Exxelia portfolio promises high Q-factor in small sizes

14th November 2023
Kristian McCann

New Yorker Electronics has announced the release of Exxelia's new E7000 line of products and materials, which provides narrow bandwidths, temperature stability and high Q-factor in extremely small sizes and in complex ferrite designs.

Exxelia's E7000 series is a Ba-Mg-Ta based material that combines an ultra-high Q-factor and the possibility to get different temperature coefficients upon request. E7000 features the highest performance requested for space use in the frequency range from 5 to 32 GHz, and guarantees a Qxf up to more than 250 000 at 10GHZ.

In addition, Exxelia is now able to support the most advanced RF designs with the delivery of complex geometries such as Y-shape ferrites for microwave switches or Toroidal designs for phase shifters applications. Those miniaturised and complex products may be as small as only a few millimetres and offer exceptional quality, superior performance and low loss (ΔH) materials. The Ultra High Q factor for filter designs make the series ideal for satellite multiplexing filter devices, radio-links for communication systems (LMDS) and military radar.

Exxelia is a unique manufacturer producing its own raw materials for Ferrites and Dielectrics with proprietary formulations for use in the most demanding environments. The dielectric resonators are designed to replace resonant cavities in microwave functions such as filters and oscillators. Exxelia, with the support of the ESA and CNES, has developed the E7000 series which offers narrow bandwidth with reduced size. Ferrite materials are used in microwave devices such as isolators, circulators, diplexers, filters and phase shifters. They have dielectric and magnetic properties due to the presence of magnetic ions such as iron within the composition. New Yorker Electronics also offers a wide range of Exxelia dielectric resonators series, including coaxial resonators in different sizes.

Dielectric resonators are designed to replace resonant cavities in microwave functions such as filters and oscillators. The use of dielectric resonator inside these functions allows designers to get at low cost more compact devices with higher Q factor and temperature stability. Dielectric resonators are generally fully customised and dedicated to very specific applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Dielectric constant : 24
  • Q x f Factor (GHz) : 250000
  • Frequency : Min : 5900 MHz / Max : 37150 MHz
  • Custom shapes available: disk, cylinder, square, etc.
  • Typical Q factor: 25000 at 10 GHz


  • Satellite multiplexing filter devices
  • Radio-links for communication systems (LMDS)
  • Military radar

New Yorker also offers the Exxelia E2000 series with a high-Q factor for high stability DRO designs. Designed for alarm-detection systems and door openers, automotive anti-collision radar, communication equipment and LNB converters for DBS, it has the capacity for mass production. The Exxelia E3000 series has high linearity of frequency with temperature for DRO in military and space applications. The Exxelia E4000 series has a very high Q-Factor for filter designs for satellite multiplexing, radio links for communication systems (LMDS), automotive radar military radar. Exxelia's E5000 series features a high dielectric constant for reduced dimensional systems in duplexers and filters and cellular base stations, and the Exxelia E6000 has a high Q-factor for low-frequency applications such as LNB for DBS, security systems and detectors and filters.

As a franchised distributor, New Yorker Electronics supplies Exxelia Temex of the Exxelia Group and its full line of Film, Mica, Tantalum, Aluminium Electrolytics and Ceramic Capacitors as well as its EMI/RFI Filters, Magnetics, Position Sensors, Slip Rings and Rotary Joints.

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