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Lattice Semiconductor (NASDAQ: LSCC) is the global leader in smart connectivity solutions, providing market leading intellectual property and low-power, small form-factor devices that enable more than 8,000 global customers to quickly deliver innovative and differentiated cost and power efficient products.

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24th June 2020
Reinventing the low power, general-purpose FPGAs

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation has launched its new Lattice Certus-NX family of general-purpose FPGAs. The FPGAs target a range of applications, from data processing in automated industrial equipment to system management in communications infrastructure. The Certus-NX devices are the second family of FPGAs developed on the Lattice Nexus platform, and with the launch of Certus-NX, Lattice marks the release of the second device family developed ...

5th June 2020
Lattice IP ecosystem accelerates FPGA processor design

Lattice Semiconductor has announced Lattice Propel, a new software solution designed to accelerate development of unique applications based on low power, small form factor Lattice FPGAs. 

28th May 2020
Lattice and Etron deliver low power reference design for Edge AI

Lattice Semiconductor and Etron, the memory IC and SoC innovator, have announced a memory controller reference design for Etron’s low pin-count RPC DRAM to enable low power Edge AI and video processing in applications requiring a compact form factor, including industrial cameras, drones, AR/VR systems, and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

21st May 2020
Lattice sensAI 3.0 solutions stack doubles performance

Lattice Semiconductor has launched the latest version of its complete solutions stack for on-device AI processing at the Edge, Lattice sensAI 3.0. The latest version of the stack includes support for the CrossLink-NX family of FPGAs for low power smart vision applications and features customised Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) IP, a flexible accelerator IP that simplifies implementation of common CNN networks and is optimised to further l...

21st May 2020
Developing vision systems with dissimilar sensors

Drones, intelligent cars and augmented or virtual reality (AR/VR) headsets all use multiple image sensors, often of different types, to capture data about their operating environment. To supply the image data the system needs, each sensor requires a connection to the system’s application processor (AP), which presents the design challenge of developing vision systems with dissimilar sensors for embedded engineers.

2nd April 2020
Rising edge AI requirements demand solutions

The market for low cost, high performance Edge AI solutions is growing increasingly competitive. Market research firms are forecasting that over the next six years the market for Edge solutions will explode.

1st April 2020
Building comprehensive hardware security

OEMs are interested in developing hardware security that addresses a number of security threats including data theft, data corruption, equipment hijacking, cloning and design theft. Moreover, security threats are no longer confined to systems in active use.

Artificial Intelligence
31st March 2020
Harnessing the power of AI

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is everywhere. It’s a revolutionary technology that is slowly pervading more industries than you can imagine. It seems that every company, no matter what their business, needs to have some kind of AI story. 

30th March 2020
FPGAs address rising complexity of MIPI-based vision

Today’s embedded vision system designers must address a number of market trends. For example, current designs feature an ever-rising number of sensors to collect higher levels of data or perform new functions. Take the average automobile as an example, and it's here that FPGAs can play a key role. 

26th February 2020
Accelerating low power embedded vision development

Lattice Semiconductor has extended its position as a global provider of FPGA-based embedded vision solutions with the introduction of the Lattice mVision solutions stack. The complete solutions stack includes the modular hardware development boards, design software, embedded vision IP portfolio, and reference designs and demos needed to implement sensor bridging, sensor aggregation, and image processing applications.

27th January 2020
FPGA development tool receives key functional safety certifications

Lattice Semiconductor has announced that its easy to use Lattice Diamond FPGA design and verification software environment (version 3.10 Service Pack 3) is certified ascompliant with the IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 functional safety standards. These standards are widely used by developers in automotive and industrial applications, as OEMs require mission-critical systems used in their industrial control equipment and veh...

17th December 2019
FPGA platform enables low power edge applications

Lattice Semiconductor has announced its new low power FPGA platform, Lattice Nexus. The platform is architected to deliver power-efficient performance that will benefit developers of a wide range of applications, including AI for IoT, video, hardware security, embedded vision, 5G infrastructure and industrial/automotive automation.

16th December 2019
Solutions stack extends ultra low-power AI at the edge

Lattice Semiconductor has announced availability of performance enhancements and new and improved application reference designs for its award-winning sensAI solutions stack. sensAI helps OEMs develop AI and ML experiences for next-generation smart devices with power consumption measured in milliwatts.

13th December 2019
FPGAs bring power edge AI applications

Lattice Semiconductor has announced an FPGA developed on its new Lattice Nexus FPGA platform, CrossLink-NX. This new FPGA provides the low power, small form factor, reliability, and performance that developers need to create innovative embedded vision and AI solutions for communications, compute, industrial, automotive, and consumer systems.

11th December 2019
Accelerating FPGA design with new software

Lattice Semiconductor has announced the availability of the latest version of its popular software design tool for FPGAs, Lattice Radiant 2.0. In addition to adding support for higher density devices like the new CrossLink-NX FPGA family, the updated design tool also offers new features that make it faster and easier than ever to develop Lattice FPGA-based designs.

10th October 2019
FPGAs enhance video bridging for MIPI-based embedded vision systems

Lattice Semiconductor has introduced the CrossLinkPlus FPGA family for MIPI D-PHY based embedded vision systems. CrossLinkPlus devices are innovative, low power FPGAs featuring integrated flash memory, a hardened MIPI D-PHY and high-speed I/Os for instant-on panel display performance, and flexible on-device programming capabilities.

23rd July 2019
Flexible connectivity for industrial vision applications

Lattice Semiconductor has announced the availability of the latest in a series of new reference designs featuring the Lattice CrossLink FPGA for video bridging applications. The SubLVDS to MIPI CSI-2 Image Sensor Bridge reference design provides industrial device customers with a flexible, solution for connecting advanced application processors (APs) with image sensors currently used in machine vision applications for industrial environments.

20th June 2019
ECP FPGA family for video capture devices

Lattice Semiconductor has announced that Nanjing Magewell Electronics has selected the Lattice ECP FPGA family to enable video processing in multiple Magewell USB 3.0 video capture devices, including the USB Capture Plus series. Using Lattice ECP FPGAs helps Magewell produce devices with lower power consumption and higher performance.

Artificial Intelligence
21st May 2019
AI solution delivers performance boost for low power at the Edge

Lattice Semiconductor has announced major performance and design flow enhancements for its Lattice sensAI solutions stack. The Lattice sensAI stack provides a comprehensive hardware and software solution for implementing low power (1mW-1W), always-on Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionality in smart devices operating at the Edge. IHS forecasts 40 billion devices will be operating at the network Edge by 2025.

20th May 2019
FPGA enhances security with hardware root-of-trust capabilities

Lattice Semiconductor has announced the MachXO3D FPGA for securing systems against a variety of threats. Unsecured systems can lead to data and design theft, product cloning and overbuilding, and device tampering or hijacking. With MachXO3D, OEMs can simplify the implementation of robust, comprehensive and flexible hardware-based security for all system components.

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