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24th April 2019
IoT standards: the end game

Here, Cees Links, General Manager of the Wireless Connectivity Business Unit at Qorvo, shares his insights on IoT standards and the future of IoT.  Quite regularly I get the question: with all these standards around, what should I choose? Zigbee, Thread, Bluetooth Mesh, or WiFi? Or maybe LoRa? Or is it better to wait for 5G and NB-IoT?

3rd December 2018
The future of connectivity

What is the future direction of connectivity? By now everyone is familiar with the range of issues – and range issues – that happen with your home WiFi, just as everyone is used to hearing grand promises made by the oncoming storm of 5G; but how much of a part will WiFi have left to play? Electronic Specifier caught up with Cees Links, GM at Qorvo, who shared his thoughts on the future of connectivity.

30th November 2018
What’s Best? WiFi 6 (802.11ax) or 5G?

Every time a new cellular phone standard comes out, we see new claims about the “end of WiFi.” When 3G was announced, the promise was that it would make WiFi (802.11b) redundant, which clearly turned out to be incorrect. With 4G (LTE), this story repeated itself and claimed it would put WiFi (802.11ac) in the shredder. And now the 5G message is that it will cover both the inside and outside of homes and buildings. It’s almost as...

20th September 2018
SiP supports multiple protocols for smart homes

  Electronica 2018: Dynamic, simultaneous support for Zigbee 3.0, Green Power, Thread and Bluetooth Low Energy is enabled in the system in package (SiP) announced by Qorvo.

3rd September 2018
Multi-standard smart lighting solutions for IoT

Qorvo and LEEDARSON have partnered to create a family of smart home lighting products that operate concurrently with Zigbee 3.0 and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.0 protocols – offering compatibility with the most popular IoT standards. The first of these solutions is a new LEEDARSON smart light bulb and light switch that integrates Qorvo’s QPG6095 system-on-chip (SoC), a multi-protocol/multi-channel smart home communications controller...

27th July 2018
IoT security and privacy: Three questions to consider

There are many questions these days surrounding IoT security and privacy, as well as to the internet overall. When we ask ourselves whether it will all be secure, the honest answer might be ‘it depends’, in the same way that life and the internet are never really fully secure. The same thing goes with privacy. By Cees Links, GM of Qorvo Wireless Connectivity BU

12th July 2018
Enabling connected smart homes

A distributed WiFi indoor infrastructure could change our vision of how we consider the smart home and its connections to the Internet of Things (IoT). In this article, Qorvo has explained distributed WiFi, some of its design challenges and how a Pod in Every Room architecture can bring the connected smart home to life.

9th May 2018
How IoT is changing the world of sports and health

This blog is the last of a five-part series that looks at the impact of the IoT on society. Experts say that an Olympic gold medal begins with good genes.  Author: Elly Schietse Director of Wireless Connectivity Business Unit, Qorvo.

23rd March 2018
How smart alerts and sensors add value to electric motors

  In this blog series, Cees Links, General Manager, Wireless Connectivity Business Unit at Qorvo looks at the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on society.

5th February 2018
IoT Minute: Standards that drive the IoT

In Qorvo’s latest 'IoT Minute', Cees Links explores the importance of standards to global expansion of the IoT, and which wireless standards are emerging as the top contenders today.

2nd February 2018
IoT Minute: When smart isn't smart

Got a minute? In Qorvo’s latest 'IoT Minute', Cees Links explores why the term 'smart' may be a bit of a stretch when describing many of the devices that make up today’s smart home.

1st February 2018
IoT Minute: Making better decisions faster

In Qorvo's latest 'IoT Minute' video series, Qorvo General Manager, Cees Links talks about the greatest value of the IoT - making better decisions faster.

31st January 2018
IoT minute: Defining the IoT

Got a minute? Qorvo's new video series, 'IoT Minute', stars Qorvo General Manager, Cees Links, who helps provide quick insight into the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT).

8th January 2018
eHealth system improves independent living for the elderly

With the help of a new eHealth system, Qorvo is helping seniors to live more independently in their homes. It is powered by the company’s chipsets for the Internet of Things (IoT). Health insurer CZ, will provide the system to 3,000 elderly customers in the Netherlands, marking the first deployment of a senior smart home solution by a large health insurance company.

22nd December 2017
Smart home system enables opportunities for IoT operators

Provider of RF solutions that connect the world, Qorvo, has announced that its multi-stack, multi-protocol GP712 System-on-Chip is in the new Zigbee-based HUMAX Chorus Voice Assistant. The pairing is advancing the Internet of Things (IoT) by creating a turnkey, smart home system for operators that integrates gateways, sensor devices, cloud platforms and mobile applications.

4th December 2017
Will the IoT be secure? Three factors that impact security

  Will the IoT be secure? Cees Links, General Manager, Wireless Connectivity Business Unit at Qorvo talks about three factors that impact security.

16th October 2017
802.11ax portfolio provides broader and faster WiFi

  Provider of innovative RF solutions that connect the world, Qorvo, has announced an expanded portfolio of 802.11ax products for WiFi gateways, set-top boxes, routers and enterprise access points. The high-efficiency portfolio of integrated modules and advanced filters improves WiFi coverage, enables smaller end products, and reduces costs for consumers, service providers and manufacturers.

14th July 2017
Demystifying the impact of the IoT

Cees Links, GM of Qorvo Wireless Connectivity Business Unit, Formerly CEO and founder of GreenPeak Technologies explains some of the expectations and fears surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT), and whether or not they are justified.  

9th February 2017
Cees Links honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award

Qorvo announced that company executive Cees Links has been recognised for his significant contributions to the Wi-Fi industry with the prestigious Design News 2017 Golden Mousetrap Lifetime Achievement Award. Presented Feb.7 in Anaheim, California, the award honors an individual whose career has been devoted to innovation in the Advanced Design and Manufacturing industry.

5th January 2017
IoT platform enables seamless device-to-device connectivity

  A compatible gateway solution has been developed by Qorvo and ubisys. It allows various devices to communicate by integrating a ZigBee 3.0 and Green Power-based smart home network within the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) IoTivity framework. 

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