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Custom-tailored thermal management from CTX

9th July 2024
Harry Fowle

CTX is offering custom-tailored and project-specific solutions for thermal management of all power electronics applications.

In addition, CTX can provide cooling solutions for power supply units, transducers, battery chargers, frequency converters, electric drives, and inverters. Which heat sink to use depends on the power dissipation and on the requirements of the particular device. Extruded profile heat sinks, cold forging heat sinks, and PCB board or SMD heat sinks for natural convection are typical options for robust and low-maintenance devices.

Efficient and versatile: aluminium profile heat sinks

Effective thermal dissipation through natural convection is achieved with aluminium profile heat sinks. This is made possible by the rib-like construction called fins, which results in a large overall heat sink surface area. Aluminium profile heat sinks are generally manufactured from an aluminium extruded alloy with a thermal conductivity of 200-220 W/mK.

The CTX portfolio comprises both standard and project- or application-specific cooling solutions. The spectrum of standard extruded heat sinks includes fin, comb and finger heat sinks, as well as PCB-board heat sinks. Standard profile heat sinks range from 12.4 mm to 750 mm in width, with a weight between 130 g/m and 75.1 kg/m and thermal resistance Rth between 81.6 °C/W and 0.04 °C/W.

CTX adapts the surfaces to customer preferences

On request, CTX will also perform post-CNC machining, based on customer drawings. The cooling specialist’s services likewise include professional surface treatment, like wet-painting, chrome plating, anodising, or powder coating. CTX also offers its customers labelling of their heat sinks by means of screen printing or laser engraving, as well as surface treatment by sand blasting or glass ball blasting.

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