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1st May 2019
Thermoelectric modules protect heat sensitive CMOS sensors

It has been announced that Laird Thermal Systems has expanded its Peltier thermoelectric module product family with the HiTemp ET Series, designed to protect critical electronic devices like CMOS sensors in high temperature applications. Recent advances in CMOS sensor technology have made these sensors practical and effective for use in a wide range of imaging applications.

22nd March 2019
BLE sensor features external probe for food safety

Laird Connectivity has developed a new sensor that features integrated antennas, an external temperature probe and rugged IP65 enclosure. The Sentrius RS1xx External Series probe allows customers to mount the sensor outside of a device and measure the temperature inside via the cabled sensor. Designed for a wide range of cold chain management applications like agriculture and food safety monitoring, the RS1xx External Series probe makes it easy t...

Test & Measurement
15th March 2019
Thermoelectric assembly for refrigeration of medical storage

The global technology specialist, Laird Thermal Systems has developed a large capacity Direct-to-Air Thermoelectric Assembly (TEA) that offers greater cooling capacity than traditional thermoelectric based systems. Designed for refrigeration of medical chambers and analytical storage compartments, the DA-280 TEA is an alternate to smaller compressor based systems.

26th September 2018
Remote control system enhances safety of industrial rail operations

Laird Controls has developed a portable remote control system that allows one rail operator to easily and efficiently move locomotives throughout the rail operation. By enabling a single worker to pilot a locomotive, as opposed to three people in a work crew, the Transport QC quick connect remote control unit bolsters worker safety, boosts productivity, and enhances rail operator profitability.

31st August 2018
Wireless charging for automobiles

The industry has seen the escalating use of smartphones and other mobile devices transform network traffic from mostly voice to a mix of integrated voice, video and data. There has also been a massive expansion of network coverage as people expect access to their content everywhere they go.

2nd August 2018
Thermoelectric assembly increases cooling performance by up to 60%

Laird has launched a high performance thermoelectric assembly (TEA) series for indoor lab environments that offers a higher cooling performance per unit volume. The SuperCool Series TEA features a hot side air heat sink design that dissipates heat more efficiently than competing heat exchanger technologies. Utilising optimised thermoelectric modules (TEMs) in combination with a high performance heat sink and fan shroud assembly, the SuperCool TEA...

26th July 2018
Remote control system enhancing rail efficiencies

It has been announced that Laird Controls has launched a new portable remote control system that enables rail operators to use a handheld remote controller to move locomotives with ease and confidence throughout their operations.

19th June 2018
Bluetooth 5 series for multi wireless connectivity

Laird has introduced a Bluetooth 5 series that enables performance improvements with up to four times’ the range and twice the data throughput, opening up new product opportunities for industrial, medical, and IoT applications. Laird’s BL654 Series builds upon its field-proven BL600 and BL652 series, reducing engineering burden and design risk, and speeding time-to-market when integrating Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), as well as Th...

13th June 2018
Thermoelectric modules designed for high temperature environments

Laird has expanded its thermoelectric module (TEM) product family to protect critical electronic devices in emerging applications found in high temperature environments. This typically occurs in outdoor environments where heat generated from surrounding electronics exceeds the temperature of sensitive electronics with maximum operating temperatures of 60~70ºC.

11th May 2018
Scalable module for secure mobile connectivity in and outside vehicles

  Over the next five years, the global connected car market is expected to skyrocket. With that on the horizon, technology company, Laird has launched a fully integrated and scalable module for secure mobile connectivity and automotive Ethernet for reliable Internet use inside and outside the vehicle.

Test & Measurement
1st May 2018
Compact cooling performance for medical instrumentation

Laird has expanded its Thermoelectric Assembly (TEA) product offering to better support heating and cooling of analytical and medical instrumentation. The trend to miniaturise analytical and medical instruments to free up precious lab space has led engineers to pack more functionality into a smaller footprint. This increases the heat flux density and thermal challenges.

12th February 2018
Liquid cooling systems efficiently cool industrial x-ray scanners

Global technology company, Laird, has designed custom, self-contained liquid cooling systems (LCS) that provide precise temperature control in industrial X-ray scanning equipment. Industrial X-ray scanning equipment is used in a wide variety of applications ranging from non-destructive test for materials/manufacturing defects and contaminants to scanning trucks or baggage to ensure safety and security.

8th November 2017
The latest models of the thermoelectric assembly product line

  Laird has expanded its thermoelectric assembly (TEA) product offering to include a higher capacity range for critical medical equipment. Previously, the Tunnel Series TEAs offered cooling for capacities up to 39 W. The boosted Tunnel Series now offers cooling capacities exceeding 100 W to support a wider range of cooling applications.

14th September 2017
Active cooling of optical transceivers

Tier 1 OEM’s in telecom infrastructure market are designing the next standard for telecommunications, 5G. It will provide faster data transmission speeds than current LTE (4G) systems, approaching broadband speeds achieved with landlines.

4th September 2017
Wideband iDAS antennas improve wireless connectivity

  Laird has announced its newest wideband iDAS antennas, which dramatically improve in-building wireless connectivity. They also are the telecom industry's thinnest, smallest Low PIM MIMO ceiling mounted wideband antenna that meets the design needs of office and apartment buildings, hotels, airports, and other large coverage areas.

4th September 2017
Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 5 module provides unmatched connectivity

  Laird has introduced a new series of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules that provide unmatched connectivity, and improves network efficiency and spectrum use. The new modules also enable optimal mobile device performance in the most challenging wireless environments.

11th July 2017
Sensor platform simplifies integration into IoT networks

  Laird is going to be launching a new multi-wireless sensor platform that enables enterprise customers to deploy secure, stable wireless sensors in long-range Enterprise Internet of Things (EIoT) applications, especially those requiring precise temperature and humidity control.

16th June 2017
Duo commit to simplifying LoRa ecosystem

Stream Technologies, the company behind IoT-X, the advanced Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity management platform, and Laird have announced that Laird’s Sentrius RG1xx Long-Range Wireless Area Network (LoRaWAN) gateway is pre-configured out of the box to function with Stream’s LoRaWAN network server and IoT-X platform. Mass production and availability of the RG1xx family in Laird global distribution channels of Arrow, Avnet, ...

1st June 2017
Compact solution for industrial rail introduced

  It has been announced that Laird will be launching a space-saving solution for industrial rail applications, the Transport Locomotive Control Unit (LCU).

1st June 2017
Laird joins 5GAA to develop 5G communications solutions

Specialist in solutions for connected vehicles, Laird, has joined an association of blue chip companies and suppliers to help develop mobile communications standards for connected vehicles. Laird is the newest global company to join Munich-based 5G Automotive Association (5GAA), which includes leading telecommunications firms, automotive companies, and components suppliers. Besides Laird, its members include AUDI AG, BMW Group, Daimler AG, E...

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