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Wideband amplifier for 5G T&M applications

7th June 2019
Alex Lynn

Supplier of semiconductor solutions, MACOM Technology Solutions, has announced a new wideband distributed amplifier with the introduction of the MAAM-011238, offered in both bare-DIE and Surface Mount packaged formats. Well suited for use in 5G T&M equipment, the MAAM-011238 gives system designers the agility to leverage a single amplifier for 5G applications spanning sub-6 GHz to mmW frequencies.

The MAAM-011238 amplifier supports wideband operation from 100kHz up to 50GHz (67.5GHz for the Bare-DIE version) with typical gain of 14dB at 30GHz. The input and output are fully matched at 50Ω with typical return loss of 10dB across the band.

The overall ease of use for customers is enhanced utilising a positive gate bias, thereby eliminating the need for a negative voltage supply and bias sequencer. The MAAM-011238’s integrated power detector further simplifies system designs while preserving valuable board space.

The MAAM-011238 aims to deliver an effective broadband amplifier solution for 5G sub-6 GHz to mmW testing. The MAAM-011238 and MAAM-011238-DIE are available to customers today.

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