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28th April 2015
Modulator drivers enable 100G metro applications

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Holdings (MACOM) has announced initial production shipments of two modulator drivers for use in CFP2 Analogue Coherent Optical (ACO) modules. The CFP2 ACO enables significantly lower cost per bit in metro applications where lower power and smaller size enable higher port densities.

Events News
27th April 2015
Cutting-edge Gen 4 GaN portfolio exhibiting at IMS 2015

M/A-COM Technology Solutions (MACOM) will showcase its GaN RF product portfolio at IMS2015 in Phoenix, from the 19th to 21st May. MACOM’s booth will feature the latest, revolutionary Gen 4 GaN-on-Silicon product solutions optimised for commercial, ISM applications.

16th April 2015
12G-SDI cable drivers, equalisers & reclockers are SMPTE compliant

  M/A-COM Technology Solutions has revealed that its 12G-SDI cable drivers, equalisers and reclockers support SMPTE compliant 12G-SDI transmission over Belden 1694A, 1505A, 1855A and 7731A cables.

13th April 2015
Adaptive equaliser enables 4k60p over a single 12G link

M/A-COM Technology has announced that its M23544 Adaptive Equaliser has been chosen to complement M/A-COM's M23428 Cable Driver in the 12G-SDI interconnects of Atamos' recognised Shogun 4K Monitor/Recorder as well as Utah Scientific's UHD routing platform, with M/A-COM's M32145 Relocker, and by TVLogic, for the 12G-SDI interface of its LUM-310A 4K professional broadcast monitor.

2nd April 2015
GaN protection at any power up/power down sequence

A GaN bias controller and sequencer for fixed and pulsed negative gate biasing has been introduced by M/A-COM Technology Solutions. The MABC-001000-DP000L provides proper gate voltage and pulsed drain voltage biasing for a Device Under Test (DUT). The device also provides bias sequencing, ensuring that the pulsed drain voltage cannot be applied to a device under test unless the negative gate bias voltage is present.

1st April 2015
18GHz, 2W power amplifier integrates power detector

M/A-COM Technology Solutions has announced a power amplifier designed specifically for 18GHz wireless backhaul applications, the MAAP-011145. The device features a temperature compensated integrated power detector and includes ESD protection and by-pass capacitors to ease the implementation and volume assembly of the packaged part.

27th March 2015
Transimpedance amplifier suits metro applications at 100Gb/s

A dual channel linear Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA) for next-gen coherent receiver applications has been introduced by M/A-COM Technology Solutions. The MATA-003806 has transimpedance gain which can be adjusted from 100Ω up to 10KΩ with manual and automatic gain control modes of operation. Input and output peak detectors are available for RSSI and AGC functionality.

26th March 2015
Burst mode laser driver integrates lifting amp & CDR

M/A-COM Technology Solutions has announced the M02180, a low power, highly integrated, programmable burst mode laser driver integrated with continuous mode limiting amplifier and Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) designed for PON ONU/ONT applications up to 12.5Gb/s. The M02180 laser driver can be configured in three selectable modes of operation.

26th March 2015
Linear modulator driver targets 400G long haul applications

M/A-COM Technology Solutions has announced a wideband quad channel linear modulator driver with 46Gbaud capability to support 200G and 400G ultra-long haul applications. The MAOM-003418 enables system designers to address the growing demand for higher data rates and greater bandwidth in the long haul network.

25th March 2015
VCSEL driver & TIA/Limiting amplifier suit 100G applications

A four-channel 25.78G/28.05G VCSEL driver and a TIA/Limiting amplifier have been introduced by M/A-COM Technology Solutions. Both the MALD-37045 driver and the MATA-37044 amplifier feature integrated Clock Data Recovery (CDR) functionality for use as a complete transmit and receive solution for optical modules and on-board optical engines.

25th March 2015
'Industry’s first' linear EML driver for 400Gb/s applications

M/A-COM Technology Solutions has announced the newest additions to its portfolio of drivers for 100Gb/s and beyond Ethernet applications. The MAOM-003115 is a very compact and high bandwidth linear EML driver which can deliver up to 2Vpp single-ended output. This surface mount device offers variable gain control and excellent linearity over the operating range.

Events News
24th March 2015
400G transceiver demonstrated at OFC

M/A-COM has announced it will collaborate with Kaiam to showcase a 400G demonstration at the Optical Fibre Conference (OFC) in Los Angeles, 24th to 26th March 2015. MACOM is consolidating the high speed semiconductor content in 100G/400G transceivers, optimising chips to provide differentiated performance, power, size and cost benefits.

19th March 2015
High gain, ruggedness feature in power transistor

A 650 W gallium nitride (GaN) on silicon carbide (SiC) HEMT pulsed power transistor for L-band pulsed avionics applications has been introduced by MACOM. This transistor is available in standard flange or earless flange packaging.  The MAGX-000912-650L00/MAGX-000912-650L0S is a gold metallised, internally matched, GaN on SiC depletion mode RF power transistor.

11th March 2015
CATV amplifiers are DOCSIS 3.1 compliant

  Designed for compliance with the DOCSIS 3.1 standard for high-bandwidth data transfer over existing HFC infrastructure, a range of CATV amplifiers have been released by M/A-COM Technology Solutions.

16th January 2015
Amplifier provides more than 27dBm Pout/tone

Suitable for Ka-band high data density satellite communications, the MAAP-011139 power amplifier has been released by M/A-COM Technology Solutions. Offered in both bare die format and a 5x5mm 32-lead QFN package, the device delivers 24dB of linear gain, 4W of saturated output power and 23% efficiency. 

14th January 2015
Pulsed amplifier suits air traffic control & radar

  Designed for civil air traffic control and weather radar applications, M/A-COM Technology Solutions has introduced a high power pulsed amplifier. The S-band device operates from 2.7 to 3GHz and features 7W of pulsed power and 23dB small signal gain in a 6mm PQFN 28-lead SMT package.

7th January 2015
Passive components target DOCSIS 3.1 CATV

A portfolio of passive components designed for DOCSIS 3.1 CATV (Complaint Cable TV) and broadband Internet systems has been released by M/A-COM Technology Solutions Holdings (MACOM). According to the company, this is the industry’s broadest portfolio of passives specifically designed to comply with the DOCSIS 3.1 standard for high-bandwidth data transfer over existing hybrid fibre-coaxial infrastructure. 

5th January 2015
MACOM completes acquisition of BinOptics

M/A-COM Technology Solutions has successfully completed the acquisition of BinOptics, a provider of indium phosphide lasers for data centres, mobile backhaul, silicon photonics and access networks.

10th December 2014
200W PIN diode switches suit land mobile radio applications

Claimed to provide industry leading linearity in a common anode configuration, M/A-COM Technology Solutions has introduced the MASW-011040 and MASW-011041 high power PIN diode switches. The devices operate over the 50MHz to 1GHz frequency range and target military and civilian customers who require higher CW and pulsed power operation for land mobile radio applications.

21st November 2014
FPGAs interact with chipset to support ultra-HD

M/A-COM Technology has announced that Altera’s Stratix V FPGAs are interoperable with MACOM’s 12G-SDI chipset, enabling systems designers to create offerings that support 4k60p video. The solution supports the proposed SMTPE 12G-SDI standard for increasing video throughput by a factor of four over previous connectivity standards, and enables processing on a single card.

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