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4th February 2009
LEM uses Fluxgate technology to reduce current transducer size by 30 percent

LEM has introduced several ranges of PCB-mounted current transducers housed in a package 30 percent smaller than the company’s LTS devices. The CAS, CASR and CKSR family of transducers are intended for AC and DC isolated current measurement from 6 to 50ARMS nominal, up to 3 times the nominal values for the peak measurement and up to 300kHz (+/-3dB).

24th September 2008
DC Class 1 accuracy DV voltage transducer from LEM

LEM introduces the DV series voltage transducer for insulated voltage measurements from 1200-4200 VRMS. Featuring LEM’s patented insulating technology, the DV transducer is significantly smaller than any equivalent product on the market today, measuring only 134 x 54.22 x 147.25mm.

27th May 2008
Automotive battery monitoring transducers from LEM said to offer improved resolution and offset errors

LEM has introduced the HAB xx-S family of current transducers for automotive battery-monitoring applications. These transducers have been designed to measure DC, AC, or pulsed currents up to ±100A. A new Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) incorporated into the units offers resolution 2.5 times better than previous models and a two-fold improvement in offset error, coupled with a significant reduction in price.

Test & Measurement
31st January 2008
+5V current transducers with unit offering current output

LEM has added to its LTS range of current transducers designed to operate from a single +5V power supply. The LTSP model measures positive and negative AC, DC and pulse currents on printed circuit boards and provides a current output instead of the voltage output provided by the other units in the family. This allows the LTSP to detect currents up to at least 14 times the nominal current.

Test & Measurement
5th December 2007
DC current transducers for bipolar measurement of high DC currents

Complementing LEM’s range of products for advanced battery management applications, the DH family of DC current transducers offers precise measurement of bipolar currents up to 2000A. Measuring only 174 x 86 x 54.1 mm, these compact split-core transducers combine Hall-effect technology and signal conditioning in a single housing with a large rectangular sensing aperture for non-contact measurement (supporting up to 104 x 40 mm busbars or 40 m...

24th July 2007
LEM makes new appointment for its Battery Monitoring Division

LEM SA, the world’s leading manufacturer of isolated current and voltage measurement components, has appointed Alan Denny as the new Business Development Manager for its Battery Monitoring Division.

24th May 2007
Isolated surface-mount current transducer family

LEM has extended its range of current transducer families designed to operate from a single +5V power supply with the introduction of the HMS model. The new unit measures only 16 (L) x 13.5 (W) x 12 (H) mm and integrates a primary conductor. It is directly surface-mounted onto a printed circuit board, reducing manufacturing costs.

20th March 2007
Compact panel-mounted current transducers

LEM has added the HASS series to its range of current transducer families designed to operate from a single +5V power supply. The seven units offer maximum current measurements from 50 to 600ARMS, and share the same mechanical design, measuring only 40 x 30 x 32.5mm with a 20.4 x 10.4mm aperture for the primary conductor. The transducers weigh only 55g, an important feature for panel-mounting applications.

1st March 2007
Transducer measures currents up to 350ARMS

LEM has introduced the LAC 300-S, a panel-mounted current transducer for the measurement of currents up to 350ARMS. This new closed-loop Hall-effect transducer has been designed for use in railway applications such as propulsion inverters.

20th February 2007
LEM introduces compact, high performance current transducer for 400ARMS

LEM has introduced the LA 306-S, a panel-mounted current transducer for the measurement of currents up to 400 ARMS (@ +70°C) or 300 ARMS (@ +85°C). The unit offers the high performance of a closed-loop current transducer at a very competitive price.

13th February 2007
IC transducer for AC and DC isolated current measurement to 100 KHz

LEM has introduced Minisens, a miniature, IC transducer for AC and DC isolated current measurement up to 100 KHz. This new component offers full isolation (no optocouplers required) and high sensitivity (from 20 mV to 200 mV per Amp of primary current) with no insertion losses. It is mounted directly onto a PCB as an SMD device, reducing manufacturing cost.

Test & Measurement
22nd December 2006
LEM introduces family of current sensors for automotive battery-monitoring applications

LEM has introduced the for automotive battery-monitoring applications. The 12 sensors in the family offer primary current measurement ranges from ±20 to ±120A, a high accuracy of ±2 per cent across the operating temperature range of -40 to +125˚C and a choice of voltage or PWM outputs.

15th December 2006
LEM introduces high-performance split-core current transformers for energy-efficiency and active power monitoring

LEM has introduced the TT series of compact split-core AC current transformers. These new devices feature an innovative type of core material, enabling this technology to be the first to offer high performance coupled with an attractive price. The core material used in the transformers is a new type of ferrite with improved magnetic permeability, allowing the accurate measurement of AC signals in a extended frequency range that includes 50/60Hz. ...

21st September 2006
Compact split-core transducers for AC current measurement

LEM has introduced the AT series of AC current transducers which use innovative core material which enable split-core current transformer technology to reach new levels of performance for this category of products.

Test & Measurement
19th July 2006
Dual-range, non-intrusive current sensors

LEM has introduced a series of dual-range, automotive-qualified sensors for accurate, wide-range current measurements in vehicle battery monitoring applications. The 25 models in the DHAB range are said to be the first in the industry to offer non-intrusive, galvanically-isolated solutions in this application.

21st June 2006
Low-profile PCB-mounting transducer measures up to 100A

LEM has introduced the LAX 100-NP, a miniaturised PCB-mounting transducer for the measurement of currents up to 100ARMS. This new Closed Loop Hall-effect sensor can be configured, by means of the primary connections on the PCB, to measure currents up to 16.67, 25, 33.33, 50 or 100ARMS. Its design simplifies integration with power modules in drive and inverter designs.

16th May 2006
Compact split-core transducers are suitable for AC and DC primary currents up to 2000A

LEM has introduced the AHR series of AC and DC current transducers that offer precise measurement of nominal currents up to 2000A true RMS, extending the existing family that ranges from 100A to 1000A. These split-core transducers combine Hall-effect technology and signal conditioning in a compact case which is said to offer substantial savings in size (more than 50% compared to existing current transformers). They measure only 174 x 86 x 54.1 mm...

16th May 2006
Sensor Monitors Standby Batteries

LEM's Sentinel battery monitoring sensor is designed for monitoring standby batteries. The sensor measures voltage and impedance per cell, and offers the ability to monitor internal temperature of individual cells.

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