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Maxim Integrated, founded in 1983 and headquartered in San Jose, California/USA, develops innovative analogue and mixed-signal products and technologies to make systems smaller and smarter, with enhanced security and increased energy efficiency. Maxim is empowering design innovation for the company’s automotive, industrial, healthcare, mobile consumer, and cloud data centre customers to deliver industry-leading solutions that help change the world. 

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4th December 2019
Cuffless blood-pressure measurement solution

Until now, accurate blood-pressure monitoring could only be achieved with bulky and mechanical cuff-based medical devices. Now, Maxim Integrated Products, has introduced a solid-state blood-pressure monitoring solution to more conveniently track this critical health indicator. 

29th November 2019
Getting started with hall-effect sensors using the MAX9921

The world that we live in today contains millions of sensors that continue to revolutionise the way we live, move and interact with each other and nowhere else have we seen the sudden rise more than in our automobiles.

25th November 2019
Industrial IoT (IIoT) requires edge computing

Suhel Dhanani, Director of Business Development, Industrial and Healthcare Business Unit, Maxim Integrated, explains that the IIoT differs from the consumer IoT and is probably more important as it helps improve efficiency of industrial processes and optimises resources.

21st November 2019
Industry takes an interest in ultrasonic sensors

  There is a renewed interest in the application of ultrasonic sensing technology, say Suhel Dhanani, and Thong “Anthony” Huynh, Maxim Integrated

11th November 2019
Industrial IoT requires edge computing

The industrial IoT (IIoT) differs from the consumer IoT and is probably more important as it helps improve efficiency of industrial processes and optimises resources. It is, in fact, fast becoming a must-have for manufacturing companies – as there is a direct and easy-to-measure return on investment (ROI) based on the higher cost efficiency of their operations. By Suhel Dhanani, Director of Business Development, Industrial & Healthcare...

4th November 2019
Automotive-grade secure authenticator enhances vehicle safety

Designers can now enhance safety, security and data integrity for connected vehicle systems while also reducing both complexity and code development time with the DS28C40 DeepCover automotive secure authenticator from Maxim Integrated Products. As the industry’s first and only AEC-Q100 Grade 1 solution for automotive systems, this authenticator IC reduces the design complexity and software vulnerability of current approaches to ensure only ...

25th October 2019
Battery monitor IC is ASIL-D-Compliant

Designers can now achieve ASIL-D compliance for automotive applications using just a single chip for a safer, more cost-effective battery management system with the MAX17853 battery monitor IC from Maxim Integrated Products. Targeting mid-to-large cell count configurations for automotive applications, such as battery packs for electric and hybrid vehicles, MAX17853’s unique flexible architecture called Flexpack allows customers to rapidly m...

4th October 2019
Power solution with high efficiency and lowest quiescent current

With what is believed to be the lowest quiescent current (IQ) in its class of 6µA, as well as what is reportedly the highest peak efficiency of 96% in the market, designers can now maximise a portable device’s battery life with the MAX77827 buck-boost converter from Maxim Integrated Products. 

22nd August 2019
Advanced battery protector delivers high level of safety

Designers concerned about battery safety now have access to an advanced battery protector with integrated fuel gauges from Maxim Integrated Products. The newest 1-cell, pack-side ICs in this portfolio are the MAX17301 and the MAX17311, which offer the most configurable settings for battery safety in the industry and allow fine tuning of voltage and current thresholds based on various temperature zones. 

5th August 2019
The wearable healthcare revolution is ready to deliver healthier outcomes

  Wearable healthcare devices have the potential to enable better use of health data in research and innovation as well as intervention and services, believes Andrew Baker, managing director, Industrial and Healthcare business unit, Maxim Integrated

24th July 2019
Compact real-time clock offers longest battery life

The MAX31341B nanoPower real-time clock (RTC) from Maxim Integrated Products enables designers of space-constrained systems such as wearables, medical monitors, point-of-sale (POS) equipment and portable terminals to extend battery life as well as save power and space. 

24th July 2019
Compact LED driver bring high efficiency and low EMI

Designers of high-performance automotive lighting applications now have a simpler, more efficient method for driving high-brightness LEDs (HBLEDs) with the MAX25610A and MAX25610B LED drivers from Maxim Integrated. The synchronous buck, buck-boost LED drivers/DC/DC converters offer a complete solution that features EMI performance, without compromising on efficiency and size.

15th July 2019
High frequency noise rejection in voltage supervisory ICs

Ahmad shows how a supervisory IC, such as the MAX16140 nanoPower voltage supervisor, provides better protection from high frequency noise for safe and reliable system operation.

10th July 2019
In-vehicle infotainment platform with power management innovations

Maxim Integrated Products has announced that select products from its automotive portfolio are being used in MediaTek’s AUTUS in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) platform. To deliver the high-performance, flexibility and efficiency required by carmakers and tier-1 suppliers, Maxim’s gigabit multimedia serial link (GMSL) serialiser and deserialiser (SerDes) technology provides high video transmission capability. 

4th July 2019
DSM smart amplifier unleashes micro speaker potential

As devices continue to shrink and customers demand ever sleeker products, Maxim Integrated Products, has introduced the MAX98390 smart amplifier with integrated Dynamic Speaker Management (DSM) algorithm to efficiently deliver louder, clearer, richer sound at a low quiescent power. 

2nd July 2019
Bi-directional current sense amplifier with PWM rejection

Designers can now improve motor efficiency and reduce vibration using the MAX40056 bi-directional current sense amplifier with patented pulse-width modulation (PWM) rejection from Maxim Integrated Products. This high speed, wide-bandwidth amplifier extends Maxim’s industry leadership in precision, high-voltage current sense amplifiers into motor control applications.

8th May 2019
Drive high performance for tiny vehicle camera modules

The compact, efficient, four-channel MAX20049 power management IC improves automotive camera modules with thermal performance, high efficiency, and fault monitoring, all crucial elements for increased safety and driver trust.

3rd April 2019
Dual IO-Link transceiver with DC/DC regulator and surge protection

Designers can now enable smarter digital factories with the MAX22513 surge-protected, dual-driver IO-Link device transceiver with integrated DC/DC buck regulator from Maxim Integrated. As the industry’s smallest, most power-efficient and robust IO-Link device transceiver, it is well suited for industrial IO-Link sensors and actuator devices.

29th March 2019
Compact power management IC for vehicle camera modules

With automotive camera modules becoming increasingly smaller, designers can now utilise the ultra-compact MAX20049 power management IC from Maxim Integrated Products, which integrates four power supplies into a tiny footprint. In addition to being the most compact power management IC for vehicle camera modules, it delivers the highest efficiency on the market today.

19th March 2019
Highly integrated USB-C buck charger reduces size by 30%

  Designers of portable Li-ion battery-powered electronics now have a simplified and more flexible way to add a USB Type-C (USB-C) charging system to their products with the MAX77860 3A switch-mode charger from Maxim Integrated Products.

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