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7th January 2021
New Yorker Electronics signs solid state memory line

New Yorker Electronics and Fortasa Memory Systems have formalised a franchise distribution agreement for the supply of Solid State Memory Solutions.

5th January 2021
4-quadrant silicon PIN photodiode in SMD package

New Yorker Electronics has introduced Vishay’s 4-Quadrant Silicon PIN Photodiode in a standard surface-mount package, qualified for automotive applications.

31st December 2020
Adjustable power units supply 125 to 6,000V, 4 to 30W

New Yorker Electronics has released the new advanced interface options of the UMR-AA and UMR-A Series of High Voltage Power Supplies from Dean Technology (HVPSI).

29th December 2020
SSDs deliver endurance in industrial applications

Innodisk’s 96-layer 3D NAND flash product lineup is now being shipped by distributor New Yorker Electronics. It meets demanding industrial applications.

24th December 2020
Long-life capacitor works at temperatures to +125°C

New Yorker Electronics has stocks of the new Vishay BC Components 190 RTL Aluminum Capacitors for increased design flexibility and board space in high temperature applications.

21st December 2020
Power adapters are UL, cUL and CE certified

Autec Power Systems’ new DTXXXE Series of Industrial Desktop Power Adapters, nicknamed ‘The Eclipse’ is available from New Yorker Electronics.

21st December 2020
Current sensor outperforms Hall Effect devices

In stock now at distributor New Yorker Electronics is the new SSA Smart Current Sensor series from Riedon.

16th December 2020
Film capacitor deals with harsh environments

 New Yorker Electronics has announced the launch and release of the Exxelia Dearborn 560P film capacitor product series. The 560P is designed as a cost-effective solution for high reliability and for performance in severe environments.

8th December 2020
Solid state relays deliver high DV/DT

New Yorker Electronics has released Excel Cell Electronics’ (ECE) ESR5 series of Power Type Solid State Relays.

1st December 2020
2A, 3A, 4A bridge rectifiers for reduced bridge size

Bridge rectifiers from Rectron Semiconductor in 2-, 3- and 4-amp for reduced bridge size have been introduced by New Yorker Electronics.

Electrical and Electronic Equipment
20th November 2020
Power stanchion copes with harsh environments

The new Power Dynamics (PDI) watertight Power Stanchion series designed for harsh environments and rugged applications is in stock at New Yorker Electronics.

17th November 2020
Rectifiers can cut efficiency gap with SiC diodes

New Yorker Electronics has announced availability of 12 new FRED Pt Gen 5 1200 V Hyperfast and Ultrafast rectifiers from Vishay Semiconductor.

17th November 2020
Electrolytic capacitors meet low profile filtering applications

United Chemi-Con’s newest SMD Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor are in stock at distributor New Yorker Electronics.

11th November 2020
Film capacitors supply ultra-stable performance

New Yorker Electronics has released Exxelia’s new 253P Series of Wrap-and-Fill High Temperature PTFE Film capacitors.

11th November 2020
LED stacklights offer voltage options of 9 to 16Vdc

Ultra-compact 30mm LED Stacklights from Mallory Sonalert are in stock at distributor New Yorker Electronics.

29th October 2020
Ultra-fast rectifier minimises electrical noise

New Yorker Electronics has released the new Good-Ark Semiconductor MUR30U60PTW5, a 30A, 600V ultra-fast rectifier that features soft recovery characteristics, outstanding surge current capability and low forward voltage.

28th October 2020
Photodiode black SMD packages eliminate side illumination

Now in stock at New Yorker Electronics are two new surface-mount Automotive Grade silicon PIN photodiodes from Vishay Optoelectronics.

27th October 2020
IR sensors detect red, green, blue, clear and IR light

New Yorker Electronics has released a new sensor series from Vishay in two different body types.

News & Analysis
26th October 2020
New Yorker Electronics clinches Amazing deal

New Yorker Electronics has expanded its lineup of ESD Devices by signing a distribution agreement with Amazing Microelectronic Corp. (AMC).

22nd October 2020
3,600µF to 40,000µF wet tantalum capacitor

New Yorker Electronics has released Vishay’s newly extended EP1 Wet Tantalum Capacitor, supplying the industry’s highest capacitance per voltage-rating for this device type.

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