Sockets fit industry standard DC/DC converter footprints

26th November 2020
Alex Lynn

It has been announced that Andon Electronics offer a range of sockets to fit industry standard DC/DC converter footprints in half-brick, quarter brick, eighth brick and sixteenth brick formats. These high reliability sockets, utilising Andon’s proprietary contacts are available on short lead-times.

These short lead times enable a reduction in time to market as PCB’s can be manufactured quickly with the components added later as required or as they become available.

The sockets are available in thru-hole, surface mount and low-profile versions. Utilising these sockets also offers many other positive benefits.

What are the advantages of using Andon Sockets?

  • Reduction in device damage from exposure to high temp solder, ESD, and cleaning solutions
  • Reduction in solder joint cracking and associated intermittency
  • Removal of the labour costs and PC board damage associated with de-soldering a faulty device
  • Stop holding up PCB assembly until the devices arrive, build your pcbs then add the expensive components later as required, improving cashflow.
  • Reduce damage caused by excessive heat and noise.

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