Wireless connector technology simplifies USB connections

12th January 2018
Lanna Cooper

Lattice Semiconductor has announced that its SiBEAM Snap technology will be integrated in Fujitsu’s next-gen Tablet PC, model Q508. According to the company the Q508 will be the first tablet supporting USB 3.1 data transfers at 5Gbps wirelessly and will be displayed during CES 2018. The product will be available in Japan starting in January 2018.

“SiBEAM Snap technology optimises performance for battery-powered applications and provides a seamless, ultra-fast wireless data connection that makes it an ideal solution for Fujitsu’s Tablet PC,” said Susumu Nikawa, CTO at Fujitsu Client Computing. “By eliminating physical connectors, SiBEAM Snap technology enabled us to produce a much more robust product design.”

This latest design win further demonstrates that Lattice’s SiBEAM Snap wireless connector technology offers an advantage in data transfer for a variety of high volume mobile applications, such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

The production-proven solution also has the ability to extend to broader applications across the consumer and industrial markets - encouraging innovation in Edge connectivity devices for smart homes, and smart factories.

“SiBEAM Snap technology completely replaces common connectors such as USB, while ensuring high bandwidth wireless data transfer for a truly connector-free device,” said C.H. Chee, Senior Director of Marketing at Lattice Semiconductor. “We are excited to see continued adoption of SiBEAM Snap products across more mobile applications, and anticipate broader adoption where a robust low power, fast wireless data transfer is critical.”

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