Saelig Sciospec ISX-3 electrical impedance tomography system

10th April 2024
Harry Fowle

Saelig has introduced the new Sciospec ISX-3 Electrical Impedance Tomography System for medical and industrial applications.

EIT is a noninvasive medical and industrial imaging modality in which the electrical impedance of a part of a body or object is measured by surface electrode measurements and converted in software to display a tomographic, sliced image of that part to reveal anomalies. Electrical conductivity varies in biological tissues and other non-uniform objects. Small alternating currents applied to some or all of the electrodes allow potentials to be recorded from the other electrodes in varying electrode configurations. A two-dimensional tomogram can then be constructed using appropriate imaging algorithms. These measurements at multiple frequencies also allow for Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy.

Designed for researchers, the Sciospec ISX-3 EIT system allows for fully simultaneous acquisition of impedance or potential signals on up to 256 electrodes. This opens up new possibilities for monitoring highly dynamic and spatially distributed electro-physiological phenomena and allows in-depth insights into complex cell and non-uniformity interactions using customised application-specific sensor adapters. 

Sciospec’s EIT systems (EIT16/32/64/128+) are specifically designed for electrical impedance tomography measurements, offering true parallel measurements and tightly synchronised switching for fast frame rates.


  • 16 to 256 channels in standard configurations
  • simultaneous sampling of all channels
  • Measurements at 100 mHz to 10 MHz, mOhm…Tohm
  • Configurable injection patterns
  • Broad frequency range (e.g. 100 Hz to 1 MHz)
  • Spectral measurements with sweeps with up to 128 frequencies
  • Current excitation from 100 nA … 10 mA
  • Frame rates up to 100 fps
  • Imaging algorithm software provided
  • Advanced features like ECG synchronisation, synchronous complex stimulation, etc.
  • Fully compatible with EIDORS; IEC 60601-1 compliant medical safety features
  • USB, Ethernet or Wireless LAN for control from Java, C, Python, LabView, Matlab, etc.
  • Optional EIT phantom tank
  • Fully customisable

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