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Artificial Intelligence
22nd November 2023
O'Reilly 2023 report on Generative AI highlights 67% adoption

O'Reilly has released a comprehensive global survey report on generative AI in the enterprise. Surveying over 2,800 technology professionals, the report delves into how companies are utilising generative AI, the challenges in its adoption, and the essential skills needed to advance these technologies. 

Events News
18th April 2023
O’Reilly courses, content, and live events on language models and ChatGPT

O’Reilly has announced a line-up of content, courses, and events focused on the emergence of large language models (LLMs) and ChatGPT, the AI chatbot developed by OpenAI.

14th December 2020
What 2020 taught us and where 2021 is taking us

In this article, Laura Baldwin, President at O’Reilly, takes a look back at 2020 and discusses the tremendous impact it will have on business decisions, leadership, keeping pace with technology, and the rise of AI democratisation throughout 2021.

Artificial Intelligence
28th October 2020
Consumers want AI-enabled smart homes but not smart workplaces

Consumers are the most positive and excited for AI technologies that benefit their lives outside of work, research from O’Reilly shows. The survey, which delves into the opinions of consumers and compares them to that of AI-creators - those working to develop AI driven solutions including CTOs, data scientists, software engineers, solutions architects and IT Directors - reveals a wider indifference to the potential of AI in a work...

Artificial Intelligence
13th October 2020
O’Reilly launches new tool for learning in the flow of work

O’Reilly has announced the launch of O’Reilly Answers, an advanced natural language processing (NLP) engine that delivers quick, contextually relevant answers to challenging technical questions posed by users through O’Reilly online learning. With a one-click integration into Slack, O’Reilly Answers helps users learn from and discover the content that moves business forward. 

6th October 2020
Upskill public sector workers with G-Cloud 12 framework

O’Reilly has announced availability of its services on the G-Cloud 12 framework. Acceptance onto the framework will enable government organisations to subscribe to the O’Reilly platform and gain access to advanced technical learning. 

Artificial Intelligence
16th September 2020
The future growth of AI and ML

We’ve all come to terms with the fact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming how businesses operate and how much it can help a business in the long term. Over the past few years, this understanding has driven a spike in companies experimenting and evaluating AI technologies and who are now using it specifically in production deployments. By Rachel Roumeliotis, VP of Data and AI at O’Reilly

Events News
5th June 2020
O’Reilly announces virtual conference Superstream Series

O’Reilly has announced a lineup of virtual conferences as part of its Superstream Series. The summer and fall series delivers four of O’Reilly’s most popular franchises -  the Software Architecture, Infrastructure & Ops, OSCON and Strata Data & AI conferences – in a new virtual, multi-part format.

26th May 2020
More than 88% of organisations use cloud computing

O’Reilly has released the survey findings of its latest report, ‘Cloud Adoption in 2020’, that captures the latest trends in cloud computing, microservices, distributed application development, and other critical infrastructure and operations technologies.

21st April 2020
O’Reilly opens learning platform access for UK government

O’Reilly has announced that it is opening up access to its online learning platform for all government organisations in order to provide them with the resources they need in the face of increasing demand on government infrastructure and systems.

Artificial Intelligence
18th March 2020
Report finds growth in mature AI adoption

O’Reilly has announced the results of its 2020 artificial intelligence (AI) survey, 'AI Adoption in the Enterprise 2020'. The benchmark report uncovers trends in the evaluation, implementation, and outcomes of AI enterprise adoption over the past year.

Artificial Intelligence
18th December 2019
Research shows security and privacy blind spots in AI development

O’Reilly, the premier source for insight-driven learning on technology and business, has revealed the results of its 2019 ‘AI Adoption in the Enterprise’ survey. The report shows that security, privacy and ethics are low-priority issues for developers when modelling their machine learning (ML) solutions.

Artificial Intelligence
16th December 2019
The 8 AI trends we’re watching in 2020

  Roger Magoulas, VP of Radar at O’Reilly takes a look at the new developments in automation, hardware, tools, model development, and more that will shape (or accelerate) AI in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence
14th October 2019
Report shows security and privacy blind spots in AI development

O’Reilly has revealed the results of its 2019 ‘AI Adoption in the Enterprise’ survey. The report shows that security, privacy and ethics are low priority issues for developers when modelling their Machine Learning (ML) solutions. Security is the most serious blind spot. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of respondents indicated they don’t check for security vulnerabilities during model building.

Events News
9th April 2019
New technologies to be explored at upcoming Strata Data Conference

This April, specialist for insight-driven technology, O’Reilly Media, and Cloudera will present the Strata Data Conference in London. The four-day event (29th April to 2nd May) is recognised as the largest data conference series in the world, bringing together data’s most influential business decision makers and strategists who work with data.

3rd April 2019
Platform to deliver learning impact across organisations

The source for insight-driven learning in technology and business, O’Reilly, has announced a new way to measure the impact of learning across organisations. The O’Reilly learning platform now enables leaders to go beyond completion metrics and access deeper-level insights into specific learning behaviours.

Artificial Intelligence
19th December 2018
What’s in store for 2019 in terms of Artificial Intelligence?

We live in an age in which noise about the challenges and dangers of machine learning is the norm, the barrage of fake news is no longer a shock and we are still trying to understand the implications of AI on privacy and ethics. Hot new developments in automation, machine deception, hardware, and more will continue to shape AI as we move into 2019. Ben Lorica, Chief Data Scientist at O'Reilly and Programme Director of both the...

3rd December 2018
The seven data trends on the radar

  With data having an increased presence in our everyday lives it is interesting to speak to Chief Data Scientist at O’Reilly Media, Ben Lorica to see what opinions are on the ever-growing trends of data.

Events News
19th November 2018
London Software Architecture Conference will uncover the future

  Software architects from around the world are set to descend on London this October (29th October – 1st November) for the Software Architecture Conference, an event that covers the tools, techniques, and leadership skills needed in the evolving discipline of software architecture.

Artificial Intelligence
30th October 2018
What does AI really mean for the future?

O’Reilly recently hosted the AI conference in London and whilst attending the general consensus from everyone I spoke and listened to was that no one seemed to be particularly scared or apprehensive about the future.

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