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Lattice Semiconductor (NASDAQ: LSCC) is the global leader in smart connectivity solutions, providing market leading intellectual property and low-power, small form-factor devices that enable more than 8,000 global customers to quickly deliver innovative and differentiated cost and power efficient products.

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17th December 2019
FPGA platform enables low power edge applications

Lattice Semiconductor has announced its new low power FPGA platform, Lattice Nexus. The platform is architected to deliver power-efficient performance that will benefit developers of a wide range of applications, including AI for IoT, video, hardware security, embedded vision, 5G infrastructure and industrial/automotive automation.

16th December 2019
Solutions stack extends ultra low-power AI at the edge

Lattice Semiconductor has announced availability of performance enhancements and new and improved application reference designs for its award-winning sensAI solutions stack. sensAI helps OEMs develop AI and ML experiences for next-generation smart devices with power consumption measured in milliwatts.

13th December 2019
FPGAs bring power edge AI applications

Lattice Semiconductor has announced an FPGA developed on its new Lattice Nexus FPGA platform, CrossLink-NX. This new FPGA provides the low power, small form factor, reliability, and performance that developers need to create innovative embedded vision and AI solutions for communications, compute, industrial, automotive, and consumer systems.

11th December 2019
Accelerating FPGA design with new software

Lattice Semiconductor has announced the availability of the latest version of its popular software design tool for FPGAs, Lattice Radiant 2.0. In addition to adding support for higher density devices like the new CrossLink-NX FPGA family, the updated design tool also offers new features that make it faster and easier than ever to develop Lattice FPGA-based designs.

10th October 2019
FPGAs enhance video bridging for MIPI-based embedded vision systems

Lattice Semiconductor has introduced the CrossLinkPlus FPGA family for MIPI D-PHY based embedded vision systems. CrossLinkPlus devices are innovative, low power FPGAs featuring integrated flash memory, a hardened MIPI D-PHY and high-speed I/Os for instant-on panel display performance, and flexible on-device programming capabilities.

23rd July 2019
Flexible connectivity for industrial vision applications

Lattice Semiconductor has announced the availability of the latest in a series of new reference designs featuring the Lattice CrossLink FPGA for video bridging applications. The SubLVDS to MIPI CSI-2 Image Sensor Bridge reference design provides industrial device customers with a flexible, solution for connecting advanced application processors (APs) with image sensors currently used in machine vision applications for industrial environments.

20th June 2019
ECP FPGA family for video capture devices

Lattice Semiconductor has announced that Nanjing Magewell Electronics has selected the Lattice ECP FPGA family to enable video processing in multiple Magewell USB 3.0 video capture devices, including the USB Capture Plus series. Using Lattice ECP FPGAs helps Magewell produce devices with lower power consumption and higher performance.

Artificial Intelligence
21st May 2019
AI solution delivers performance boost for low power at the Edge

Lattice Semiconductor has announced major performance and design flow enhancements for its Lattice sensAI solutions stack. The Lattice sensAI stack provides a comprehensive hardware and software solution for implementing low power (1mW-1W), always-on Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionality in smart devices operating at the Edge. IHS forecasts 40 billion devices will be operating at the network Edge by 2025.

20th May 2019
FPGA enhances security with hardware root-of-trust capabilities

Lattice Semiconductor has announced the MachXO3D FPGA for securing systems against a variety of threats. Unsecured systems can lead to data and design theft, product cloning and overbuilding, and device tampering or hijacking. With MachXO3D, OEMs can simplify the implementation of robust, comprehensive and flexible hardware-based security for all system components.

4th April 2019
Design wins for home entertainment receiver systems

Provider of customisable smart connectivity solutions, Lattice Semiconductor, has announced that Pioneer & Onkyo Corporation has selected the Lattice HDMI eARC Receiver IC to provide ‘eARC’ features for its Pioneer Elite 7.2 channel SC-LX502 and Elite 9.2 channel VSX-LX503 home A/V receivers (AVR), which provide multiple wired and wireless connectivity options for audio, video and gaming components.

Events News
30th January 2019
Forum focuses on developments in practical use of computer vision

It has been announced by Lattice Semiconductor that as part of its investment in smart vision systems, it will host the upcoming Vision Industry and Technology Forum, a quarterly invitation-only event presented by the Embedded Vision Alliance. The Forum will be held at Lattice’s Silicon Valley Development Center in San Jose, California on Wednesday, January 30th, 2019.

27th August 2018
Jim Anderson named CEO at Lattice Semiconductor

Lattice Semiconductor has a new President and Chief Executive Officer. CEO. It has tapped Jim Anderson (pictured) from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) where he served as the General Manager and Senior Vice President of the Computing and Graphics Business Group.

Artificial Intelligence
21st May 2018
Bringing AI in edge devices to the mass market

A complete technology stack combining modular hardware kits, neural network IP cores, software tools, reference designs and custom design services has been introduced by Lattice Semiconductor to accelerate integration of machine learning inferencing into broad market IoT applications.

13th March 2018
Modules replace USB connectors with 12Gbps wireless technology

Lattice Semiconductor has announced the expansion of its Lattice Snap wireless connector product family to support broader adoption of 60GHz wireless technology in consumer and embedded applications. The new Lattice Snap modules, based on Lattice’s production-proven SiBEAM 60GHz technology, enable manufacturers to easily integrate short range, high speed 60GHz wireless links into their products.

23rd February 2018
Eliminating the connector and keeping the connection

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation has announced the expansion of its Lattice Snap wireless connector product family to support broader adoption of 60GHz wireless technology in consumer and embedded applications. 

12th January 2018
Wireless connector technology simplifies USB connections

Lattice Semiconductor has announced that its SiBEAM Snap technology will be integrated in Fujitsu’s next-gen Tablet PC, model Q508. According to the company the Q508 will be the first tablet supporting USB 3.1 data transfers at 5Gbps wirelessly and will be displayed during CES 2018. The product will be available in Japan starting in January 2018.

4th December 2017
eARC designed for future compatibility with home theatres

Provider of customisable smart connectivity solutions, Lattice, has announced the release of the SiI9437 and SiI9438, the first HDMI 2.1 enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) audio receiver and transmitter devices. eARC future proofs and significantly improves home theatre connectivity. This new, simple and trouble-free audio feature is included in the recently announced HDMI 2.1 specification.

8th November 2017
Evaluation board offers 60% reduction in power consumption

Provider of customisable smart connectivity solutions, Lattice Semiconductor, has announced the expansion of its MachXO3 control PLD family to address the evolving design requirements of the communications and industrial sectors. The new MachXO3-9400 package options offer reduced power consumption with a core voltage of 1.2V for thermally-challenged environments, provide expanded FPGA logic resources for motor control and board management functio...

23rd October 2017
FPGA enables concurrent sensor processing in SteamVR tracking

Lattice Semiconductor has announced that Valve has selected Lattice’s low power and low cost iCE40 FPGA to enable concurrent data capture and processing for its SteamVR Tracking. As a low power and low latency sensor hub on the SteamVR tracking platform, Lattice’s iCE40 FPGA significantly reduces the number of signals that need to be routed from the sensors to the AP / MCUs on the PCB, which in turn reduces EMI emissions, PC...

30th August 2017
Modular IP cores provide increased design flexibility

  Provider of customisable smart connectivity solutions, Lattice Semiconductor, has announced the availability of seven new modular IP cores for its award winning CrossLink FPGA product for increased design flexibility to support consumer, industrial and automotive applications. These modular IP cores offer the building blocks for customers to create their own video bridging solutions.

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