SCHURTER launches new connectors

13th June 2024
Caitlin Gittins

Following the launch of the first 400 VDC connectors (GP21 and GS21) in accordance with IEC TS 62735, SCHURTER has now introduced models GC21 and GH21/GI21 on the device side, ensuring full IEC compliance. 

SCHURTER's 400 VDC family represents the world's first complete DC connector solution conforming to IEC TS standards.

The GP21 and GS21 connectors, released in 2019, were the pioneering DC connector systems standardised under IEC TS 62735-1, designed for efficient power distribution in data centres, power distribution strips, and UPS applications.

The newly introduced GH21 and GI21 appliance inlets offer further innovation. The GI21 is engineered for pure DC operation, while the GH21 is a hybrid version capable of accepting both AC and DC current. To complement these inlets, SCHURTER has developed the rewireable GC21 connector. A newly designed cord retention system ensures safe and reliable operation. Additionally, all three new products are constructed from bio-based plastic, known as Green Plastic.

Advantages of DC

A pure DC supply eliminates the need for costly and failure-prone transformations and conversions, along with their associated components, thereby enhancing operational reliability and efficiency. Moreover, climate-friendly technologies that generate direct current are becoming more prevalent in energy generation.

IEC TS 62735-1 / IEC TS 63236

Due to the unique characteristics of direct current (2.6 kW), the standards require a more complex connector design to avoid DC arcs when disconnecting the supply. Another notable feature is the extended temperature range of the connector pins, from -5 °C to +105 °C.

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