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Power Integrations, Inc., is a Silicon Valley-based supplier of high-performance electronic components used in high-voltage power-conversion systems.

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21st May 2024
Power Integrations launches single-board plug-and-play gate drivers

Power Integrations announced the launch of the SCALE-iFlex XLT family of dual-channel plug-and-play gate drivers for operation of single LV100 (Mitsubishi), XHP 2 (Infineon), HPnC (Fuji Electric) and equivalent semiconductor modules up to 2300V blocking voltage for wind, energy storage and solar renewable energy installations.

30th January 2024
Power Integrations introduces InnoSwitch5 offline flyback switcher IC

Power Integrations has announced the launch of its InnoSwitch5-Pro family. These high-efficiency, programmable flyback switcher ICs achieve over 95% efficiency.

13th December 2023
Power Integrations gate drivers for 62mm SiC and IGBT modules

Power Integrations has announced a new family of plug-and-play gate drivers for 62 mm silicon-carbide (SiC) MOSFET and silicon IGBT modules rated up to 1700 V, with enhanced protection features to ensure safe, reliable operation.

30th October 2023
Power integrations releases ground-breaking 1250-Volt GaN switcher IC

Power Integrations released the world's highest-voltage, single-switch gallium-nitride (GaN) power supply IC, featuring a 1250-volt PowiGaN switch.

5th October 2023
Collaboration to advance power supply design automation

Power Integrations, a specialist in high-voltage integrated circuits (IC)s for energy-efficient power conversion, and SnapMagic, a company that’s redefining how electronics are designed by streamlining the design flow, have announced that PI Expert, Power Integrations’ robust, online design tool, now features schematic and netlist export, made possible by SnapMagic’s new schematic export technology.

9th May 2023
Power Integrations’ new 3300V IGBT module gate driver

Power Integrations has announced a new, single-channel, plug-and-play gate driver for 190x140mm IHM and IHV IGBT modules up to 3300V.

21st March 2023
Power Integrations launches 900V GaN flyback switcher ICs

Power Integrations has announced a 900-volt gallium-nitride (GaN) extension to the company’s InnoSwitch3 family of flyback switcher ICs.

22nd November 2022
Power Integrations announces the InnoSwitch4-Pro family

Power Integrations announced the InnoSwitch4-Pro family of digitally controllable, off-line CV/CC zero voltage switching (ZVS) flyback ICs, which substantially reduce the size of power adapters.

3rd October 2022
The conversion conundrum – LLC or flyback?

Many high-efficiency power supply implementations could use either an active clamp flyback (ACF) converter or an LLC switcher IC to meet design goals. It depends on the final requirement, explains Aditya Kulkarni, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Power Integrations.

21st September 2022
Power Integrations launches PowerPros live video application-engineering support

Power Integrations, high-voltage integrated circuits for energy-efficient power conversion specialist, has launched PowerPros, a live online video tech support service that enables power-supply designers to talk directly with members of Power Integrations’ applications engineering team 24 hours a day, six days a week, anywhere in the world.

24th August 2022
Power Integrations Deliver AEC-Qualified Buck Switcher IC

Power Integrations, the high-voltage integrated circuits for energy-efficient power conversion, has announced a high-current member of its LinkSwitch-TN2Q automotive switcher IC family which provides up to 850 mA of output current without the need for metal heatsinking.

22nd June 2022
Motor-Expert Suite for BridgeSwitch IC Family

Power Integrations has unveiled new control software for three-phase BLDC (brushless direct current motor) motor drives. Combined with Power Integrations’ BridgeSwitch integrated half-bridge motor driver and easy-to-use Motor-Expert configuration and diagnostics tool, this complete hardware-software solution enables 98.2 percent efficiency, reduces board space by more than 70 percent, and requires just three components for current...

11th May 2022
Power Integrations Launches SCALE EV

At PCIM Euope, Power Integrations announced the SCALE EV family of gate-driver boards for Infineon EconoDUAL modules. Suitable for original, clone and new SiC variants, the driver targets high-power automotive and traction inverters for EV, hybrid and fuel-cell vehicles including buses and trucks as well as construction, mining and agricultural equipment.

22nd March 2022
Power Integrations slashes component count by 40 percent

Power Integrations has announced the energy-saving HiperLCS-2 chipset, an IC family that dramatically simplifies the design and manufacture of LLC resonant power converters.

3rd February 2022
Power Integrations introduces 1700 V SiC MOSFET

Expanded InnoSwitch3 family slashes component count and boosts efficiency in EV and industrial applications

4th November 2021
Introducing Power Integrations' white paper on converters

Power Integrations (PI) has released a whitepaper that asks whether it is time for DC-DC converter to be replaced by a new power converter architecture.

23rd September 2021
Range of InnoSwitch3-PD flyback switcher ICs

Power Integrations has announced the InnoSwitch3-PD family of ICs, claiming that they are the industry's most highly integrated solution for USB Type-C, USB Power Delivery (PD), and USB Programmable Power Supply (PPS) adapters.

14th September 2021
Power Integrations Introduces SCALE-iFlex Drivers

Power Integrations announced SCALE-iFlex™ Single gate-drivers for the popular “New Dual” 100 mm x 140 mm IGBT modules. The compact new drivers support modules up to 3.3 kV and are available now for design-in. The SCALE-iFlex Single gate-drivers are ideal for light-rail, renewable energy generation and other high-reliability applications that demand compact, rugged driver solutions. Thorsten Schmidt, Product Marketing Manager at...

24th June 2021
Qspeed silicon diodes feature low Qrr for switching-speed

Power Integrations has announced its 600V 12A Qspeed diode, delivering low reverse recovery charge (Qrr) for a silicon diode. With a Qrr of just 14 nC at 25°C, it improves efficiency of the PFC stage of on-board chargers and significantly reduces the thermals of the PFC MOSFETs.

21st June 2021
Lossless zero-cross detection in LinkSwitch-TNZ ICs

Power Integrations has announced LinkSwitch-TNZ, a new switching power supply IC that combines offline power conversion, lossless zero-cross detection and, optionally, X-capacitor discharge functions in a compact SO-8C package. The highly efficient LinkSwitch-TNZ IC can be used for non-isolated buck and buck-boost power supplies up to 575mA output current and provides up to 12W output for universal-input isolated flyback designs.

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