Ergonomic and tactile enclosures

14th March 2006
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OKW's ‘ART-CASE’ series has been joined by six new models. These attractive, ergonomically shaped, and tactile enclosures have been designed to house the latest electronic innovations.
Typical applications will include detection and monitoring devices, system controllers, home automation, medical and wellness equipment etc.

OKW has extended both the round 110 series and oval 160 series ‘ART-CASES’. The new models have new base sections which increase the vertical height by 20mm. Unlike the existing bases, the new versions are not inclined. This provides greater internal depth for the electronics.

‘ART-CASES’ are suitable for hand-held, table top and wall mounting applications, and can even be inverted and fitted to a ceiling. OKW have also introduced a new wall mounting set which can be used without the need for the engineer to open the case.

‘ART-CASES’ are manufactured in off-white ABS (UL 94 HB), with special colours available on request. The top parts can be flat, with a recess for a membrane keypad, or domed. The bottom part can be fitted with a battery compartment for two 1.5V AAA cells. Internal screw pillars are also provided for mounting the PCBs.

OKW can supply the ‘ART-CASES’ with additional holes for push-buttons, connectors and displays etc., plus silk-screen printed legends and logos, and EMC shielding. Standard prices start at £8.

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