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25th June 2013
Triac Dimmer For LED Lighting

Modern lighting solutions offer considerably more than just a means to switch luminaires on and off. Continuously adjustable brightness creates atmosphere. Due to the rise of LED lighting, the consumed energy has also decreased. These things continue to pose new challenges to dimmers. While the base load of an incandescent bulb is about 50W or more, dimmers now must also operate with the significantly lower input power of an LED system.

10th June 2013
RECOM Unveil High-isolation DC-DC converters For IGBT systems

RECOM Electronic introduces its new DC-DC converters RH, RV, RP, RGZ, RKZ, RxxPxx, and RxxP2xx, which are especially designed for IGBT driver circuits. Their asymmetric outputs of +15V and -9V makes them ideal to power IGBT drivers, so now just one converter is needed where previously two were required.

21st May 2013
RECOM Announce Reliable Power Supplies With Low No-Load Consumption

With the RAC04/277 (4 watt) and RAC10/277 (10 watt) series, RECOM extends its broad product portfolio of highly efficient power supplies with a power range of up to 10 watts. These new mini power supplies are suitable for PCB mounting and are characterized by a very low no-load consumption of only 50mW for the 4W modules and only 300mW for the 10W modules.

25th March 2013
RECOM Announce 2 Watt AC-DC Mini Power Supply

RECOM has today announced an expansion of its extensive product range with a 2 Watt mini power supply with a universal input voltage range of 90V to 305V. The RAC02-SC/277 is particularly suitable for worldwide use, since it covers all standard voltages.

6th March 2013
20 Watt LED Driver With Compact Shape And Wide Input Voltage Range

With the launch of the new RACD20/277 series, RECOM Lighting extends its broad product portfolio of LED drivers to include modules with a stable 20 Watt output power and a universal input voltage range of 90VAC to 305VAC. Thus, they are suitable for global use, in both 115V and 230V networks.

19th February 2013
RECOM’s Cost Efficient New SMT Factory

Shortly before the end of 2012, RECOM officially opened its new SMT factory in Kaohsiung/Taiwan. The factory has been designed to mass-produce selected converter types with very high cost efficiency. This will make it even more economic in future for our customers to use our readily available and fully certified modules rather than to develop their own converters in-house.

8th February 2013
RECOM Medical DC-DC Converters For Maximized Patient Protection

RECOM offers a wide range of DC-DC converters that are certified to the stringent requirements of the IEC/EN 60601 - Medical Equipment standard and are suitable for a huge variety of medical applications in which high isolation and low leakage currents are required. The safety of staff and patients in the use of electronic medical devices has the highest priority. Since June 2012, electrical medical devices must meet the 3rd Edition of IEC-60601 ...

18th January 2013
3 Watt AC-DC Mini Power Supplies For Smart Home Applications

Modern home automation solutions are finding their way more often into contemporary building installations, but many electronic controllers and sensors require an efficient DC supply rather than the 115VAC/230VAC available from the socket. With the RAC03-SCR/277 series, RECOM brings regulated mini power supplies onto the market that are designed to fit behind standard wall outlets.

12th December 2012
RECOM converters fully certified for use on rolling stock

Railway technology sets high technical and quality standards for all of the components in their systems. Extreme conditions such as vibration, shock, extreme heat and cold are all part of the daily routine.

29th November 2012
New High Power LED Drivers for Street and Outdoor Lighting

The new RACD100 and RACD150 series are perfect for indoor and outdoor applications whether they are running on 115VAC, 230VAC or even up to 277VAC including road, street and walkway lighting, LED signage and outdoor area lighting for car parks, public buildings and tunnels. The RACD150 series is a 150W fully sealed IP67 LED driver with an extended universal input voltage range of 90-305VAC and constant current output from 6.3A to 3.2A at voltages...

28th November 2012
Hands-on seminar at LED Practice Developer Forum was a full success

There is much to be learnt when converting conventional lighting to LEDs. The participants in the annual LED Practice Developer Forum in Würzburg gained useful practical experience of the advantages and pitfalls when implementing LED lighting systems. In addition to informative lectures and educational seminars, the attendees had the chance to talk directly with the manufacturers as part of a tabletop exhibition.

5th October 2012
First full SMD construction isolated low power DC-DC converter

RECOM’s new RAM, RAZ and RTM converter families are the first low power DC-DC modules to feature full SMD construction including SMD transformers. This technology-leap significantly improves the production reliability and permits specifications thus far impossible for subminiature converters such as very high isolation (up to 4kVDC), wide ambient temperature operation (-40°C to +100°C) and full compatibility with vapour-phase reflow soldering...

28th September 2012
RECOM unveil R1SE series of low cost 1 watt SMD DC-DC converters

RECOM have today announced the introduction of a new low cost 1 watt DC-DC converter, known as the R1SE series, following the introduction of two new SMT lines in Taiwan. In addition RECOM have refined the design and manufacturing process enabling them to produce cost effective versions of specially selected DC-DC converters.

14th September 2012
20 watt Buck/Boost Driver supplies high power LEDs

Standard LED drivers require the input voltage be higher than the output voltage which can cause problems when working with the newest high power LEDs and powering them from low voltage sources like solar cells or batteries.

13th September 2012
R1SE Series drives down the Cost of 1 Watt DC/DC SMD Converters

With two newly established SMT lines in Taiwan, RECOM has now refined the design and manufacturing process to produce even more cost effective versions of specially selected DC/DC converters in batches of 100.000 or more pieces.

29th August 2012
RECOM Announces New Lighting Division

RECOM has consolidated its lighting activities in a new division to better meet the requirements of developers and architects in the fast moving lighting market as of August 1st, 2012. At the same time RECOM has relocated their offices from Dreieich, Germany to a new larger office in Neu-Isenburg/Frankfurt, Germany to accommodate the expansion.

1st August 2012
3 and 6 Watt LED Driver with Constant Current Supply in Ultra Compact Design

Advances in LED technology require low power of 1W or 3W for LED-illumination. The two families meet the growing demand for low cost drivers below the previously available products with 12W, 20W, 30W and 60W power. With an input voltage range of 90 to 264AC the new drivers can be used universally on all networks worldwide.

1st August 2012
70 Watt Buck Driver powers long LED Strings and Multi-Chip Arrays

LED lighting is booming! Especially for LED strings and multi-chip arrays, the advance is enormous. The required input voltage for buck-drivers increases with the number of LEDs which have to be supplied with constant current. Currently available models had a limit of approximately 40V.

1st August 2012
20 Watt AC/DC LED Driver with PFC is dimmable down to Zero Flicker-Free

TRIAC-dimmers were originally designed to dim incandescent filament lamps. Already the use of CFL lamps causes many problems and the story is continued with LED lamps. LED lamps are the future to illuminate our houses and also public/commercial rooms. Therefore reliable solutions are a must to get the acceptance for these innovative light sources. The elimination of traditional lamp types increases the need for alternative dimming methods.

1st August 2012
20 Watt Buck/Boost Driver supplies High Power LEDs from Low Power Sources

Standard LED drivers (buck topology) require the input voltage be higher than the output voltage which can cause problems when working with the newest high power LEDs and powering them from low voltage sources like solar cells or batteries. Buck driver solutions, which must always have a higher input voltage than an output voltage, typically result in a design that requires multiple drivers for multiple led strings with lower forward voltages. Th...

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