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OKW manufacture an extensive range of standard enclosures for OEM electronics equipment. The company’s award winning range includes: hand held enclosures, wall mount enclosures, instrument enclosures, DIN rail enclosures and potting boxes. OKW also manufactures an extensive range of modern tuning knobs.

METCASE is the
metal enclosures division of OKW and manufactures aluminium instrument enclosures and 19” rack mount enclosures.

OKW is also the UK representative for
ROLEC industrial enclosures, TEKO electronic enclosures and Serpac plastic enclosures.

OKW Enclosures Ltd. Articles

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5th May 2022
iF-award-winning OKW CONTROL-KNOBS

OKW’s elegant rotary/click CONTROL-KNOBS have won an iF Design Award 2022. They now feature a new, improved design with greater illumination.

8th March 2022
Canting kit for OKW’s SMART-TERMINAL

OKW has updated the canting kit for its elegant SMART-TERMINAL extruded aluminium enclosures – further enhancing their stability when used as a desktop housing.

8th February 2022
OKW expands its range of products for medical electronics

OKW’s Enclosures & Tuning Knobs For Medical Equipment brochure covers an offering that spans more than 3,000 different products. Applications include wireless/wired remote controls; emergency systems, monitoring and signalling devices; portable solutions for personal protection and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL); analysis, diagnostics and therapy equipment; monitoring systems and IoT; peripheral devices and data acquisition for laborator...

18th January 2022
OKW’s ERGO-CASE for wearable and wall-mounted electronics

OKW’s body-contoured ERGO-CASE enclosures now offer an even wider choice of options. They can be worn on the wrist or arm, clipped to a belt or pocket – or wall mounted for easy charging and data transfer.

5th November 2021
OKW’s new EVOTEC size 125 designer table-top enclosures

OKW’s EVOTEC plastic enclosures range now includes new size 125 in two heights

7th October 2021
OKW’s EASYTEC IIoT/Sensor Enclosures Now In Four New Sizes

OKW has added four sizes to its EASYTEC range of fast-mount flanged enclosures. The larger sizes suit more complex applications that require extra installation volume – such as IT network technology and smart factory sensor equipment.

22nd September 2021
OKW's SMART-PANEL enclosures for IoT/IIoT electronics

Increasing numbers of designers are specifying OKW’s new SMART-PANEL enclosures for IoT/IIoT electronics, state the company. 

3rd August 2021
Smooth-top SLIM-CASE for mobile electronics

OKW’s new SLIM-CASE for mobile devices is now available in a smooth-top version for installing displays, push buttons and LEDs.

7th June 2021
OKW meets rising demand for touchscreen enclosures

OKW has reported increasing demand for its advanced touchscreen enclosures: wall-mounted SMART-PANEL, low-profile handheld SLIM-CASE, square-plan control centre PROTEC and multifunctional INTERFACE-TERMINAL.

10th May 2021
CONTROL-KNOBS with optional LED illumination

OKW has launched advanced new rotary/click CONTROL-KNOBS for menu-driven electronics – typically for devices manufactured in high volumes. These elegant and ergonomic tuning knobs fit rotary potentiometers or encoders with round shaft ends (DIN 41591).

16th April 2021
Wearable enclosures for social distancing devices

Growing demand for COVID-19 social distancing warning devices has created a burgeoning new market OKW’s wearable enclosures. OKW’s BODY-CASE and MINITEC enclosures are suitable for proximity warning electronics to help safeguard personnel in warehouses, distribution centres, factories and any other roles where working from home is impossible.

26th March 2021
VESA 100 display adapter for ROLEC’s suspension arms

A new VESA adapter has enabled standard displays from Siemens and other manufacturers to be fitted to more configurations of ROLEC’s profiPLUS 50 modular suspension arm system. Applications include factory automation, Industry 4.0 and smart factory technology.

5th March 2021
SLIM-CASE for mobile OEM electronics

OKW has launched a new SLIM-CASE for the latest generation of handheld touchscreen and wireless data transfer devices. Ergonomic SLIM-CASE (IP 54/65) is suitable for measuring and control, wireless communications, IoT/IIoT, healthcare, laboratories, offices, safety engineering and environmental technology.

11th February 2021
TOPTEC plastic enclosures in 28 permutations

OKW’s TOPTEC plastic enclosures for PCBs with protruding connectors and interfaces are now available in 28 different permutations. TOPTEC is well suited for applications including monitoring, signalling and control systems; medical and wellness devices; laboratory technology; computer peripherals and IoT/IIoT.

18th January 2021
New EVOTEC 150 sloping top enclosures from OKW

OKW has extended its EVOTEC range of designer table-top plastic enclosures with a new sloping top version of its 150 size. Soft-contoured EVOTEC electronic enclosures are elegant and ergonomic – but robust enough to withstand challenging working environments. Applications include measurement and control, IT, IoT/IIoT, gateways, medical, laboratory and environmental technology.

3rd December 2020
DIATEC low profile plastic enclosures in four sizes

OKW’s has announced that DIATEC low profile plastic enclosures for wall-mount and desktop electronics are now available in four sizes. DIATEC is well suited for communications and network equipment in living and working environments.

9th November 2020
Wall-mount enclosures for SMART control units

OKW has launched elegant new SMART-PANEL wall-mount enclosures for intelligent building control and monitoring technology. SMART-PANEL is designed to house modern control consoles in a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial applications. 

13th October 2020
More USB versions of OKW’s MINITEC pocket size enclosures

OKW has increased the range of USB connectivity options for its MINITEC plastic enclosures for personal electronics. MINITEC – which won an iF Product Design Award – is a modern range of ergonomic enclosures for remote control key fobs, IoT/IIoT, compact measurement devices, data recording, personal emergency/alarm systems, medical or fitness monitoring devices.

28th September 2020
New XL size BODY-CASE wearable enclosures

OKW has added a new size XL to its BODY-CASE range of fully wearable plastic electronic enclosures. Smart and comfortable BODY-CASE suits a wide range of applications including data recording and transmission, IoT/IIoT, tracking and monitoring and emergency calls among others and any roles involving localisation of personnel.

6th August 2020
OKW IN-BOX transparent-lid enclosures now in PC

OKW has further expanded its range of IN-BOX transparent-lid industrial electronic enclosures. The transparent-lid version is now available in polycarbonate (PC) for extra strength and flammability resistance.

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