the Smart App for Apple and Android, and the Smart API. The dashboard and the app offer convenient access to the device data at any time. Among other things, the connected devices can be switched on or off remotely.

Simple control with the Smart Dashboard

The Smart Dashboard is the browser-based, visual interface to the SCHURTER Cloud. Devices equipped with a Smart Connector can be controlled, monitored and managed in the dashboard. In addition, the Smart Dashboard is a flexible platform. If required, own individual functions can be programmed or the Smart Dashboard can be connected to the customer's IT infrastructure.

New business models

Data collection and analysis through the Smart Connector offer a high added value. New business models can be built on this. The analysis of operating time or usage patterns allows new "pay-per-use" payment models that are accurate, reliable and verifiable.

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