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9th July 2014
GaN in plastic module is optimised for avionics

A GaN in Plastic power module has been added to M/A-COM's existing portfolio of GaN in Plastic power module products. The module is optimised for pulsed Avionics applications in the 960 to 1215 MHz band, and scales to peak pulse power levels of 100W in a 14 x 24mm package size.

9th July 2014
Splitter's 24dB power input suits demanding applications

A 2-way, 90° power splitter has been introduced by MACOM. The MAPD-011018 has a maximum power input of 24dB, making it suitable for demanding applications such as CATV, Broadband and FTTx. Being both 260ºC re-flow compatible and surface mountable, the power splitter is easy to use. The spiltter operates from 5-250MHz but performs best between 5-85MHz, with a phase balance of 90° +/- three degrees.

Mixed Signal/Analog
8th July 2014
Baluns target CATV MoCA applications

A series of eight baluns for CATV MoCA applications has been released by MACOM. These baluns are lead-free, compatible with a 260°C reflow temperature profile and can be used in either 75Ω or 50Ω systems. Additionally, the baluns are RoHS compliant. 

Frequency Control
4th July 2014
Reverse path amplifier targets DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 applications

MACOM’s integrated two stage differential amplifier for DOCSIS 3.0 and 3.1 reverse path infrastructure equipment is designed for customers who require a highly linear variable gain amplifier (VGA) solution for network access equipment and Head-ends in the Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC) system.

2nd July 2014
Device simplifies reverse path amplifier design

Intended for DOCSIS 3.0 and 3.1 reverse path infrastructure equipment, M/A-COM Technology Solutions has introduced the MAAM-011186 integrated two stage differential amplifier. The device delivers gain of 39dB and noise figure of 3dB with 31.5dB attenuation range in a single 7mm RoHS compliant PQFN package.

20th June 2014
Mixers provide the widest frequency bandwidth coverage

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. (“MACOM”) has announced three additions to its portfolio of discrete mixers. These ultra-small mixers provide industry leading frequency bandwidth in standard surface mount, plastic packages, enabling system developers to achieve new levels of design versatility and cost efficiency for applications spanning test and measurement, electronic warfare, point to point wireless and more.

20th June 2014
Broadband Low Noise Amplifier for 22-38GHz Applications

M/A-COM Technology Solutions has announced a new three-stage low noise amplifier for point to point applications. The MAAL-011111 is a low noise amplifier covering 22 - 38GHz in a small and low cost 3X3 mm QFN package.  It offers 19dB of gain and less than 3dB of noise figure. 

19th June 2014
Low noise, high gain amplifier for multi-market applications

M/A-COM Technology Solutions has announced a new low noise, high gain amplifier for wireless infrastructure, WiFi and L- and S- Band applications. MAAL-011078 is a low noise amplifier that offers ultra-low noise figure and high gain from a single stage. The Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) covers wide bandwidth between 700MHz and 6GHz with excellent noise figure, OIP3 and gain. 

13th June 2014
Microelectronics supplier accredited for integrity

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. (MACOM) announced that its wafer fabrication facility in Lowell, Massachusetts, has been accredited by the DoD as a Category 1A Trusted Foundry. This accolade is awarded to microelectronics suppliers demonstrating the highest levels of process integrity and protection.      

11th June 2014
Low noise amplifier targets point to point applications

MACOM has released the MAAL-011111 three-stage, low noise amplifier for point to point applications.  The amplifier covers 22 to 38GHz in a small and low cost 3X3 mm QFN package.  It offers 19dB of gain and less than 3dB of noise figure.  It is self-biased requiring only a single 3.3V voltage supply and there is no need for any external components. 

19th May 2014
Industry’s first DC-40GHz, 6-bit digital attenuator

M/A-COM Technology Solutions has introduced a wideband 6-bit digital attenuator for broadband applications such as military radar & radio systems, test equipment and commercial microwave radio and satellite links. The digital attenuator is offered as both bare DIE, MAAD-011021-DIE, and in a 3mm PQFN package, MAAD-011021; and operates from DC-40GHz and DC-30GHz, respectively.

1st May 2014
MMIC power amplifier for X-band comms and radar

Suited for X-band communication and radar applications, M/A-COM Technology Solutions announce two high power MMIC power amplifiers. The MAAP-015030 two stage 8.5-11.75GHz GaAs MMIC power amplifier has a saturated pulsed output power of 41dBm, a large signal gain of 21dB and 40% power added efficiency.

Events News
29th April 2014
MACOM to exhibit CATV & broadband portfolio at ANGA COM 2014

At ANGA COM 2014, M/A-COM Technology Solutions will exhibit and demonstrate their portfolio of CATV and broadband devices enabling the evolution of modern cable networks. MACOM wil be exhibiting in booth P28 at the event in Cologne, Germany.

29th April 2014
Transistor is suited to civilian & military pulsed radar

Designed for use in civilian and military radar pulsed applications, the MAGX-000035-045000 pulsed power transistor has been launched by M/A-COM Technology Solutions. The MAGX-000035-045000 is a gold-metalized unmatched GaN on Silicon Carbide RF power transistor optimized for high performance RF applications such as L-Band and S-Band radar. 

3rd April 2014
IP licensing programme for GaN-on-Silicon technology

M/A-COM Technology Solutions announces an IP licensing program for Gallium Nitride (GaN) on Silicon technology. The company has recently highlighted two areas critical to achieving the goal of enabling the mainstream adoption of GaN as a large-scale RF semiconductor technology across the industry.

2nd April 2014
Surface mount diplexers for broadband applications

Expanding the company's broadband portfolio, M/A-COM Technology Solutions announce a family of surface mount diplexers for Cable Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). The MAFL-011013, MAFL-011024 and MAFL-011025 have been developed to replace large CAN and Discrete solutions in space constrained CPE front-ends.

25th March 2014
Integrated USB receiver for point-to-point radios

  Suitable for point-to-point radio applications, the MADC-010736 integrated USB receiver has been announced by M/A-COM Technology Solutions. It is an innovative integrated receiver solution for customers who need a high performance receiver in the 42GHz PtP radio band.

21st March 2014
Surface-mount Triplexer filters for MoCA-enabled CPE

Developed to replace large CAN and Discrete solutions in Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) enabled, real estate constrained CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) front-ends, the MAFL-011018, MAFL-011023 and MAFL-011026 surface-mount Triplexer filters have been announced by M/A-COM Technology Solutions.

19th March 2014
Full E-Band MMIC power amplifier enables 1Gb/s data rates

Delivering typical Psat of 25.5dBm for the 71-76 and 81-86GHz frequency ranges, M/A-COM Technology Solutions has claimed that the MAAP-011106 is the industry’s highest power, full E-Band power amplifier. Suited for small cell wireless backhaul infrastructure, it enables data rates of over 1Gb/s to accommodate surging data demand, particularly in densely populated metro environments.

6th March 2014
Transistor delivers 10W of CW power in surface mount package

The MAGX-000035-01000P is the latest addition to the GaN in Plastic series from M/A-COM. The device is a 10W GaN on SiC unmatched power transistor, which offers broad RF frequency capability, reliable high voltage operation, and smallest footprint in plastic-packaging technology.

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