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Maxim Integrated, founded in 1983 and headquartered in San Jose, California/USA, develops innovative analogue and mixed-signal products and technologies to make systems smaller and smarter, with enhanced security and increased energy efficiency. Maxim is empowering design innovation for the company’s automotive, industrial, healthcare, mobile consumer, and cloud data centre customers to deliver industry-leading solutions that help change the world. 

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18th September 2020
Analogue transceivers with enhanced fault detection and operation range

Designers requiring longer uptime for industrial automation applications can accelerate troubleshooting and communicate across larger networks with the MAX33012E controller area network (CAN) bus analogue transceiver and the MAX33072E RS-485 half-duplex transceiver from Maxim Integrated Products. 

7th September 2020
Essential Analog sensor ICs for precision measurement

Designers of highly reliable cold-chain pharma and other temperature-sensing applications can achieve high accuracy and robust system operation with two new Essential Analog ICs from Maxim Integrated Products. The MAX31889 digital temperature sensor features a combination of accuracy and power consumption, replacing resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) in precise temperature-sensitive applications.

12th August 2020
Maxim USB-C power delivery solutions reduce size

Overcome the challenges of implementing USB-C Power Delivery (PD) with the MAX77958 USB-C PD controller and the MAX77962 28W buck-boost charger recently introduced from Maxim Integrated Products.

22nd July 2020
MCU saves space on coin cell-operated IoT products

Designers of wirelessly connected, coin cell-operated internet of things (IoT) products can now reduce bill-of-materials (BOM) costs by one-third while also saving space and battery life with the MAX32666 microcontroller (MCU) from Maxim Integrated Products.

10th July 2020
Heart sensor clips six months off product design times

Maxim Integrated’s MAXM86146 dual-photodetector optical sensor solution fits into tight spaces and enables lighter products for health wearables and fitness prodiucts

6th July 2020
MAX32670 low-power Arm Cortex-M4 MCU for IoT

Reduce power consumption and size while increasing reliability of industrial, healthcare IoT applications with the MAX32670 low-power Arm Cortex-M4 MCU with floating-point unit from Maxim Integrated Products. This device protects all embedded memory for both flash and SRAM with error-code correction (ECC) in order to provide the highest reliability MCU. 

12th June 2020
Design Safer, Smarter Cars with Innovative ICs

We don’t have flying cars yet. But for the vehicles on the streets today - and, likely, the models you’re developing for tomorrow - greater intelligence is in the roadmap. Sensors and cameras, power management ICs, high-speed serial links, RF products, and a host of other automotive-grade ICs are teaming up with your engineering ingenuity to produce safer, smarter cars.

14th April 2020
SIMO PMIC extends battery life for wearable devices

  Wearable devices and hearables can be reduced in size and boast longer battery life, using the MAX77654 single inductor, multiple output (SIMO) power management IC (PMIC), says Maxim Integrated.

9th April 2020
Win A Maxim Integrated Essential Analog Sample Box

The Maxim Essential Analog toolkit contains a group of parts carefully selected to represent 20 product categories, highlighting key performance areas from power efficiency to precise measurement and rugged connectivity to reliable protection. These advanced Integrated Circuits (ICs) showcase an impressive range of features, including low power, low noise, multi-channel, high resolution, high accuracy and high speed.  Ready to optimis...

19th March 2020
Why now is a good time to secure your embedded systems

Scott Jones, Managing Director, and Nathan Sharp, Senior Business Manager, Embedded Security at Maxim Integrated explain how cryptographic hash functions can enhance embedded systems' security.

12th March 2020
Protection technology enables IoT microcontroller

Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX32520 ChipDNATM secure Arm Cortex-M4 microcontroller, the first secure microcontroller with built-in physically unclonable function (PUF) technology for financial- and government-grade security. Maxim’s PUF technology allows for multiple layers of protection to provide the most advanced key-protection technology in a cost-effective format for use in IoT, healthcare, industrial and computing sy...

25th February 2020
embedded world: Maxim unveils secure IoT microcontroller

At embedded world 2020, Maxim Integrated introduced a secure Arm Cortex-M4 microcontroller with built-in physically unclonable function (PUF) technology for financial- and government-grade security.  

25th February 2020
ICs enable LiDAR systems to work at higher speeds

The requirement for LiDAR systems to enable higher-speed autonomous driving is being met by two devices unveiled by Maxim Integrated Products at embedded world 2020 in Nuremberg (February 25-27).

20th February 2020
$25m investment for new design centre in Dublin

Maxim Integrated Products has announced the opening of a new design centre in Dublin, Ireland. The design centre will focus on product development and conducting research and development in the areas of analog semiconductor design to deliver Maxim’s innovative solutions across many end markets.

6th February 2020
When should you to secure your embedded systems?

Earlier this spring, a report was published describing how hackers used a network-connected, but unsecured, fish-tank thermometer in a casino lobby to break into the network and steal data. The incident raises yet another spotlight on how vulnerable embedded systems can be without proper protection.  By Scott Jones, Managing Director, and Nathan Sharp, Sr. Business Manager, Embedded Security

20th January 2020
Shrink power and communication footprint by up to 80%

Designers of ultra-low-power portables and wearables can shrink the size of a power and communication interface to the charging dock by up to 80% with the MAX20340, the industry's smallest two-pin bi-directional DC powerline communications (PLC) device from Maxim Integrated Products. 

9th January 2020
Power management IC shrinks automotive screen size

Designers of automotive electronic systems can now increase the number of displays per vehicle while reducing design complexity by using the MAX16923 4-output display power IC with watchdog timer from Maxim Integrated Products. 

19th December 2019
New gate driver provides power efficiency and increased system up-time

With the MAX22701E isolated gate driver from Maxim Integrated designers of high-voltage/high-power systems can improve power supply efficiency by up to four percentage points over competitive solutions, reducing power loss and the resulting carbon footprint by 30%.

17th December 2019
How to optimise the efficiency performance of a flyback converter

In this video from Maxim Integrated, Furqan explains why a Discontinuous Conduction Mode (DCM) flyback converter, using a secondary-side rectification diode, is unsuitable for low voltage high current applications.

Artificial Intelligence
9th December 2019
Automotive DeepCover secure authenticators stop counterfeit parts

Counterfeit after-market automotive parts can ruin the ADAS driving experience. 

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