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5th June 2018
Fluxgate-based current sensors for high accuracy measurement

LEM has expanded its range of high accuracy transducers with the new IN 1000-S for non-intrusive and isolated measurement of DC, AC and pulsed nominal current of 1000 A. LEM already launched a 2000 A model last year as first model of this range reinventing the fluxgate technology.

20th March 2018
Next-gen transducers achieve offset drift down to 3ppm/°C

  The latest closed-loop Hall effect current transducers introduced by LEM deliver the added performance of fluxgate transducers without the added cost.

12th February 2018
The ART of keeping utilities reliable and efficient

  New line current sensors allow utilities to monitor their overhead distribution lines to maximise their capacity and prevent clearance violations, explains Patrick Schuler, LEM  

16th May 2017
Surface mount isolated current transducers have an integrated current conductor

PCIM Europe 2017: LEM introduces the GO series, expanding its miniature, IC transducers range for AC and DC isolated current measurement up to 300kHz.

5th May 2017
How fluxgate technology drives innovation

The use of fluxgate technology in transducers for precise current measurement is well-known. Now, technology innovations take fluxgate current transducers to previously unattainable performance levels, says LEM Europe LEM Europe at PCIM Europe 2017: Stand 9-204

9th February 2017
Thin and flexible coils look to empower smart cities

LEM has upgraded its 'ART' Rogowski current sensor so that it measures current of up to 10,000A AC and beyond with class accuracy 0.5. The ART achieves IEC 61869 Class 0.5 accuracy without the need for additional components like resistors or potentiometers, which can drift over time. 

Test & Measurement
21st September 2016
Compact transducer with new improved accuracy

Designed for insulated nominal voltage measurements in traction applications is the DVM series from LEM. This family of devices spans the range from 600-4200 VRMS and incorporates LEM’s proven and patented insulating technology. Despite achieving very high levels of isolation with a safety insulation voltage of 12kV, the DVM transducer is compact, measuring only 138x63.4x69mm.

2nd August 2016
Isolated current transducers integrate current conductor

Designed for AC and DC isolated current measurement up to 100KHz, the GHS series of miniature, IC transducers has been announced by LEM. These components offer full isolation despite their small size, integrating the primary conductor for nominal current measurements of 10, 12, 16 or 20A with a measurement span of 2.5 times the nominal current, they are also able to support high overload currents up to 200A peak for short durations (1ms).

13th May 2016
Current sensors use Rogowski coils to measure 10,000A AC for smart cities

Split-core current transformers and split core, thin, light flexible Rogowski coils for smart grid applications, such as power generators, home energy management, battery monitoring systems, medium voltage/low voltage sub-stations, sub-metering, EV stations and solar power plants.

10th May 2016
Digital output added to open-loop Hall effect transducers

Digital output versions of HO and HLSR open-loop Hall effect current transducers with analogue to digital (A/D) conversion performed by an on-board sigma-delta modulator, giving a 1-bit serial bitstream output have been launched by LEM. These new components for nominal current measurements of 10, 32, 50, 80, 100, 120, 150, 200, 250 ARMS in 3 different mechanical designs (PCB and panel mounting) provide up to 12 bit resolution with 20kHz bandwidth...

10th May 2016
Current transducers measure 25 to 100A DC, AC or pulsed

Able to be mounted on PCBs or non-intrusive, isolated measurements of DC, AC and pulsed currents from 25 to 100A nominal, LEM has unveiled the LH transducer family. The LH 50-P and LH 100-P are designed for 50 and 100A nominal, respectively, while the LH 25-NP is a multi-range model that can be configured for 8, 12 or 25A, providing the equivalent of three transducers in one device.

22nd May 2015
Transducers isolate nominal measurements

LEM has extended its range of high-accuracy current transducers, announcing the series of IT xx5 transducers for non-intrusive and isolated nominal measurements of DC, AC and pulsed currents from 60 to 600A. The new range includes four models: IT 65-S, IT 205-S, IT 405-S and IT 605-S.

6th May 2015
ASIC design improves transducer performance

  An ASIC with on-chip Hall sensing elements improves the offset and offset drift compared to former circuits improves the performance of closed-loop current transducers. Fabrice Salvi, LEM, explains.

27th October 2014
Transducers use ASIC based on Hall effect technology

Designed for non-intrusive and isolated nominal measurements of DC, AC and pulsed currents from 100 to 2000A, four series of transducers have been released by LEM. The company have developed a way in which to make Hall effect technology realise the performance achieved by fluxgate technology, resulting in an ASIC based on Hall effect technology for use in closed loop mode. 

Events News
13th August 2014
LEM exhibit traction products at Innotrans 2014

At Innotrans 2014, 23rd to 26th September in Berlin, LEM will exhibit its latest range of traction products. Used by the rail industry for on-board energy measurement, propulsion and auxiliary inverter control, track asset monitoring and improving maintenance infrastructures, LEM will display traction solutions including the EM4TII Energy Meter.

Tech Videos
7th August 2014
LEM company overview

LEM provides innovative and high quality solutions for measuring electrical parameters for a broad range of applications in drives & welding, renewable energies & power supplies, traction, high precision, conventional and green cars businesses.

21st May 2014
ASIC-based current transducers extend range to 250A

PCIM 2014: Three HO series open-loop, Hall-effect ASIC-based current transducers have been released by LEM. They have a wide operating range of -40 to +105̊C. Stéphane Rollier says that the transducers are the only ones in the industry to offer over-current protection. The versatile devices offer a range of mounting options, PCB, panel or bus bar, and exploiting the aperture which measures 15 x 8mm, for cables and clamps.

Test & Measurement
7th April 2014
8x8mm aperture extends transducer options

LEM has added three new members to its HO series of PCB-through-hole mounting current transducers, which provide an aperture of 8 x 8 mm to carry the primary conductor under measurement, extending the options for this form-factor. The new models, for 6, 10 or 25 A nominal measurements of DC, AC, and pulsed signals benefit from the revised LEM Open-loop Hall-effect ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) introduced several months ago with t...

Test & Measurement
30th May 2013
Making Sense Of Current Sensing

New technology provides high accuracy current measurement solutions for automotive applications. Ramon Portas, European Automotive Sales Manager at LEM, & Gauthier Plagne, Automotive Program Manager at LEM, explore automotive current measurement solutions in this article from ES Design magazine.

17th April 2013
LEM Announce Participation At PCIM Europe 2013

LEM will be exhibiting at PCIM 2013 in Nuremberg this year, the international conference and exhibition for power electronics and intelligent motion. On show will be their range of current and voltage transducers that are used in a broad variety of applications in drives & welding, renewable energy & power supplies, traction, high-precision, energy solutions, conventional and green cars.

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