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Saelig introduces USB-powered oscilloscopes

11th June 2024
Caitlin Gittins

Saelig Company has introduced the Pico Technology PS3417E and PS3418E, the first USB-powered 5GSa/s PC-based oscilloscopes, expanding the PicoScope 3000 series

These models, with four analogue channels and bandwidths of 350 MHz and 500 MHz, respectively, feature 10-bit resolution, which can be enhanced to 14-bit precision.

The 2GSa ultra-deep capture memory allows for the capture of long-duration signals at the highest sampling rate. The PicoScope DeepMeasure tool provides automatic measurements of waveform parameters across up to a million waveform cycles for each triggered acquisition. A USB 3.0 Type-C connection ensures high-speed data transfer and compatibility with the latest PCs, with an adaptor included for older USB ports.

The design includes a 200 MSa/s 14-bit AWG/Function Generator, enabling real-world waveform generation for various applications and eliminating the need for extra external equipment. The software is controlled via the PicoScope 7 User Interface, compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, and comes with free updates.

The package includes 38 serial decoders to facilitate serial bus communication analysis, simplifying debugging and troubleshooting processes. Segmented Memory, Persistence, and Fast waveform updating in PicoScope 7 enhance waveform visualisation and analysis, allowing users to gain valuable insights efficiently.

The memory segmentation can capture thousands of waveforms quickly and display them in the waveform buffer navigator, with filters such as mask limit testing or measurement limits to focus on significant waveforms.

The PicoScope software offers comprehensive analysis tools, including Advanced Math, Measurements, Masks, and Digital Triggering, for detailed waveform characterisation and interpretation. Additionally, the software automatically scales to utilise the improved resolution of larger display sizes, including 4K ultra-high-definition models. Host computer displays, typically larger and higher in resolution than traditional benchtop oscilloscope screens, provide space for the simultaneous display of time- and frequency-domain waveforms, decoded serial bus tables, measurement results with statistics, and more.

The PicoScope 3000E Series of PC oscilloscopes are compact (22.1 x 18.3 x 3.0 cm), lightweight (0.7 kg), and portable, offering high-performance specifications for engineers working on advanced electronics and diverse embedded system technologies, whether in the lab or on the move. These scopes are valuable tools for applications including embedded systems design, research, testing, education, service, and repair. 


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