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19th January 2024
Luso partners with AMETEK IntelliPower

Luso Electronics has announced a new partnership agreement with AMETEK IntelliPower to support their wide range of rugged UPS power protection solutions which serve a wide range of defence and industrial applications.

8th May 2023
Compact 180W power supply delivers full power with no fan

The XL180 is one of the smallest 180W power supplies on the market, in a 2 x 3” footprint, yet despite its small size, the full 180W output power is delivered with convection cooling only so there is no need for a fan to achieve full power with these units.

22nd February 2023
RCD modules for wallbox and totem EV chargers

EEMPL has released its latest product series of high-quality residual current detection (RCD) magnetic modules.

3rd February 2023
Compact half-rack mil grade UPS system offers a lightweight solution

The PG-3000-UPS -HR adds to the Powergrid range of Mil grade UPS products from AJ’s Power Source available via Luso Electronics.

News & Analysis
9th January 2023
USB-C connectors available in horizontal and vertical formats

Elec & Eltek have announced a small range of standard USB -C connectors.

16th December 2022
Din Rail Mounted battery chargers for Industrial DC Backup systems

Sampling now via Luso, are the BC1-1210 and BC2-2410 compact din rail mounted battery chargers.

19th August 2022
Delta launch 320 W panel mount power supply

Delta expands its panel mount power supply PMR series, launching the 320 W model for household appliance applications.

13th July 2022
94% efficient power supply offers 340W without forced air cooling

The DDP460 series of industrial and LED lighting grade AC/DC power supplies with their compact form factor and high efficiency, provide up to 460W of regulated DC power in a 3.0″ x 5.0″ footprint. The open frame compact package facilitates system integration and thermal management in space constrained and closed environments, thanks also to its 94% high efficiency which generates less heat.

17th June 2022
Compact convection cooled medical PSU range

Delta expands its MEP Series of open frame convection cooled medical power supplies with the launch of the new 120 W output model – MEP-120A.

26th May 2022
1.5kW PSU offers programmable flexibility

For many applications, design engineers are increasing their demand for the power sources that can offer both CC and CV operation along with programmability, flexibility and user configurability.

29th March 2022
20W DC/DC in compact 1″ square package

The RCD20U is a DC/DC converter series that provides high performance and high reliability for railway and industrial applications. It comes in a compact 1"x1" industrial standard package and delivers up to 20W output power.

8th July 2021
Rack mounted Mil Grade power supplies deliver up to 10kW

Now available from AJ Power, the Mil-PWR series is a customer configurable military rack mounted ruggedised AC to DC Converter. Available in either 1U, 2U or 3U 19″ rack formats with up to 4 outputs. 

10th June 2021
Compact medical power supply offers 450W without fans

The new MEU-650A24T from Delta Electronics supplies 24V in a very small 4x6" form factor, providing up to 650 W with forced air cooling or 450W when convection cooled. This 95.5% efficiency power supply is suitable for BF type medical equipment and general IT equipment.

18th May 2021
Lightweight mil grade UPS system for portable deployment

The Powergrid Half Rack Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) are designed to meet the emerging requirements for small, highly portable application-based systems that require significant reductions in size, weight, and power (SWAP) to enhance their portability.

6th April 2021
3kW unit for MEG-A configurable series of power supplies

Delta Electronics have announced that they have now added a 3000W output power supply to their MEG-A Configurable Series. The MEG-3K0A9 has nine module slots, its supplied in a 7x10x1.59” package with a total output of 3000W and up to 18 different isolated outputs. Each individual output can be configured between 2Vdc to 60Vdc, with an output current up to 45A for the single slot single output modules, this rises to 100A using a t...

22nd March 2021
DC/DC converters for applications in harsh conditions

The E35SE series of isolated 150W 1/8 brick DC/DC converters are available in an open frame or enclosed potted case offers a nine to 60V input range with single voltage outputs of five, 12, 24 and 48V in an industry standard footprint.

26th November 2020
Sockets fit industry standard DC/DC converter footprints

It has been announced that Andon Electronics offer a range of sockets to fit industry standard DC/DC converter footprints in half-brick, quarter brick, eighth brick and sixteenth brick formats. These high reliability sockets, utilising Andon’s proprietary contacts are available on short lead-times.

16th November 2020
Compact 5kV DC/DC’s for instrumentation applications

The UMHV Series from HVM Technology is a family of ultra-miniature single-output DC to DC converters supplying up to 5kV in a compact ½ inch square footprint. They are suited for applications requiring small size and ease of use, such as instrumentation applications.

26th October 2020
150W quarter brick module EN50155 rail DC/DC converters

Delta Electronics have announced the availability of the Q80SV family of 150W ¼ brick EN50155 approved DC/DC converters, for rail applications. These increase the range and versatility of their rail products. With a wide input range of 14.4 to 170V, the Q80SV units offer single output variants of 5V, 12, 15,24 and 54V to cover many rail requirements.

13th August 2020
Delta T31SN DC/DC family in compact 1/32 brick format

It has been announced that the T31SN series of 1/32 Brick, 9 to 53V input, single output, non-isolated DC/DC converters, are the latest offering from Delta Electronics.

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