Series 13 – Episode 5 – QSPICE: a new generation of circuit simulation software

13th October 2023
Paige West

Paige West speaks with Mike Engelhardt, Creator, QSPICE, Qorvo about the next generation of SPICE.

Earlier this year, Qorvo announced the release of QSPICE, a new generation of circuit simulation software that provides power and analog designers with significantly higher levels of design productivity through improved simulation speed, functionality, and reliability.

In addition to advancing the state of the art in analog simulation technology, QSPICE allows designers to simulate complex digital circuits and algorithms. Its unique combination of modern schematic capture and fast mixed-mode simulation make it the ideal tool to solve the increasingly complex hardware and software challenges faced by today’s system designers.

Qorvo’s QSPICE is available free of charge and offers numerous enhancements over legacy analog modelling tools. These improvements include:

  • Complete support for advanced analog and digital system simulations, such as those used in AI and machine-learning applications
  • An upgraded simulation engine that uses advanced numerical methods and is optimized for modern computing hardware, including a GPU-rendered user interface and SSD-aware memory management, to provide dramatically higher speed and accuracy
  • Reduced overall runtimes and a 100% completion rate, based on Qorvo benchmark tests with a suite of challenging test circuits. This compares to a failure rate of up to 15% with these same test circuits using other popular SPICE simulators
  • Availability of a regularly updated QSPICE model library featuring Qorvo’s silicon carbide and advanced power management solutions, making it easy for customers to evaluate and design with Qorvo power moving into the future

“The benefit of QSPICE is the same as it is for any simulator – the most important thing that a simulator can do for a designer is develop their intuition,” said Engelhardt.

Listen to this episode to hear Engelhardt speak about the development process of QSPICE, how a designer can get started with the simulator, and how he sees the power industry evolving in the near future.

To hear more about QSPICE, and much more, you can listen to Electronic Specifier’s interview with Mike Engelhardt on Spotify or Apple podcasts.  

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