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SiP supports multiple protocols for smart homes

SiP supports multiple protocols for smart homes
  Electronica 2018: Dynamic, simultaneous support for Zigbee 3.0, Green Power, Thread and Bluetooth Low Energy is enabled in the system in package (SiP) announced by Qorvo.
20th September 2018

How smart alerts and sensors add value to electric motors

How smart alerts and sensors add value to electric motors
  In this blog series, Cees Links, General Manager, Wireless Connectivity Business Unit at Qorvo looks at the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on society.
23rd March 2018

IoT Minute: Standards that drive the IoT

In Qorvo’s latest 'IoT Minute', Cees Links explores the importance of standards to global expansion of the IoT, and which wireless standards are emerging as the top contenders today.
5th February 2018

Cees Links honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award

Qorvo announced that company executive Cees Links has been recognised for his significant contributions to the Wi-Fi industry with the prestigious Design News 2017 Golden Mousetrap Lifetime Achievement Award. Presented Feb.7 in Anaheim, California, the award honors an individual whose career has been devoted to innovation in the Advanced Design and Manufacturing industry.
9th February 2017

Smart homes to protect you during zombie apocalypse

Smart homes to protect you during zombie apocalypse
There’s been a lot of talk lately about smart homes. The convenience, the security, the gadgets, even the health benefits—like a smart refrigerator that tracks nutrition. But can a smart home fatten your wallet at the same time that it’s shrinking your waistline? Cees Links, GM, Qorvo Wireless Connectivity explains.
19th December 2016

Qorvo expands capabilities of smart home assistants

Qorvo is helping to advance smart home networking with a radio chip and software that significantly expand the ability of consumers to control their homes with spoken commands. The GP712 radio chip supports multiple communication protocols in a single-chip design suited to connected-home applications. It was introduced earlier this year by GreenPeak Technologies - now Qorvo's Low Power Wireless business - and is now in production.
11th November 2016

Power doubler MCMs provide easy upgrade to DOCSIS 3.1

Qorvo has unveiled three DOCSIS 3.1-ready power doubler multi-chip modules (MCMs). Qorvo’s latest power doubler MCM amplifiers provide cable broadband service providers an easy upgrade path to DOCSIS 3.1 with maximum design flexibility and functionality while conserving power and reducing board space.
8th June 2016

What is SHaaS? And why should you care?

What is SHaaS? And why should you care?
In April 2016, Comcast released an interesting report, compiled from almost 1,300 US consumers, providing valuable insight into why customers are interested in smart home services, what features they really want and how they plan to use smart home technologies. The findings are detailed in "The Safe & Smart Home: Security in the Smart Home Era", which can be downloaded below.
3rd June 2016

EuMW 2015: GaN RF transistors enable smaller radar units

Three new GaN RF transistors in low-cost plastic packages designed to enable smaller size and greater reliability in civilian marine, airborne and infrastructure radar systems were unveiled by Qorvo at European Microwave Week in Paris. The TGF2977-SM, TGF2978-SM, and TGF2979-SM are unmatched GaN transistors designed to operate in the 8-12GHz frequency band.
9th September 2015

GaAs pHEMTprocess technology provides higher gain/bandwidth

A GaAs (Gallium Arsenide ) pHEMT (pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor) process technology, which provides higher gain/bandwidth and lower power consumption than competing semiconductor processes, has been introduced by Qorvo. The TQPHT09 is a 90nm pHEMT process that supports the company’s next-gen optical product portfolio. This process is suitable for next-gen high frequency, high performance amplifiers required for 100G+ linear applications.
27th March 2015

Drivers & TIAs enable next-gen optical networks

Optical transport products, designed for long haul, metro and data centre applications, have been released by Qorvo. The portfolio is comprised of three drivers and two Transimpedance Amplifiers (TIA), which deliver multi-channel and low power consumption options that reduce cost, enable outstanding channel-to-channel isolation while shrinking product form factor, and maximise integration and signal fidelity for network equipment manufacturers. 
27th March 2015

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