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13th August 2020
Delta T31SN DC/DC family in compact 1/32 brick format

It has been announced that the T31SN series of 1/32 Brick, 9 to 53V input, single output, non-isolated DC/DC converters, are the latest offering from Delta Electronics.

27th July 2020
Extended temp range LAN transformer for industrial IoT

Specifically for IIoT applications Elec&Eltek Magnetic Products have announced the availability of their range of extended temp range 1000Base-T, PoE, LAN transformer. The upper operating temp of these parts is +155°C. They are supplied in a compact 24pin package. The A20-00024F is likely to be the first in a series of parts

17th July 2020
Dual and triple output AC/DC supplies reduce components

Recently introduced by P-Duke these 40W and 65W dual and triple output AC/DC units, designed for both industrial and medical applications; are available in three differing footprint formats, Open Frame, U Chassis and fully enclosed.

3rd July 2020
Multi output power supplies reduce application cost

Now available from Luso are a range of multi output power supplies from N2Power. These are part of its new robustly designed XR series of 3x5” footprint 1U high power supplies. The units are available in 125W and 160W formats and also in their XR ATX family, the latter add a 1A 5V standby voltage.

12th June 2020
Modular magnetics for EV wallbox and totem chargers

Electric vehicles (EV) being powered by high-voltage batteries incorporate an associated on-board charging system. This on-board charger (OBC) provides the means to re-charge the battery from the AC mains either at home or from outlets to be increasingly found in private or public charging stations. Modular magnetics for EV wallbox and totem chargers can help.

8th June 2020
Delta compact 24V 600W PSU adds remote sense controls

It has been announced that Delta’s latest 24V 600W power supply is now 20% smaller. As part of their PMC Series of panel mount power supplies, the PMC-24V600W1RW/1SW compact 24V 600W PSU provides has with high efficiency > 92% @ 230Vac. Leakage current has been reduced to less than 0.75mA, whilst maintaining Power Factor levels up to 0.99.

26th May 2020
Increased range of EN50155 approved rail DC/DC converters

P-Duke increase their range of EN50155 approved railway DC/DC converters with the RED40, 40W series. This series is supplied in a compact industry standard two by one inch package with a 4:1 wide input range and is typically suitable for many on board applications.

13th May 2020
Cotek CT-211 enables three stage battery charging

The Cotek CT-211 ‘Easy Charger Wizard’ is a flexible add on item, which enables you to create a three stage battery charger; which can easily deal with all frequently used battery types and different battery voltages, 12, 24 and 48V.

16th March 2020
Low power AC/DC modules with household approvals

The L4A series of low power AC/DC modules is sampling now. These compact universal input modules (90-264V AC) are available in four families, ranging from one to 10W. Offering fixed output voltages of 3.3, 5, 12 or 24V they are packaged in an encapsulated case and offer high efficiencies of around 80%four

19th February 2020
Medical grade adaptor range increases power to 300W

Luso has announced that the ATM Series of Desktop Medical grade adaptors increased their available power range. This versatile range of desktop medical grade adaptors has added a higher power 300W unit to the family.

9th January 2020
Ultra-wide input range DC/DC converter for rail applications

P-DUKE have announced their QAE100U family which expands its existing QAE series of rail DC/DC converters to 100 watts of output power. Other parts in the series offer 40 and 60W variants. The letter ‘U’ in the series name denotes its ultra-wide input range. There are versions offering an input range of 8:1 of nine to 75Vdc and 12:1 of 14 to 160Vdc.

2nd January 2020
High voltage mini DC/DC for biomedical and analytical applications

The RK Series is the latest member of Luso Electronics' mini high voltage DC to DC converter families. It is easy to use and requires no external components, which saves space. It offers outstanding load and line regulation, with its low quiescent current and factory installed copper adhesive shield, Luso have made doubly sure that operating noise is reduced to a minimum. 

15th October 2019
Configurable ruggedised power for flexibility in harsh conditions

The XF range of power supplies are designed to meet the demands of harsh operating environments. Ruggedised to withstand extremes in shock and vibration and is certified to Mil-STD 810G, Integrity Test for Shock and Vibration, and are well suited for use in applications subject to extremes in temperature.

30th September 2019
Medical grade DC/DC modules with wide input range

The MPM range of medical grade DC/DC modules enable flexibility in design as based on same compact 1.6x1” footprint and offer a wide 2:1 or 4:1 input voltage range with a multitude of choice on output voltages. Both the 15W and 20W series offer single output variants in five, 12, 15 and 24V. There are dual +/- output versions in +/-5V, +/- 12V and +/-15V.

19th August 2019
AC/DC PSU for lighting applications has all latest approvals

Delta Electronics’ latest series of open frame power supplies, the PJL Series, is specifically targeted for lighting applications. The series comprises two models both with 48V constant voltage in a 200W (PJL-48V200WBAA) or 400W (PJL-48V400WBAA) output power version. Complete with built-in active PFC the highly efficient fan cooled or convection cooled design has optimised thermal management for high power efficiency.

12th August 2019
Newly available 3D coils for automotive actuators

Actuators are now an essential part of electronic control systems in passenger cars and commercial vehicles. It is their job to convert the electrical signals from the control unit into an action. Most actuators are electric motors or electro-magnetic valves. They adjust flaps, for example, regulate the flow of fluids or actuate pumps to build up pressure (such as in brake and steering systems).

6th August 2019
Configurable PSU for industrial robotic applications

Efore’s RCB600 is well suited for many industrial applications that require multiple voltage power inputs such as industrial robots or instrumentation. The RCB600 is a modular, configurable multi-output power solution offering unrivalled performance and flexibility. 

14th June 2019
Ethernet transformers added to automotive magnetic range

  Elec&Eltek Magnetic Products (EEMPL) have released its first two Ethernet transformers specifically for automotive applications. The A24V00009F (100Base-T) and A24V00010F (1000Base-T) both meet the AEC-Q200 requirements and are made in their own IATF16949 factory.

3rd May 2019
High power half brick rail DC/DC solutions

The HAE Series of rail approved DC/DC solutions from Luso Electronics offer a wide input range and cover power requirements from 75 to 225W. The four Models, HAE75, HAE100, HAE150 and HAE200 each have three variants covering 4:1 input range of nine to 36V, 18 to 75V and 43 to 160V. Each offers an output voltage of 3.3, 5, 12, 24, 28 or 48V. All models are compliant to the EN50155 and EN45545-2 railway standards.

30th April 2019
Medical grade DC/DC converters for low power applications

It has been announced that Luso is introducing the MPS/MPH range of two and four watt medical grade DC/DC converters from P-Duke; they offer two MOPP and Isolation Voltages of 5KV AC. Packaged in 16PinDIP and SMD packages 0.95x0.57x0.40” these IEC 60601-1 approved modules offer a 2:1 input power range over a range of input voltages from 4.5 to 75V.

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