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Cost effective automated thermal pad application for die cut TIMs

9th May 2019
Alex Lynn

A new method has been introduced to apply Laird Performance Materials’ thermal management die cut pads while reducing total cost of ownership, with the TIM Pick. It offers a more robust, reproducible and reliable application process as compared to traditional ‘peel and stick’. TIM Pick uses robotic motion control with an innovative ‘pick head’. 

This head enables the cutting, removal from an uncut TIM sheet and placement of a ‘cut to dimension’ pad onto an electronic component in one process step. TIM Pick scales well to a fully integrated assembly process including automated feed, shuttle and in-line inspection systems.

In addition to reducing costs and improving speeds, TIM Pick can be used to apply materials that are traditionally difficult to hand apply, thereby reducing scrap and enabling the use of materials with improved properties.

TIM Pick reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by:

  • Increasing customer throughput
  • Improving customer yields
  • Reducing customer scrap
  • Reducing customer rework
  • Reducing customer supply chain and logistics costs (reduction of part SKUs and inventory)

TIM Pick enables the supply and application of extremely soft, highly compliant, dimensionally stable pad materials

TIM Pick enables:

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Improved customer throughput
  • Improved customer yields
  • Reduced customer scrap
  • Reduced customer rework
  • Simplified customer supply chain and logistics
  • Easier application of traditionally difficult to hand-apply material

Markets and applications:

  • Applications that use thick pad Tflex TIMs (greater than 0.5mm).
  • Applications that desire the material properties of a dispensable gap filler with the dimensional stability of a die cut gap filler.
  • Applications that desire the processability of a dispensable gap filler with the dimensional stability of a die cut gap filler.

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