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Dual-range, non-intrusive current sensors

19th July 2006
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LEM has introduced a series of dual-range, automotive-qualified sensors for accurate, wide-range current measurements in vehicle battery monitoring applications. The 25 models in the DHAB range are said to be the first in the industry to offer non-intrusive, galvanically-isolated solutions in this application.
A DHAB Hall-effect sensor is fixed onto the battery cable of a car. Its two cores allow it to be used for two separate current ranges – one between ±20 and ±80A and the other between ±50 and ±600A. This enables full-range current measurements to be made in combination with highly-accurate measurements at lower currents.

The sealed housing of the DHAB sensors means that no potting is required. Panel and cable-mount versions are available to offer maximum mounting versatility. The sensors meet all relevant standards, including ISO-TS and RoHS.

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