More than 88% of organisations use cloud computing

26th May 2020
Alex Lynn

O’Reilly has released the survey findings of its latest report, ‘Cloud Adoption in 2020’, that captures the latest trends in cloud computing, microservices, distributed application development, and other critical infrastructure and operations technologies.

The report found that more than 88% percent of respondents use cloud infrastructure in one form or another, and 45% of organisations expect to move three quarters or more of their applications to the cloud over the next twelve months.

The report surveyed 1,283 software engineers, technical leads, and decision-makers from around the globe. Of note, the report uncovered that 21% of organisations are hosting all applications in a cloud context. The report also found that while 49% of organisations are running applications in traditional, on-premises contexts, 39% use a combination of public and private cloud deployments in a hybrid-cloud alternative, and 54% use multiple cloud services. 

Public cloud dominates as the most popular deployment option with a usage share greater than 61%, with AWS (67%), Azure (48%), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) (32%) as the most used platforms. However, while Azure and GCP customers also report using AWS, the reverse is not necessarily true.

“We see a widespread embrace of cloud infrastructure across the enterprise which suggests that most organisations now equate cloud with ‘what’s next’ for their infrastructure decisions and AWS as the front-runner when it comes to public cloud adoption,” said Mary Treseler, Vice President of Content Strategy at O’Reilly.

“For those still on the journey to cloud-based infrastructure migration, ensuring that staff is well-versed in critical skills, such as cloud security and monitoring, will be incredibly important for successful implementations. Enterprises with solid footing have the potential to leverage this infrastructure for better software development and AI-based services, which will put them at an advantage over competitors.”

Other notable findings include:

  • Cloud-based security was cited as the number one critical skill area needed to migrate to or implement cloud-based infrastructure (65%), followed by monitoring (58%) and Kubernetes (56%).
  • 37% of organisations have developed production for AI services with 47% expected to deploy AI-based services at some point over the next three years.
  • 52% of respondents say they use microservices concepts, tools, or methods for software development.
  • 35% have adopted Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) with 47% of organisations expect to implement an SRE function at some point in the future.

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