New 3x5” power supply series for medical technology

10th July 2024
Paige West

Bicker Elektronik introduces the new AC/DC power supplies BEO-5112M (12V) and BEO-5124M (24V), designed specifically to meet the demands of medical technology.

With a power output of 500W (with fan) or 390W (fanless), an efficiency of up to 94.5%, and comprehensive medical safety certifications, the new BEO-5100M series meets the highest standards of efficiency, reliability and safety. The universal input range of 80 to 264VAC with active PFC allows for flexible and global use. These open-frame power supplies are ideal for demanding medical applications and fanless systems.

Space-saving medical AC/DC power supply

The BEO-5100M series, with a footprint of only 3x5", offers a high power density. This allows for integration into particularly compact medical devices and high-performance medical computer systems. Despite their small size, the power supplies deliver a constant high power of 500W with forced air cooling and 390W in fanless operation. Additionally, they can provide a peak power of 600W for five seconds. Robust and high-quality construction makes the BEO-5100M series suitable for reliable 24/7 continuous operation, working in an extended temperature range of -40 to +85°C.

Maximum efficiency and energy savings

The optimised power supply design, with a very high efficiency of up to 94.5% and a no-load power consumption of less than 0.5W, significantly reduces heat generation. This results in reduced cooling requirements and longer power supply lifespan. Additionally, it helps lower operating costs and conserve the environment. These features make the BEO-5100M series the ideal choice for modern and highly energy-efficient medical devices.

Comprehensive safety approvals and protection features

The BEO-5100M series is equipped with numerous safety and protection features to ensure reliable and safe operation. Compliance with international medical safety standards IEC/EN/UL60601-1 Ed.3.2 with 2xMOPP certification (Means of Patient Protection) and EMC standard 60601-1-2 Ed.4.1 highlights the high quality and conformity of the products. The power supplies also meet the requirements of IEC/EN60335 for household and commercial use, as well as EN55011 Class B for electromagnetic compatibility. Other features include integrated over-temperature protection, short-circuit protection, and over-current protection, each with automatic recovery. These functions ensure that the medical power supplies operate reliably under demanding conditions and meet the highest safety standards.

Application flexibility

The BEO-5112M (12V) and BEO-5124M (24V) power supplies can be used for both Class I (protective earth) and Class II (double or reinforced insulation) applications. Flexibility and adaptability to the application are enabled by the integrated remote control function with PS_ON/PS_Off, signal outputs for PG (Power Good) / PF (Power Fail), as well as additional outputs for +5V standby consumers and +12V fans.

Universal worldwide use

The BEO-5100M series from Bicker Elektronik combines the highest reliability, efficiency, and safety in a compact and powerful power supply for international use. In addition to the open-frame versions, Bicker Elektronik also offers the BEO-5100MC series with pre-assembled enclosures. All models are available immediately and can be ordered directly through personal B2B contact or conveniently 24/7 through the international webshop.

All product advantages at a glance

  • Medical AC/DC power supplies 3x5"
  • Input voltage 80-264VAC (active PFC)
  • Regulated output voltage
  • Power 500W (with fan) or 390W (fanless)
  • Peak power 600W for 5 seconds
  • High efficiency up to 94.5%
  • Operating temperature range -40 to +85°C
  • No-load power consumption <0.5W
  • Operating altitude 5000m
  • IEC/EN/UL60601-1 Ed.3.2
  • 2xMOPP (patient protection)
  • EMC 60601-1-2 Ed.4.1
  • Power Good and Power Fail signal
  • PS_On / PS_Off remote control
  • Meets IEC/EN60335 / EN55011 Class B
  • For Class I & II applications

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