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16th November 2020
Thermoelectric coolers for laser projector performance

Offering precise temperature control, ambient liquid cooling systems featuring thermoelectric coolers are well suited for spot cooling of laser projector applications. The new Ultra TEC UTX product series offers a ten percent boost in heat pumping capacity, greater temperature differential and higher efficiency than standard thermoelectric coolers.

1st September 2020
Laird HiTemp ETX series using next gen thermoelectric materials

Laird Thermal Systems has developed a thermoelectric module series that is rated for high temperature in emerging optoelectronic applications. The HiTemp ETX Series thermoelectric cooler has a robust construction that allows it to survive in temperatures up to 150°C, exceeding most outdoor applications.

Component Management
20th May 2020
Laird launches eco-friendly recirculating chillers

Laird Thermal Systems has released its next generation of eco-friendly recirculating chillers for precise temperature control of analytical, medical and industrial equipment. The Nextreme Recirculating Chiller platform features high-quality components, environmentally friendly refrigerants, low-noise components and a user-friendly operator interface at a standard price.

6th May 2020
Free Application Note Download from Laird Thermal Systems

Industrial lasers are used for a wide range of applications including cutting, welding, micro-machining, additive manufacturing and drilling. No matter the application, industrial laser systems generate a significant amount of heat. There are several different types of industrial laser technologies, ultimately distinguished by the power density of the laser and its use. The commonality of every laser system is the need for advanced cooling o...

22nd April 2020
New generation of high-performance thermoelectric coolers

Laird Thermal Systems has launched a new generation of high-performance thermoelectric coolers that offer a ten percent boost in heat pumping capacity, greater temperature differential and higher efficiency than standard thermoelectric coolers.

7th January 2020
Thermoelectric coolers efficiently preserve medical reagents

In reagent storage systems, thermoelectric coolers offer a more efficient, cost effective and reliable thermal control method compared to other thermal technologies. Thermoelectric coolers, like the CP Series, provide active cooling below ambient temperatures to extend the life of reagents, keep replacement costs down, and ensure laboratory and medical tests are accurate and reliable.

Tech Videos
3rd January 2020
Designing for IoT security

Security is something everybody knows they need in their IoT products. But understanding the meaning of the word 'security' in context can be difficult.

10th October 2019
Introducing the Sentrius BT510 sensor

Laird is introducing the latest in its line of IoT Sensors, the Sentrius BT510 Bluetooth 5 Multi-Sensor.

12th September 2019
Thermal stability in smart DLP automotive headlights

Digital light processing (DLP) technology is now used in many smart automotive headlight systems to cast sharper and brighter light in front of a vehicle. These automotive headlight systems operate in temperature environments that can reach 110°C. However, the maximum operating temperature of a DLP is only 70°C.

31st July 2019
Bluetooth 5 module delivers greater range

Laird Connectivity has announced the new BL654 PA (Power Amplified) series which delivers power and range performance in a single Bluetooth solution. Building on the success of the BL654 Series, the BL654 PA provides OEMs with maximum design flexibility and performance.

31st July 2019
LoRa simplifies integration into long-range enterprise IoT networks

The massive network of connected devices and sensors known as the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing at an increasingly swifter rate as new technologies provide unprecedented connectivity to more and more devices. By Jonathan Kaye Senior Director, Product Management at Laird Connectivity

24th July 2019
Peltier cooling for refrigerated centrifuges

Centrifugation is a process that separates mixtures through centrifugal force. Centrifuges are commonly used in food processing and medical research for protein, genetic and cellular analysis. In medical laboratory settings, centrifugation involves spinning medical samples at a fast rate to filter or concentrate substances based on differing densities. Dense components migrate away from the centre axis, while less dense components migrate towards...

8th July 2019
A look at 5G mmWave-focused absorber technologies

To enable the large increase in wireless data transfer needed for the new 5G wireless standard, spectrum in the millimeter wave range will be needed. There is simply not enough available spectrum in the sub 6GHz range. The millimeter wave range is largely unregulated with wide chunks of available bandwidth making it ideal for data transfer applications. By Paul Dixon, Staff Scientist, Laird Technologies.

5th June 2019
Multi-wireless modem combines low power cellular LTE and Bluetooth

Laird Connectivity has announced a new multi-wireless modem that combines the benefits of low power cellular LTE connectivity and Bluetooth 5 technology into one fully-integrated solution. This combination enables new use cases using low cost, long range Bluetooth sensors all connected to the next generation LTE network in a much simpler and lower cost solution architecture.

3rd June 2019
Two-port MIMO ceiling mount antenna for 5G applications

A global specialist in wireless technology, Laird Connectivity has announced the CMD69423P, an indoor MIMO ceiling mount antenna, suitable for 5G deployments, that delivers high performance with low-profile aesthetics. Utilising patent pending technology, the CMD69423P is a two-port MIMO, omnidirectional, ceiling mount antenna that operates between 698 to 960MHz and 1,300 to 4,200MHz.

Test & Measurement
14th May 2019
Thermoelectric cooling offers temperature control for incubators

  Incubators are used for cell and tissue cultivation in hospital and laboratory settings. Accurate and precise control of temperature is important for cell growth, as excursions above or below the optimum mammalian body temperature of 37°C, by as little as 6°C, negatively impacts cell health and growth.

14th May 2019
Imaging sensors keep machine vision systems cool

Machine vision technology is enabling sophisticated object detection, recognition and collision avoidance systems for next-generation autonomous vehicles, drones and robotics. Utilising temperature-sensitive imaging sensors and cameras, machine vision systems require active cooling to deliver optimal image resolution independent of the operating environment.

Component Management
9th May 2019
Automated solutions for all forms of thermal interface materials

  Automation solutions for all forms of Thermal Interface Materials (TIMS) are offered by Laird Performance Materials (LPM). The company offers dispensable gap fillers, printed thin gap TIMs (TIM Print), ‘robotic motion control’ placed thick –gap TIMs (TIM Pick). 

Component Management
9th May 2019
Automated solution to apply traditionally difficult materials

TIM Print is a novel method to apply Laird Performance Materials’ thermal management die cut pads while reducing total cost of ownership. It offers a more robust, reproducible and reliable application process as compared to traditional ‘peel and stick’ and dispensing methods.

Component Management
9th May 2019
Cost effective automated thermal pad application for die cut TIMs

A new method has been introduced to apply Laird Performance Materials’ thermal management die cut pads while reducing total cost of ownership, with the TIM Pick. It offers a more robust, reproducible and reliable application process as compared to traditional ‘peel and stick’. TIM Pick uses robotic motion control with an innovative ‘pick head’. 

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