CertusPro-NX reinvigorates general-purpose FPGAs

31st August 2021
Joe Bush

Lattice CertusPro-NX general purpose FPGAs can deliver advanced system bandwidth and memory capabilities to edge applications.

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation has launched the Lattice CertusPro-NX general purpose FPGA family. As the fourth device family based on the Lattice Nexus platform to be launched in just 18 months, CertusPro-NX has continued Lattice’s commitment to FPGA innovation with power efficiency, high bandwidth in a small form factor, and with support for LPDDR4 external memory. With advanced performance capabilities and the high logic density on a Nexus-based device, CertusPro-NX FPGAs are designed to accelerate application development for the communications, compute, industrial, automotive, and consumer markets.

“Many Edge devices require low power consumption for better thermal management, high system bandwidth for fast chip-to-chip communication, components with small form factors for compact device designs, robust memory resources to support data processing, and high reliability for mission-critical applications,” said Linley Gwennap, Principal Analyst at The Linley Group. “Lattice’s CertusPro-NX FPGAs address all of these factors; in particular, they far exceed the competition in mean time between failures (MTBF) and offer the lowest power in their class.”

A full analysis of the CertusPro-NX FPGAs by senior analyst Aakash Jani can viewed above.

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