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Test & Measurement
3rd July 2020
ThinkRF D4000 RF Downconverter for spectrum analyser use

Saelig Company has introduced the compact ThinkRF D4000 RF Downconverter, designed to extend the usefulness of existing spectrum analysis equipment by down-converting RF signals from the 24 to 40GHz frequency bands down to an intermediate frequency (IF) of 1.536GHz with 100kHz tuning resolution.

Test & Measurement
30th June 2020
Saelig GWInstek GLC-9000 leakage current tester launched

Saelig has introduced the GWInstek GLC-9000 leakage current tester, which performs leakage current (also called touch current) tests on general purpose electric (IEC 60990) equipment. This tester uses nine measurement device networks to simulate the human body interacting with equipment under test.

17th June 2020
Saelig introduces Boonton PMX40 40GHz RF Power Meter

Saelig Company has introduced the Boonton PMX40 40GHz RF Power Meter which combines the utility of traditional benchtop instrument, the flexibility and performance of modern USB RF power sensors, and the simplicity of a multi-touch display.

Test & Measurement
3rd June 2020
RF drive test kit to capture multiple wireless bands

Saelig Company has announced theThinkRF RF Drive Test System - a complete, multiband, and versatile mobile testing solution - a complete drive testing solution with one single piece of equipment, providing spectrum capturing, technology analysis, and I/Q storage

28th May 2020
Quick-setup -100dB attenuation RF/EMI tabletop enclosures

Saelig Company has introduced the SFI High Attenuation Frameless Enclosures which guarantee more than -100dB attenuation RF/EMI in a quick-setup tabletop enclosure. The frameless design allows a smaller footprint, easier storage, and guarantees high attenuation than the RF/EMI Shielded Tabletop Enclosure. 

Test & Measurement
27th May 2020
PicoScope 6000E Oscilloscopes with 5GSa/s sampling rate

Saelig Company has introduced the 4-channel PicoScope 6000E Series 500MHz Oscilloscopes, which provide eight to 12 bits of vertical resolution, and up to 5GSa/s sampling rate with 4GSa memory, allowing these scopes to display single-shot pulses with 200ps time resolution.

18th May 2020
SSG5000X series 6GHz RF analogue/vector signal generators

Saelig has introduced the Siglent SSG5000X series RF Signal Generators which generate analogue and vector signals over a frequency range of 9kHz to 4GHz/6GHz with a 0.001Hz frequency setting resolution. They offer excellent performance in phase noise, spectral purity, bandwidth, EVM, and output power.

12th May 2020
Saelig introduces ultra-compact new Amplicon DINrail PC

Saelig has announced a very small industrial embedded PC; the Amplicon Impact-P Series. These rugged PCs feature the Intel Apollo Lake ATOM E3900 generation processors, supported by high bandwidth DDR3L 1600MHz memory, in an ultra-compact (4.7x2.2x3.8") housing that is milled out of solid aluminum. 

28th November 2019
Switch-mode power conversion design with linear final regulation

Saelig Company has announced the introduction of the AIM-TTi MX100Q Series Power Supplies, versatile four-output laboratory power sources which use mixed mode regulation to provide up to 210W of power, shared by up to four outputs, in one compact case.

Test & Measurement
16th July 2019
High-speed eight-channel automotive oscilloscope

Saelig Company has introduced the Pico Technology PicoScope 4823, a high-speed, high-resolution, eight-channel automotive oscilloscope. It is fast enough for decoding the latest commonly used serial protocols used in vehicles, such as CAN, CAN FD, and FlexRay. The 4823 scope offers eight common-ground signal input channels with a maximum input range of 50V and protection to 100V.

12th July 2019
Data logger with flex-connector allows for wide sensor choice

Saelig has introduced the new MSR145W2D WiFi Data Logger, a miniature data-gathering device that is easy to use, takes accurate measurements, offers quick data transfer, and is designed with great flexibility of sensor choice, using WiFi as an instant data delivery method. The MSR145W2D miniature data logger can record physical parameter data from a selection of internal sensors and up to five external sensors.

5th June 2019
Java-on-a-Chip for fast controller development

The availability of Java on a Chip (JoC), a small Java-programmable module designed and made by demmel (Austria) for industrial use, has been announced by Saelig Company. Java on a Chip (JoC) is a Java-programmable module, designed for innovative smart applications. The highly integrated Java-programmable JoC Module can replace conventional microcontroller electronics, minimise programming and development time, and simplify hardware design.

7th May 2019
Economical, versatile programmable DC loads

The new Siglent SDL1000X/X-E Series Programmable DC Loads, have been announced by Saelig Company, which can be set to simulate a wide range of load characteristics. Four models offer two different resolutions and two power capacity choices with an input range of 150V/30A. The SDL1020X/SDL1020X-E versions are 200W models, while the SDL1030X/SDL1030X-E versions have a 300W capability. 

19th October 2018
Portable high performance PC-controlled RF source

  A PC-based signal generator with a 300kHz to 8GHz frequency output range has been introduced by Saelig Company, with the PicoSource AS108 Agile Synthesiser. It is designed with fast settling time and extensive programmable phase, frequency, and amplitude capabilities

13th September 2018
Compact industrial controllers offer guaranteed production

It has been announced by Saelig that the Raspberry Pi-based industrial computers from Janz Tec have now been updated with the new Raspberry Pi 3 B+ module for long-term availability and enhanced specs. The emPC-A/RPI3+ embedded PC and the emVIEW-7/RPI3+ seven inch panel PC both now offer a faster CPU, dual-band wireless LAN, and long-term availability.

3rd September 2018
Programmable AC power supplies with DC output

The Preen AFV-P Series of programmable AC power sources with DC output and precision measurement capabilities has been introduced by Saelig Company. These compact power sources come in four power levels: 600, 1,250, 2,500, and 5,000VA, providing clean power with THD less than 0.3% at 50/60Hz. 

11th July 2018
Waterproof, six axis MEMS motion sensor announced

A new product has been announced by Saelig Company, with the JoyWarrior56FR1-WP, a cost efficient, waterproof, six axis MEMS motion sensor with a six foot cable and USB interface. The product has three axes of acceleration and three of angular rate, which are measured with 16-bit resolution.

Mixed Signal/Analog
21st June 2018
RF analogue signal generators for demanding dynamic range

The introduction of Tabor's Lucid LS RF Analog Signal Generators, offering advanced features and a compact form factor, has been announced by Saelig Company. 

Test & Measurement
15th June 2018
4-channel scopes offer 10GSa/s real-time sample rate

In stock at Saelig are Rigol’s DS/MSO7000 series of oscilloscopes. The 4-channel advanced specification instruments offer a 10GSa/s real-time sample rate. They come in four bandwidth versions (100/250/350/500MHz) as well as mixed-signal versions that offer 16 digital debug channels.

23rd May 2018
LoRa/FSK smart modem transceiver operates in the 434MHz ISM band

Saelig has introduced the Circuit Design SLR-434M Smart Modem - a compact, easy to use narrow-band embedded radio modem operating in the 434MHz ISM band. It incorporates LoRa technology to achieve long range for low bit-rate data with low power. The SLR-434M's receiving sensitivity allows communication into areas once considered difficult for RF to penetrate, and making it possible to transmit 1800 feet or more. The SLR-434M is also swi...

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