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Power Integrations, Inc., is a Silicon Valley-based supplier of high-performance electronic components used in high-voltage power-conversion systems.

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17th July 2020
InnoSwitch3 flyback switcher IC for automotive BEV

Power Integrations has announced the production release of the InnoSwitch3-AQ, an AEC-Q100-qualified flyback switcher with integrated 750V MOSFET and secondary-side sensing.

23rd April 2020
GaN technology increasing output power of display PSUs

Power Integrations has announced that its InnoSwitch3-MX GaN technology isolated switcher IC family has been expanded with the addition of three new PowiGaN devices. As part of a chipset with Power Integrations’ InnoMux controller IC, the new switcher ICs now support display and appliance power supply applications with a continuous output power of up to 75W without a heatsink. 

24th March 2020
ICs incorporating robust 750V GaN transistors

Power Integrations has announced an expansion of its InnoSwitch3 families of offline CV/CC flyback switcher ICs. The new INN3x78C devices incorporate a smaller ‘size 8’ 750 V PowiGaN transistor, enabling  compact, efficient power supplies delivering between 27 and 55W without heatsinks.

23rd March 2020
SiC MOSFETs achieve AEC-Q100 automotive qualification

Power Integrations has announced that its SiC MOSFETs, the SIC118xKQ SCALE-iDriver, a high efficiency, single-channel gate driver for Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFETs, is now certified to AEC-Q100 for automotive use.

24th January 2020
The need for GaN

  Harnessing the speed of GaN, Power Integrations has embedded PowiGaN, its high voltage GaN switch technology in its switcher ICs for a performance boost

20th January 2020
Highly robust gate drivers ensure system safety

Power Integrations has announced the launch of its automotive-qualified SID1181KQ SCALE-iDriver gate driver for 750V-rated IGBTs. The new part expands the company’s range of auto-qualified driver ICs, following the introduction of the 1,200V SID1182KQ driver IC. Compact, efficient and highly robust, the new driver IC uses Power Integrations’ high speed FluxLink communications technology to ensure system safety even...

30th September 2019
One-millionth GaN-based InnoSwitch3 IC delivered by PI

Power Integrations has announced the delivery of its one-millionth InnoSwitch3 switcher IC featuring the company’s PowiGaN gallium-nitride technology. In an event at the Shenzhen headquarters of Anker Innovations, Power Integrations CEO Balu Balakrishnan presented the one-millionth GaN-based IC to Anker CEO Steven Yang.

23rd September 2019
Low-noise AEC-Q101 diodes solve challenges in power amplifiers

Power Integrations has announced that its 200V Qspeed diodes, LQ10N200CQ and LQ20N200CQ, are now available with AEC-Q101 automotive qualification. Qspeed silicon diodes use merged-PIN technology to offer a unique balance of soft switching and low reverse recovery charge (Qrr). This results in low EMI and reduced output noise, which is especially important for in-vehicle audio systems.

5th September 2019
LYTSwitch-6 LED drivers use PowiGaN technology

Power Integrations has announced new high-power-density members of its LYTSwitch-6 family of safety-isolated LED-driver ICs for smart-lighting applications. The new ICs with PowiGaN technology enable designs that deliver up to 110W with 94% conversion efficiency using a simple, flexible flyback topology.

20th August 2019
New device family reduces standby power for appliance applications

Power Integrations has announced CAPZero-3, the latest generation of the energy-saving X-capacitor discharge ICs. Two-terminal CAPZero-3 ICs enable designers to easily meet IEC60335 safety approvals for major appliances, and cover allcapacitor values from 100-6µF. The IEC60335 is the discharge safety standard for all appliances. To protect the user from an electrical hazard, it requires the voltage across the input X capacito...

29th July 2019
Gallium nitride-based AC/DC converter ICs

Power Integrations has announced new members of its InnoSwitch3 families of offline CV/CC flyback gallium nitride-based AC/DC converter ICs. The new ICs feature up to 95% efficiency across the full load range and up to 100W in enclosed adapter implementations without requiring a heatsink. This increase in performance is achieved using an internally developed high-voltage GaN switch technology.

4th July 2019
Gate-driver system targets SiC dual power modules

Power Integrations have announced the SCALE-iFlex gate-driver system for IGBT, hybrid and silicon-carbide (SiC) MOSFET power modules with blocking voltages from 1.7 to 4.5kV. The system consists of a central Isolated Master Control (IMC) and one to four Module-Adapted Gate Drivers (MAGs).

8th May 2019
Range of switcher ICs with integrated 900V MOSFETs

Specialist in high-voltage integrated circuits, Power Integrations, has announced the release of a suite of offline switcher ICs incorporating 900V primary MOSFETs. The newly released devices include ICs for high-efficiency isolated flyback power supplies and for simple non-isolated buck converters. 

25th March 2019
Increased efficiency of display power supplies with new technology

High-voltage integrated circuits supplier for energy-efficient power conversion, Power Integrations, has announced the release of the InnoMux chipset for display power supplies. The chipset’s single-stage power architecture reduces losses in display applications by increasing overall efficiency in constant-voltage and constant-current LED backlight driver stages by 50% compared to conventional solutions, achieving up to 91% efficiency.

13th March 2019
Power-supply transformers complement gate-driver IC family

Specialist in gate-driver technology for medium- and high-voltage inverter applications, Power Integrations, has announced a range of galvanically isolated transformers that provide the correct voltage and power for the company’s SCALE-iDriver family of gate drivers. The combination delivers a simple, robust and cost-efficient DC/DC converter solution that does not require additional voltage regulation, reducing system cost and development ...

7th March 2019
SiC MOSFET gate driver maximises efficiency and improves safety

Power Integrations has announced the SIC1182K SCALE-iDriver, a high efficiency, single-channel SiC MOSFET gate driver that delivers the highest peak output gate current available without an external boost stage. Devices can be configured to support different gate-drive voltage requirements matching the range of requirements seen in SiC MOSFETs today and include advanced safety features making them both compact and robust.

16th November 2018
Half-bridge motor driver for BLDCs eliminates heatsink in appliances

  Branching out into motor drive ICs for brushless DC (BLDC) motors, Power Integrations has introduced the BridgeSwitch integrated half-bridge motor driver IC family. The ICs offer up to 98.5% efficiency for a range of appliances and industrial pumps.

1st November 2018
High efficiency flyback switcher features integrated 900V MOSFETs

Power Integrations has announced the release of LinkSwitch-XT2 offline switcher ICs incorporating 900V power MOSFETs. Targeting high efficiency isolated and non-isolated flyback power supplies up to 8W, the up-rated ICs are suitable for three-phase industrial power supplies to 480VAC and high quality consumer products destined for regions with unstable mains grids, tropical regions with frequent lightning strikes or any area where high energy rin...

6th June 2018
Gate-driver ICs now available with AEC-Q100 certification

In Nuremburg, Germany at this year's PCIM show, Power Integrations announced that two of its SCALE-iDriver gate-driver IC family are now certified to AEC-Q100 Grade Level 1 for automotive use. The SID1132KQ and SID1182KQ are suitable for driving 650, 750 and 1,200V automotive IGBT and SiC-MOSFET modules, and are rated for peak currents of +/-2.5A and +/-8A.

1st May 2018
Gate drivers enhance robustness in harsh environments

Power Integrations has introduced factory conformal coating for its SCALE IGBT and MOSFET drivers. Conformal coating enhances system reliability by protecting electronic components against contaminants such as pollution, dust and condensation, which may cause corrosion. Power Integrations’ factory-coated gate drivers reduce inventory cost, lead time and overall cost of ownership by eliminating the need for manufacturers to se...

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