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Automated solutions for all forms of thermal interface materials

9th May 2019
Alex Lynn


Automation solutions for all forms of Thermal Interface Materials (TIMS) are offered by Laird Performance Materials (LPM). The company offers dispensable gap fillers, printed thin gap TIMs (TIM Print), ‘robotic motion control’ placed thick –gap TIMs (TIM Pick). 

Where dispensable gap fillers cannot meet a customer’s needs, it is now possible to automate LMP’s thermal pad product offerings at a competitive pricing to that of dispensable TIMS.

At it’s global dispensing application centres, Laid partner with OEMs/ODMs to solve TIM dispense problems, by simulating different dispense scenarios and applying a root cause analyses. Testing can lead to money and time-saving ideas via optimal dispensing parameters. Work focuses on various product mixing processes, different dispense patterns, volumes, quantities, dimensions and material placement accuracy. The application centres also help speed new product development.

To find out about the TIM Print, a cost effective automated application process for die-cut TIMs, click here

To find out about the TIM Pick, a robotic motion control for pick-and-place automated application of die-cut TIMs, click here.

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