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23rd November 2023
The DI080N06PQ power MOSFETs from Diotec

The DI080N06PQ N-Channel Power MOSFET from Diotec Semiconductor comes in a compact 5 x 6 mm power QFN package with a low on-state resistance as well as a particularly low thermal resistance at a junction temperature of -55 °C to +150 °C.

17th November 2023
Bidirectional TVS diodes from Diodes at Rutronik

Rutronik now offers the TVS diodes D3V3Z1BD2CSP from Diodes, featuring low capacitance Cd of 0.3pF.

9th November 2023
650V Gen 3 power Merged PIN SiC Schottky Diode from Vishay

Rutronik has augmented its diode portfolio with the introduction of Vishay's third-generation 650V silicon carbide (SiC) diodes, available in current ratings from 4A to 40A.

26th October 2023
Gaming processors join Rutronik product lineup

  The 14th generation Intel Core desktop proocessors of the K and KF series- codenamed Raptor Lake Refresh - have been added to Rutronik's portfolio of high-end gaming equipment.

News & Analysis
25th October 2023
Rutronik founds new division with Rutronik IT Electronics

With Rutronik IT Electronics, the broadline distributor for electronic components establishes a new division and opens up a new business segment.

20th October 2023
The challenges of Thermal Management System in EVs – a semiconductor Company’s Perspective Webinar

Infineon, a leading global semiconductor manufacturer, offers unique insights into the market for thermal management systems for electric vehicles. A comprehensive analysis of the industry and customer requirements has led to a dedicated product portfolio and solutions that improve the efficiency and reliability of thermal management systems, resulting in lower power consumption and cost savings. This webinar will provide an opportunity to explo...

19th October 2023
Infineon's OptiMOS power MOSFETs new at Rutronik

Infineon’s OptiMOS power MOSFETs with 25V to 150V are now available at Rutronik as an improved version in the source-down package with bottom-side cooling and centre-gate footprint.

29th September 2023
The new C4AF-F filter capacitor from KEMET at Rutronik

KEMET offers an improved version of the C4AF series by launching the new C4AF-F filter capacitors.

26th September 2023
The new RDK4 from Rutronik System Solutions

New automotive-qualified hardware from Rutronik System Solutions: With the RDK4, Rutronik expands its portfolio of base and adapter boards.

1st September 2023
Amphenol SurLok Plus connectors available from Rutronik

High reliability in harsh environments: Amphenol offers the SurLok Plus series, a highly reliable alternative to conventional compression lugs. With protection class IP 67, it is an environmentally sealed version of the original SurLok series. This makes it ideal for use in harsh, demanding environments.

22nd August 2023
Rutronik System Solutions' Base Boards now integrated into Infineon's ModusToolbox

From now on, the RDK2 and RDK3 Base Boards from Rutronik System Solution are available in Infineon's ModusToolbox development environment. The soon-to-be-released RDK4 will also be available there. 

18th August 2023
The DuraClik Wire-to-Board connector system from Molex at Rutronik

Automotive applications, for example, are demanding and components often face shocks and vibrations. Especially in Wire-to-Board applications, a secure connection is crucial, because loose links can lead to signal interference. 

2nd August 2023
Convert to USB-C now: Free whitepaper kit from Infineon

Infineon’s EZ-PD™ PMG1 MCUs represent an integrated solution for embedded systems that provide or consume power from the USB-C port and need an MCU to implement product features. Eager to learn how to use Infineon’s EZ-PD™ PMG1 high-voltage Microcontrollers with USB-C PD as a co-processor for your embedded applications such as motor control, vacuum cleaners, service and (portable) industrial robots,&nb...

27th July 2023
High voltage FRED from PANJIT at Rutronik

Rutronik is adding the Optima and Speedy high-voltage FRED types with 600 V and 1200 V, respectively, from PANJIT to its product range.

13th July 2023
I/O-USB Type-C Connector DX07 from JAE at Rutronik

With the DX07S016JA3R1500 from JAE, Rutronik carries a popular USB-C type input/output connector.

27th June 2023
Overvoltage protection in three designs

The new Self-Control Fuse (SCF) series from EATON BussmannTM is now part of the Rutronik range.

22nd June 2023
Intel NUC 13 Pro mini PCs, kits and boards at Rutronik

‘Next unit of computing’ – offered by the new Intel NUC 13 Pro Mini PCs, kits, and boards, which are suitable for a wide range of applications in 24/7 operation.

15th June 2023
High-performance storage solutions at Rutronik

With the P44 Pro series, Rutronik's product portfolio includes the powerful client SSD from Solidigm that offers an optimal combination of speed and efficiency.

9th June 2023
Rutronik wireless portfolio adds Insight ISP2053 dual-Core bluetooth 5.2 module

The ISP2053 Dual-Core Bluetooth 5.2 module from Insight SiP complements the Rutronik Wireless portfolio. 

Component Management
31st May 2023
Rutronik expands portfolio with latest X1, X2, and Y2 film capacitors

Rutronik expands its portfolio with the latest X1, X2, and Y2 film capacitors from Vishay Intertechnology. 

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