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23rd January 2013
LEM Adds High-Accuracy 130A And 150A Current Transducers To PCB-Mount Range

LEM has introduced the LA 130-150 series of current transducers for use in motor drives, inverters, power supplies and general industrial applications. These printed-circuit board mounted devices share a common, compact case outline, and are available to measure nominal full-scale currents of 130 and 150 ARMS. Thanks to the application of LEM's established expertise in Closed-Loop Hall Effect transducer technology, the LA 130-150 series offers hi...

8th November 2012
Michel Ghilardi and Stéphane Rollier of LEM explore Class R Transducer for Trains

Transducers that are capable of measuring thousands of Amps with Class accuracy R help keep the trains running across country borders. By Michel Ghilardi, R&D Project Manager for LEM, and Stéphane Rollier, Product & MarCom manager at LEM.

24th September 2012
LEM introduces the DVL series of compact, power saving voltage transducers for the traction market

LEM introduces the DVL series for insulated nominal voltage measurements in traction applications. This family of devices spans the range from 50-2000 VRMS and incorporates LEM’s proven and patented insulating technology. Despite achieving very high levels of isolation with a safety insulation voltage of 8.5 kV, the DVL transducer is compact, measuring only 137.8 x 63 x 64.3 mm. It is fully compatible with previous generations of transducers ...

31st July 2012
LEM brings high-accuracy current measurement to electric vehicle battery packs

Transducer specialist LEM announces the CAB high-accuracy current transducer that enables makers of battery packs for Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) to achieve a new level of precision when measuring current flow into and out of the battery. Car makers need this data to maximise the range of the vehicle, to keep the battery in good condition, and to enable use of the optimum size of battery pack.**

Test & Measurement
9th May 2012
LEM's new user-programmable HO current transducers

LEM announces the HO series of current transducers, setting a new standard of performance, programmability and ease-of-use for designers of the latest generation of motor drives and inverters. The HO series of open-loop ASIC based current transducers deliver better performance in areas such as thermal drift, response time, power supply and noise driven by technology advances in power electronics applications.

9th February 2012
LEM lance la gamme de capteurs ITZ pour la mesure ultra précise de courants allant jusqu’à 24 kA

LEM a lancé la série de capteurs ITZ avec isolation galvanique pour la mesure ultra précise de courants alternatifs, continus et pulsés pour les applications industrielles et en laboratoire.

Test & Measurement
1st February 2012
LEM announces ITZ transducer series of ultra-accurate current measurement up to 24 kA

LEM has introduced the ITZ series of transducers for galvanically-isolated, ultra-accurate precision DC, AC and pulsed current measurements in industrial and laboratory applications. The high-accuracy product range comprises a series of transducers for nominal current measurements from 600 A to 24 kA, that provide overall accuracies at ambient temperature (25°C) of only a few ppm (parts per million: 1 ppm = 0.0001%).

18th May 2011
LEM’s CTSR current transducers combine safety and high performance in solar installations

LEM has introduced the CTSR family of current transducers for use in a range of safety-critical applications including solar installations.

30th March 2011
LEM announces Sentinel 3+ battery monitoring transducer upgrade for latest UPS designs

LEM has announced the introduction of Sentinel 3+, the latest generation of the proven Sentinel product that continuously monitors the state of health of batteries in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems.

19th October 2010
LEM introduces a shunt isolator to meet prEN 50463 standard in traction applications

LEM introduces the DI series/Shunt isolator to enable high-accuracy current measurements in rail traction applications. DI Series transducers measure to a high degree of precision the very small voltages developed across low-resistance ohmic shunts in the primary power conductors feeding rail traction motors, spanning ranges of 30 to 200 mVRMS.

21st September 2010
New transducers from LEM measure traction energy with unprecedented accuracy

New standards in Rail Traction are preparing the sector for more widespread trans-European, cross-border train operation, imposing stringent requirements in energy monitoring. Anticipating these new demands, transducer specialist LEM has created a measurement technology that enables unprecedented levels of accuracy in on-board monitoring of train power consumption.

2nd June 2010
LEM announces appointment of new CEO

François Gabella has been appointed the new CEO of LEM Holding SA. He will take over from Paul Van Iseghem who will retire by the end of this year.

5th May 2010
900A current transducer from LEM sets new benchmark for accuracy and drift

LEM has introduced its new high accuracy ITL 900 current transducer for precise measurement of DC, AC and pulsed currents up to ±900A. The ITL 900 is the highest accuracy current transducer available on the market today, allowing more precise measurement and control of currents in wide range of industrial, medical and instrumentation applications.

24th November 2009
LEM Announces Portfolio of Battery Monitoring Components

LEM S.A has announced Sentinel III; an advanced, set of components for a battery monitoring solution that addresses the needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and battery providers, as well as Value-Added Resellers (VARs) and Systems Integrators. Sentinel III components are used to create a simple to install and intuitive solution for continuous battery monitoring within mission critical installa...

14th October 2009
LEM sets new benchmark for accuracy in Rogowski coil sensors

LEM has announced the introduction of the first AC current sensors family of components based on patent-pending Perfect Loop Technology. After calibration, the new RT series achieves absolute accuracy of better than 0.65% - including the position error - making them the first split-core Rogowski coils to be suitable for use in Class 1 power devices.

2nd October 2009
LEM continues investment programme with new state-of-the-art manufacturing site in Beijing, and celebrates 20 years in China

LEM, the market leader in providing innovative and high quality solutions for measuring electrical parameters, continues its worldwide investment programme by opening a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing site and offices at Linhe Industrial Zone in Shunyi, Beijing.

3rd August 2009
LEM announces the acquisition of Danfysik ACP A/S

LEM has announced the acquisition of the Danish company Danfysik ACP A/S. The deal is a strategic bolt-on acquisition in order to strengthen the position of the LEM Group in the field of very high precision current measurements.

Test & Measurement
14th July 2009
LEM - 2nd generation Wi-LEM wireless sub-metering components

LEM has extended its Wi-LEM (Wireless Local Energy Meter) family to allow the remote measurement and monitoring of electricity, water and other metered utilities as well as temperature and humidity. It allows industrial and commercial enterprises to break down energy and water usage and identify areas of efficiency improvement. All the new Wi-LEM components feature a ten-fold increase of RF power from 1mW to 10mW, increasing the distance between ...

Test & Measurement
2nd June 2009
LEM introduces triple current measurement in single housing

LEM has introduced the HTT series of PCB-mounting current transducers to provide the facility to measure three currents with a single PCB-mounted unit. The new transducers, with maximum measurement currents ranging from 25 to 150 ARMS, allow three-phase currents to be monitored independently by a unit occupying a mounting area of only 16.8 cm2 and with a height of only 29 mm.

12th May 2009
Current transducer accurately measures up to 4000A

LEM has introduced the ITL 4000-S current transducer for non-invasive measurement of currents up to 4000ARMS in conductors of up to 268mm diameter. The new transducer allows the isolated measurement of AC, DC and pulsed currents, up to three times the nominal value for peak measurement at frequencies up to 50kHz (+/-1dB).

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