StrongIRFET 2 MOSFETs available at Rutronik

15th February 2024
Kristian McCann

Rutronik has expanded its product range to include Infineon's latest StrongIRFET 2 MOSFETs, offering enhanced power efficiency for superior system performance. 

Available as of February 2024, these MOSFETs stand out for their ability to handle higher currents, eliminating the need for multiple parallel components and thus saving PCB space and reducing costs. Customers can find these transistors in a variety of package types, including TO-220, TO-220 FullPAK, D2PAK, D2PAK 7-pin, DPAK, and TOLL.

The StrongIRFET 2 series demonstrates significant advancements over its predecessors, with up to 40% improvement in on-resistance and a reduction in nominal gate charge by up to 60%, alongside enhanced current carrying capacity. These MOSFETs are designed for both high and low switching frequencies, making them highly versatile.

Featuring standard pinouts, these MOSFETs allow for hassle-free replacement, and they are 100% safety-tested, RoHS-compliant, halogen-free according to IEC61249-2-21, and adhere to JEDEC standards. Their attributes make them ideal for a broad array of applications, including UPS systems, battery management, and motor drives.

Key benefits include:

  • Outstanding price-to-performance ratio.
  • Industry-standard footprint for through-hole mounting.
  • Durable and perfectly suited to various needs.

In the automotive sector, potential applications encompass power management, adapters, motor drives, battery-powered tools, battery management, uninterruptible power supplies, and light electric vehicles, highlighting their broad utility and adaptability.

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