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Power Integrations, Inc., is a Silicon Valley-based supplier of high-performance electronic components used in high-voltage power-conversion systems.

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26th September 2007
AC-DC power conversion IC offers best-in-class efficiency

Power Integrations has announced the TOPSwitch-HX family of AC-DC power conversion ICs. Power Integrations introduced its original TOPSwitch product in 1994, combining a 700 V switching power MOSFET with controller and supervisory functions into a single monolithic IC. The TOPSwitch-HX family of ICs utilizes Power Integrations’ EcoSmart energy-efficiency technology and combines great standby power performance with constant, high efficiency unde...

7th August 2007
Power Integrations Introduces Efficient, Tamper-Proof Electricity Meter Power Supply Design

Power Integrations, the leader in high-voltage analog integrated circuits for power conversion, today introduced a new Power Supply Design Idea (DI-141) based on the company’s highly successful LinkSwitch-XT family that enables anti-tampering protection in electricity meter applications.

7th June 2007
Integrated power supply control IC Delivers Up to 280% Peak Power

Power Integrations has introduced the TinySwitch-PK integrated power supply control IC with peak power mode. TinySwitch-PK delivers up to 280 percent peak power for short periods of time, enabling designers to specify transformers rated for the continuous power level, significantly reducing size, weight and cost of designs. With its high level of integration and robust feature set, TinySwitch-PK enables simple, flexible designs with far fewer com...

6th March 2007
Power Conversion IC Supports Peak Loads Up to 127W

Power Integrations has announced availability of the PeakSwitch PKS607, an integrated power conversion IC capable of handling peak demand of up to 127W. The PKS607 addresses a wide range of applications that exhibit very high peak-to-RMS (root mean square) power requirements, such as printers, audio amplifiers, and home entertainment systems. This PeakSwitch family provides peak power on demand while allowing designers to specify a transformer si...

28th February 2007
Switch Powers Emerging PoE Applications

Power Integrations has extended its DPA-Switch DC-DC IC family with the introduction of the 10W DPA422, which enables designers to develop efficient power supply designs for Power Over Ethernet (PoE) applications, and is especially suitable for Class 2 PoE implementations for applications such as VoIP telephones.

22nd February 2007
Ultra-small power ICs available in SO-8 packaging

Power Integrations has announced that all members of its LinkSwitch TN, -LP and -XT families of ICs are now available in SO-8 packaging, enabling emerging applications such as LED lightbulbs and miniature chargers.

22nd February 2007
Ultra-small power supplies help designers deliver energy-efficient LED alternatives

Power Integrations has introduced a reference design kit (RDK-131) for ultra-small power supplies that helps designers deliver energy-efficient LED alternatives to incandescent lights. The kit helps designers produce a power circuit that fits inside the LED lightbulb socket, and also ensure that their incandescent-replacement LED lightbulbs will pass EMC requirements for conducted and radiated electrical noise.

20th November 2006
Power Integrations' Expert power supply design software

Power Integrations has introduced a new version of its popular PI Expert power supply design software – plus a new online Rapid Transformer Sample Service (RTSS) for transformer prototyping. PI Expert 6.5 includes PI’s latest TinySwitch-III, PeakSwitch and LinkSwitch-LP products, and automates power supply circuit design, component selection and transformer construction, while RTSS promises to trim days from the construction of transformer de...

2nd November 2006
Phihong USA Selects Power Integrations' LinkSwitch ICs

Phihong USA has selected PI’s LinkSwitch-LP family of integrated circuits with EcoSmart technology in the design of its PLA family of linear-eliminator adapters. The PLA family addresses sub-12W applications such as cellphones and wireless phones, MP3 players and PDAs. Phihong PLA charger/adapters with PI’s LinkSwitch-LP ICs easily meet worldwide regulatory standards for energy efficiency and deliver up to three watts of output power in a co...

30th October 2006
Power Integrations Shares to Resume Trading on Nasdaq

Power Integrations (OTC: POWI today announced that its shares will resume trading today on the Nasdaq Global Market under the ticker symbol POWI. The Nasdaq Listing and Hearing Review Council has granted the company an exception until December 18, 2006 to file its outstanding annual and quarterly reports and thereby regain compliance with Nasdaq Marketplace Rules. Should the company be unable to regain compliance by December 18, its shares will ...

6th October 2006
Reference Design Kit for Energy-Efficient Charger/Adapter

Power Integrations has introduced a reference design kit for an energy-efficient charger/adapter based on its LinkSwitch-LP family of integrated circuits with EcoSmart technology. The new reference design kit (RDK-83) reduces no-load power consumption by 79 percent compared to existing linear solutions, and features a constant-voltage (CV) charger circuit capable of withstanding 10 kV common-mode / 2 kV differential-mode surges.

19th September 2006
Power Integrations Gets National Energy-Efficiency Award

Power Integrations has received a 2006 Star of Energy Efficiency award from the national Alliance to Save Energy. The only technology company among this year’s three corporate honourees, Power Integrations is being recognized for its efforts to reduce electricity waste by improving the efficiency of electronic products.

10th February 2006
Power conversion IC reduces system cost

Power Integrations claims its TinySwitch-III, is the industry’s most energy-efficient, highly integrated, cost-effective IC for universal-input power supplies ranging from 3 to 28 W.

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