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22nd September 2023
Saelig announces demo boards For Novel Pulsiv OSMIUM

Saelig has announced the availability of the Pulsiv PSV-AD-250-DS Evaluation Boards for the OSMIUM Microcontroller family, which enables rapid customer evaluation of the efficient Pulsiv power supply technology.

Test & Measurement
11th September 2023
Saelig debuts economical 12-bit Rigol DHO800/900

Saelig Company has introduced the Rigol DHO800/900 Oscilloscope Series, Rigol's newest high-performance 12-bit economical digital oscilloscopes.

Test & Measurement
7th September 2023
Saelig introduces Siglent SSG6000A microwave signal generators

Saelig has announced the Siglent SSG6000A Series Microwave Signal Generators, with an output frequency range from 100kHz to 13.6/20/40 GHz.

6th September 2023
Saelig select fabricators series RF enclosures

Saelig has introduced the Select Fabricators Series 700 EMI Enclosures – reliable, portable, and lightweight RF and EMI shielding enclosures in standard sizes with a fast-up inflatable frame, ready for operation in less than 60 seconds. 

25th July 2023
Saelig unveils miniature low-EMI 1.8V/3.3V oscillators

Saelig has introduced an oscillator to the Euroquartz range of Spread Spectrum low-EMI oscillators that uses spread spectrum (dithered) techniques to reduce electromagnetic interference by up to 12dB.

19th May 2023
Saelig Micsig SigOFIT series opto-isolated probes

Saelig has introduced the Micsig SigoFIT Series Opto-isolated Probes with amplitude/frequency characteristics and deliver a common mode rejection ratio (CMRR up to 112dB at 100MHz, over 100dB at 500MHz).

Test & Measurement
11th May 2023
Saelig Siglent SHA800A portable spectrum analyser

Saelig has introduced the SIGLENT SHA800A series, handheld portable spectrum analysers which form a powerful, versatile choice for benchtop and field RF measurement applications.

5th May 2023
Saelig Disklabs LB4-USB folding faraday enclosure

Saelig has introduced the LB4-USB Folding Faraday Enclosure, designed with a USB 3.0 interface and EMI gloves.

19th April 2023
Saelig introduces ChargeBox FAST3

Saelig has introduced the ChargeBox FAST3, a complete mobile device charging station with three lockers including a patented SmartLock key system for security.

13th April 2023
Saelig debuts mix-and-match RF design system

Saelig has introduced BeeWave – a novel wireless front-end concept that allows users to build complete, functioning complex RF circuits on a desktop without requiring any tools.

11th April 2023
Saelig introduces SpectraTronix C700 modular radio development platform

Saelig has introduced the SpectraTronix C700 Modular Radio Development Platform, a system of mix-and-match RF modules for quickly creating almost any software-defined digital radio or analog, digital or arbitrary modulated RF system.

6th April 2023
Saelig unveils Pulsiv OSMIUM power electronics technology

Saelig has announced Pulsiv OSMIUM, a power electronics technology for efficiently converting AC to DC that involves charging/discharging a small storage capacitor without the need for a PFC inductor.

Test & Measurement
3rd March 2023
Joulescope JS220 precision DC energy analyser with wide dynamic range

Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the Joulescope JS220 – an easy-to-use precision DC energy analyser which measures current and voltage and computes power and energy.

Test & Measurement
1st March 2023
Saelig introduces Siglent SNA5000A vector network analyser range expanded to 26.5GHz

Saelig has introduced two new models in the Siglent SNA5000A vector network analysers (VNA) range – 13.5GHz and 26.5GHz.

24th February 2023
Saelig introduces compact Amplicon Impact-D embedded PC range

Saelig has introduced the Impact-D 1100A series, the rugged, powerful, yet small DIN rail mountable embedded computers designed by Amplicon. This important extension to their embedded computer range - Impact-D 100EL-A and Impact-D 1100A - offers new levels of CPU and graphics performance, with integrated IoT and AI features, real-time performance, manageability, security, and functional safety.

Test & Measurement
13th January 2023
Saelig introduces Siglent Series low profile digital oscilloscope series

Saelig has introduced the Siglent SDS6000L Series low profile 2GHz/8-Ch digital oscilloscope series, with 4 or 8 analogue channels (expandable up to 512 channels) plus 16 digital channels (up to 1024 channels) in a space-saving chassis size that forms a standalone oscilloscope when connected to an external display and a mouse.

12th January 2023
Saelig introduces Siglent Series Low Profile Digital Oscilloscope Series

Saelig has introduced the Siglent SDS6000L Series Low Profile 2GHz/8-Ch Digital Oscilloscope Series, with 4 or 8 analogue channels (expandable up to 512 channels) plus 16 digital channels (up to 1024 channels) in a space-saving chassis size that forms a standalone oscilloscope when connected to an external display and a mouse.

Test & Measurement
15th December 2022
The AIM-TTi SMU4000 Source Measure Unit series from Saelig

Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the AIM-TTi SMU4000 Source Measure Unit Series which integrates a fast and agile high power, four quadrant voltage/current source with advanced precise voltage/current meters as an all-in-one test solution.

Test & Measurement
13th December 2022
Saelig introduces ABI MIS4 Test Station - 8 Programmable Test Instruments in 1

Saelig Company has introduced the ABI Multiple Instrument Station MIS4 Test Station, an all-in-one testing tool that combines in a compact case all commonly required test instruments in one compact and programmable hardware module.

Test & Measurement
14th November 2022
Saelig introduces the Portascanner AIRTIGHT

Saelig Company has introduced the Portascanner AIRTIGHT - a handheld tool designed to ensure that a room, compartment, or building is sufficiently airtight.

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