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OKW manufacture an extensive range of standard enclosures for OEM electronics equipment. The company’s award winning range includes: hand held enclosures, wall mount enclosures, instrument enclosures, DIN rail enclosures and potting boxes. OKW also manufactures an extensive range of modern tuning knobs.

METCASE is the
metal enclosures division of OKW and manufactures aluminium instrument enclosures and 19” rack mount enclosures.

OKW is also the UK representative for
ROLEC industrial enclosures, TEKO electronic enclosures and Serpac plastic enclosures.

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26th July 2007
Versatile and Stylish Versamet 19” Rack Cases

OKW’s METcase™ division have launched the new VERSAMET 19” rack cases, which conform to the DIN and IEC standards for 19” equipment, and are suitable for both rack mounted and desktop equipment. Typical applications will include test and measurement devices, audio and video systems and networking and communications equipment.

13th July 2007
Enclosures for indoor applications

OKW has extended its ‘ART-CASE’ series with twelve new models. These enclosures have been designed for modern indoor electronics and typical applications will include transmission and reception units in building services, medical equipment, peripherals and security devices. The new models include newly designed screw-on access plates on the base section, which provide easier access to the battery compartment to replace the cells, or access to...

22nd June 2007
Hand-held enclosures get rubber protection

OKW has extended the range of rubber protectors for its ‘DATEC-CONTROL’ enclosures which are designed for housing hand-held electronics frequently used outside or in harsh indoor environments. Typical applications include test and measurement systems, controller devices and data loggers.

11th June 2007
Die-Cast Aluminium Hand-Held Enclosures

ROLEC has launched its IP 66 ‘handCASE’ enclosures which are fully styled hand-held enclosures made from die-cast aluminium rather than ABS plastic. As a result, these enclosures are robust, and offer a high degree of EMC protection as standard. However, they are also ergonomically styled and offer an equally attractive design to other plastic enclosures on the market.

10th May 2007
Pocket size plastic enclosures

TEKO has launched its new ‘MINITEKNET’ plastic enclosures. These compact and ergonomic hand-held cases have been designed for the latest pocket size electronics. Typical applications will include RF and infra-red remote control units, medical and wellness equipment, detection devices, measurement systems, and personal security equipment etc.

13th April 2007
DIN-Rail Cases Allow Multiple Connections

OKW has extended its ‘RAILTEC-B’ DIN-Rail range of enclosures with a new series of models that allow different types of terminals to be accommodated within the same enclosure. RAILTEC-B cases are suitable for a wide variety of industrial electrical and electronic applications such as machine and process control and panel building. The enclosures conform to DIN 43 880, unit 1 and are fully insulated and protected to VBG4 as well as IEC529/DIN...

15th March 2007
Aluminium wall cases

METcase has launched the new ‘DATAMET’ range of aluminium wall cases. These stylish and robust enclosures have been designed for indoor wall mounted electronics. Typical applications will include control units, measurement systems, medical equipment, safety and security systems, communication devices, and machine controllers.

8th March 2007
Wall or machine mount enclosures

OKW has extended its range of ‘DIATEC’ enclosures with two new models with hinged transparent lids. The new models are particularly suitable for wall or machine mounted applications where the controls and displays need to be clearly seen, but also protected from accidental operation or contamination, for example with machine controllers, door entry systems, time loggers, detections systems, communications devices, and wellness and medical equ...

25th February 2007
Aluminium instrument cases allow for fast installation

TEKO has launched its ‘TEKAM’ range of aluminium instrument cases. These enclosures have been designed for fast installation of the electronics. The all aluminium design allows good levels of EMC protection to be implemented. Typical applications will include hand-held test and measurement devices and Radio control equipment, plus wall mounted monitoring systems, security devices and building control equipment.

9th February 2007
Hand-grip style enclosures from OKW

OKW has launched the ‘SENSO-CASE’ series of hand-grip style enclosures. These ergonomic hand-held cases have been designed for single handed operation of the controls on the top section of the unit. Typical applications will include measuring and control units, machine and robot controllers, stock and sales logging equipment, medical and laboratory technology and opto-electronics.

10th January 2007
New Soft Cases from OKW

OKW has extended its ‘SOFT-CASE’ series with the new sizes S and L. They have also added two new standard colours, infra-red PMMA material and an increased selection of intermediate rings. ‘SOFT-CASE’ hand-held enclosures have been designed to enhance the visual impact and tactile quality of small electronic devices. Typical applications include measurement systems, wireless RF or infra-red remote control devices, medical and laboratory e...

20th December 2006
Versatile Metal ‘DISSIPATOR’ Enclosures from TEKO

TEKO have introduced the ‘DISSIPATOR’ enclosures series. These versatile metal enclosures can be used for housing desktop and rack mounted electronics. Typical applications will include test and measurement devices, professional audio systems, and laboratory and communications equipment.

20th November 2006
Easy Handling ‘METTEC’ 19” Rack Cases from OKW

OKW has introduced the ‘METTEC’ 19” Rack cases, which are manufactured by their METcase™ division. These versatile enclosures feature an attractive front bezel which incorporates unique ‘comfort handles’ for easy handling. Typical applications will include networking and communications equipment, industrial computers, sound and studio systems, laboratory instruments and industrial control systems etc.

10th November 2006
Low-cost multipurpose enclosures

TEKO's ‘COFFER’ enclosures in an extensive range of sizes and versions. These low cost multipurpose enclosures have been designed for fast assembly of electronics and electrical components. Typical applications will include measurement devices, prototype systems, RF equipment, switch boxes, security electronics etc.

23rd October 2006
Enclosures provide high performance IP 65 protection

OKW’s ‘SNAPTEC’ enclosures provide high performance IP 65 protection class at economic prices. From around £4 each for 100 pieces, these cases also offer fast assembly times resulting in significant cost savings either during production, or later during routine maintenance.

15th September 2006
Display ready IP65 enclosures are display ready

OKW’s ‘DATEC-MOBIL-BOX’ enclosures are designed for fitting standard LCD displays. These ergonomic hand-held cases are good for housing both indoor and outdoor mobile electronics. Typical applications will include data-collection units, medical and wellness devices, and test and measurement equipment.

14th March 2006
Ergonomic and tactile enclosures

OKW's ‘ART-CASE’ series has been joined by six new models. These attractive, ergonomically shaped, and tactile enclosures have been designed to house the latest electronic innovations.

14th March 2006
Pocket-Sized Enclosures

OKW's latest hand-held enclosures have been designed to house the latest pocket-sized electronics. Typical applications will include measurement and digital control devices – wireless or with cable connections, medical and laboratory equipment and peripherals and interfaces.

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