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31st March 2020
Photodiode and fabry-perot laser to enable 5G

MACOM Technology Solutions has announced the availability of its 25G Avalanche Photodiode (APD) and 25G Fabry-Perot Laser optical components for 5G Wireless and Data centre applications.

Test & Measurement
14th June 2019
Wideband amplifier covers 30kHz to 40GHz for range of applications

  MACOM Technology Solutions has announced a new wideband distributed amplifier with the introduction of the MAAM-011275-DIE. Offered as a bare-die, this amplifier is well suited for use in test and measurement (T&M) and communications equipment with broadband frequency coverage from sub-6GHz to mmW.

10th June 2019
High-performance Ka-Band power amplifier

Supplier of semiconductor solutions, MACOM Technology Solutions, announced an addition to its portfolio of high-linearity Ka-Band power amplifiers with the introduction of the MAAP-011250. Suited for next generation commercial VSAT outdoor units, the MAAP-011250 utilises a balanced design, giving system designers’ a consistent match regardless of their board impedance.

Test & Measurement
7th June 2019
Wideband amplifier for 5G T&M applications

Supplier of semiconductor solutions, MACOM Technology Solutions, has announced a new wideband distributed amplifier with the introduction of the MAAM-011238, offered in both bare-DIE and Surface Mount packaged formats. Well suited for use in 5G T&M equipment, the MAAM-011238 gives system designers the agility to leverage a single amplifier for 5G applications spanning sub-6 GHz to mmW frequencies.

20th May 2019
Analogue CDR-based PAM-4 portfolio announced

Supplier of semiconductor solutions, MACOM Technology Solutions, has announced a complete analogue and silicon photonics portfolio for seamless integration in 50, 100, 200 and 400Gbps optical modules targeted for compliance with the newly formed Open Eye Multi-Source Agreement (MSA).

6th March 2019
Process pact accelerates L-PIC deployment

A strategic collaboration between MACOM Technology Solutions and Global Foundries (GF) will ramp up MACOM’s Laser Photonic Integrated Circuit (L-PIC) platform using GF’s current-generation silicon photonics offering, 90WG, to meet data centre and 5G telecom industry demands.

5th March 2019
High-performance drivers are unveiled at OFC 2019

A family of drivers for Single-Lambda 100G and 400G applications has been introduced by MACOM Technology Solutions. These 2nd generation EML and Silicon Photonic drivers provide high performance in low cost SMT packaging, required for 100G DR1/FR1 and 400G DR4/FR4 applications.

5th March 2019
PAM-4 linear transimpedance amplifiers enter production

Production versions of its four-channel (4 x 100G) 56/106 Gbit PAM-4 linear transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs) which are optimised for use in 400G optical modules targeting Cloud Data Centre applications have been announced by MACOM Technology Solutions.

25th February 2019
MACOM, STMicro extend GaN-on-Silicon production pact

The impending roll out of 5G services has prompted MACOM and STMicroelectronics to extend their agreement on 150mm GaN-on-Silicon production capacity in ST’s fabs, along with a shift to 200mm as demand requires. This builds upon the broad GaN-on-Silicon agreement between MACOM and ST announced in early 2018.

24th February 2019
GaAs ICs drive breakthrough 5G technology

A breakthrough technology which will facilitate more efficient delivery of mobile and broadband services to offices and homes is being spearheaded by a collaboration between the inventors, Pivotal Commware and compound semiconductor supplier MACOM.

21st December 2018
Negative voltage drivers for use with high-performance AlGaAs

Semiconductor solutions supplier, MACOM Technology Solutions (MACOM), has announced two new negative voltage drivers designed for use with a broad range of MACOM’s AlGaAs and HMIC PIN diode switches. The new MADR-011020 and MADR-011022 drivers enable integration that complements the performance of MACOM’s advanced PIN diodes.

26th September 2018
EuMW 2018: RF switch spans T&M, EW and broadband applications

The MASW-011102 SPDT non-reflective switch has been launched by MACOM Technology Solutions at European Microwave Week in Madrid. Building on the performance hallmarks of MACOM’s GaAs-based SPDT MASW Series switches, the MASW-011102 is optimised for use in applications spanning test and measurement, EW and broadband communication systems.

26th September 2018
EuMW 2018: Wideband LNA arrives in surface-mount package

A new packaged version of its MAAL-011141 wideband low noise amplifier (LNA) optimised to provide low noise figure performance across the DC to 28 GHz frequency range was unveiled by MACOM Technology Solutions at European Microwave Week In Madrid.

25th September 2018
EuMW 2018: Power detectors integrate directional couplers

The MACP Series of high-performance power detectors with integrated, low loss directional couplers from MACOM Technology Solutions were unveiled at European Microwave Week in Madrid. They are optimised for power monitoring and levelling in point-to-point radios, ISM, radar, VSAT, EW and aerospace and defence applications.

17th September 2018
Smart solutions supporting 5G at ECOC 2018

MACOM Technology Solutions (MACOM), will showcase its smart solutions supporting 5G, Cloud Data Centers, Client Access and Metro/Long Haul Applications with its PAM-4, Silicon Photonics and 64 GBaud products and solutions at ECOC 2018, Booth #579 in Roma, Italy, 23rd to 27th September.

6th September 2018
Portfolio of 25G lasers for deployment in 5G applications

MACOM Technology Solutions has announced a new portfolio of 25G distributed feedback (DFB) lasers designed for use in next-generation 5G LTE wireless fronthaul infrastructure. Building on MACOM’s legacy of industry leadership in 4G LTE connectivity solutions, the new laser portfolio is expected to help wireless operators deploy 25G optical links at commercial scale and cost structures on the path to 5G.

6th September 2018
Single-chip solution for 100G bidirectional optical connectivity

An integrated, single-chip transmit and receive solution for short reach 100G optical transceivers, active optical cables (AOCs) and onboard optical engines has been announced by MACOM. The seamless integration of four-channel Transmit and Receive Clock Data Recovery (CDRs), four Transimpedance Amplifiers (TIAs) and four Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser (VSCEL) drivers within the new MALD-37845 will afford customers unrivaled ease...

19th June 2018
New broadband, high-speed SPDT switches

Optimised for use in SATCOM, 5G wireless, test and measurement (T&M), EW and microwave radio applications, MACOM has announced the newest entries in its high-performance RF switch portfolio. The new GaAs-based SPDT MASW Series switches provide broadband frequency coverage and high-speed switching capability.

15th March 2018
Solutions drive cloud data centres and 5G optical connectivity

MACOM Technology Solutions Inc. has announced the MAOT-025402 CWDM4 transmitter optical sub-assembly as a part of MACOM’s L-PIC (Laser-integrated Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuit) solution for 100Gbps CWDM4. Leveraging our patented L-PIC the MAOT-025402 is designed to mate with the MASC-37053A CDR to form the complete high speed transmit path for QSFP28 CWDM4 solutions. MACOM’s MAOT-025402 CWDM4 L-PIC solution will be on displ...

26th February 2018
High performance power amplifiers designed for 5G

MACOM Technology Solutions has announced its new MAGM series of GaN-on-Si-based MMIC Power Amplifiers (PAs) optimised for massive MIMO antenna systems targeted for 5G wireless basestation infrastructure.

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