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OKW manufacture an extensive range of standard enclosures for OEM electronics equipment. The company’s award winning range includes: hand held enclosures, wall mount enclosures, instrument enclosures, DIN rail enclosures and potting boxes. OKW also manufactures an extensive range of modern tuning knobs.

METCASE is the
metal enclosures division of OKW and manufactures aluminium instrument enclosures and 19” rack mount enclosures.

OKW is also the UK representative for
ROLEC industrial enclosures, TEKO electronic enclosures and Serpac plastic enclosures.

OKW Enclosures Ltd. Articles

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12th April 2024
Custom-vented COMBIMET 19" rack cases

METCASE’s versatile COMBIMET 19" rack cases can now be specified with custom ventilation for greater heat dissipation. Other modifications are also available on request.

8th April 2024
More options for OKW’s DIATEC enclosures

OKW’s DIATEC plastic enclosures for wall-mount and table-top electronics are now available in two standard colours: off-white (RAL 9002) and lava.

8th March 2024
OKW announces hand-terminal plastic enclosure varieties

OKW’s hand-terminal industrial electronic enclosures are now available in two versions, offering the choice of a closed or open top.

7th February 2024
OKW’s enclosures now with sloping front

OKW’s MOTEC desktop/portable electronic instrument enclosures are now available with a sloping front for more ergonomic viewing and operation.

3rd January 2024
OKW’S body-case wearable plastic enclosures for IoT/IIoT

Growth in the IIoT mobile electronics segment is set to further boost demand for OKW’s BODY-CASE (IP 65) wearable plastic enclosures.

11th December 2023
OKW extends SMART-PANEL wall-mount enclosures range

OKW has extended its range of SMART-PANEL wall-mount and desktop enclosures for building monitoring and control.

5th October 2023
New SOLID-BOX joins OKW’s measurement enclosures range

OKW has added SOLID-BOX to its range of plastic enclosures for test and measurement electronics.

6th September 2023
New colour choice for OKW’s MINI-DATA-BOX

OKW’s flanged MINI-DATA-BOX plastic enclosures are now available in a new two-colour option as standard: the base is traffic grey A (RAL 7042); the top is traffic white (RAL 9016).

23rd August 2023
OKW’s new transparent soft-touch lacquer offers huge range of colour options

OKW has launched a new transparent soft-touch lacquer – enabling designers to specify a ‘velvet’ finish for its plastic enclosures and tuning knobs in any colour.

27th July 2023
OKW’s robust handheld enclosures now in seven versions

OKW’s robust DATEC-MOBIL-BOX handheld plastic enclosures are now available in seven versions. They are rated IP 65 (optional) for use in harsh environments.

9th June 2023
OKW’s enclosures now in customised versions

OKW’s smart new MINI-DATA-BOX plastic enclosures for ‘go-anywhere’ miniaturised electronics are now available in customised versions.

3rd May 2023
OKW’s new SOLID-BOX plastic enclosures

OKW has launched robust new SOLID-BOX plastic enclosures for desktop and wall-mount electronics in challenging industrial and outdoor locations.

15th February 2023
OKW’s updated RAILTEC SUPPORT Modular DIN Rail PCB holders

OKW’s RAILTEC SUPPORT open PCB holders for TH35, TH15, and G32 DIN rails are now available in light grey as standard.

15th December 2022
OKW updates its cable glands range

OKW has also added black (RAL 9005) as a standard colour to many other cable glands and grommets in the range. OKW has also added black (RAL 9005) as a standard colour to many other cable glands and grommets in the range.

11th November 2022
OKW’s smart new MINI-DATA-BOX

OKW has extended its range of sensor enclosures with the launch of their new MINI-DATA-BOX. Its different versions, sizes, colours and optional flanges offer 32 possible permutations – all available as standard.

10th October 2022
More accessories for OKW’s SMART-CASE IP 65 Handheld Enclosures

OKW’s bestselling handheld enclosure SMART-CASE now offers more accessories than any of the manufacturer’s other 18 ultra-portable housings.

22nd September 2022
Eight custom paint colours for METCASE Enclosures

Metal electronic enclosures manufacturer METCASE has extended its range of ‘no extra cost’ custom paint colours and finishes.

2nd September 2022
Multiple battery options for OKW’s DATEC-CONTROL handheld enclosures

OKW’s DATEC-CONTROL handheld enclosures for large graphics displays are available with a wide choice of battery options.

10th June 2022
OKW’s SMART-BOX IP-rated plastic enclosures in 8 sizes

OKW’s SMART-BOX IP-rated enclosures for industrial electronics are now available in eight sizes and with a wide range of customisation options.

5th May 2022
iF-award-winning OKW CONTROL-KNOBS

OKW’s elegant rotary/click CONTROL-KNOBS have won an iF Design Award 2022. They now feature a new, improved design with greater illumination.

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