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28th July 2016
How to perform cyclic voltammetry measurements

This video demonstrates how to use the 2450-EC Electrochemistry Lab System as a potentiostat to perform cyclic voltammetry from 0V to 0.6V and back to 0V using a 100mV/s scan rate.

Test & Measurement
20th January 2015
Graphical sampling integrated into digital multimeter

Citing a market trend for more accurate low power measurements, Keithley Instruments has launched a graphical sampling digital multimeter. “The time to market pressure on engineers is relentless,” says Peter Bachmeyer, Technical Marketing Manager, EMEA, Keithley Instruments. “Typically with a digital multimer, the engineer only sees a numerical display of test results. They want more.”

Test & Measurement
6th November 2014
Source measure unit extends applications reach

Keithley Instruments has added to its benchtop SMU instrumentation range with a capacitive touchscreen graphical user interface (GUI). It has launched the Model 2460 SourceMeter which offers users higher power sourcing (up to 105V, 7A DC/7A pulse, 100W max.) with 0.012% basic measurement accuracy and 6½-digit resolution, making it ideal for high power, high precision I-V characterisation of modern materials and high power devices.

Test & Measurement
23rd October 2014
High power interface panel improves connectivity

Trial and error is never a happy path for test engineers to follow, especially so in the case of characterising high power semiconductor devices. It can be time consuming, expensive and unsafe given the high outputs involved in testing power devices. Enhancements to Keithley Instruments’ Parametric Curve Tracer (PTC) configurations that incorporate high power SourceMeter Source Measure Unit (SMU) instruments indicate a new way forward.

Test & Measurement
15th October 2014
App enables SMU to hook up to smart devices

Keithley Instruments has developed IVy, an Android based app that allows smartphones and tablets to interact with a Keithley Series 2600B SourceMeter SMU instrument via its front panel USB interface. IVy extends Keithley's Touch, Test, Invent design philosophy to offer users of the benchtop instrument a fast, easy-to-use touchscreen tool for characterising 2- and 3-terminal devices.

26th September 2014
Keithley test systems win favour with X-FAB

Keithley Instruments has won orders for additional S530 Parametric Test Systems from X-FAB Silicon Foundries. X-FAB, a Germany-based foundry for analogue/mixed-signal devices and micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), ordered low power versions of the S530 tester for installation on the main production line at its facility in Kuching, Malaysia, where high voltage S530 systems are already in place.

Test & Measurement
5th August 2014
Programmable DC power supplies measure standby current levels

The Series 2280S Precision Measurement, Low Noise, Programmable DC Power Supplies from Kethley Instruments are also sensitive measurement instruments with the speed and dynamic range for measuring standby current loads and load current pulses that battery-powered wireless, medical, and industrial devices produce.

Test & Measurement
25th July 2014
Speed-to-answer - differentiating instrument design

Industry studies have recently highlighted significant changes in the test market, including shrinking product design cycles (down by 13% over the last three years) and fewer dedicated test engineers with in-depth T&M backgrounds. In fact, one in five electrical engineers now working started his or her career within the last decade. By Jonathan Tucker, Keithley Instruments.

Test & Measurement
24th June 2014
DC power supplies cover wide range of voltage and currents

Keithley Instruments has added the Series 2260B Programmable DC power supplies, which includes two 360W and two 720W models. The launch, alongside the recent introduction of the Series 2200 family, means that means that Keithley has a range of power supplies that address both low power and high power applications in research design, quality control and production test.

Test & Measurement
19th March 2014
High voltage power supplies meet high energy applications

Keithley Instruments has introduced two high voltage power supplies optimised for high voltage device and materials testing and high energy physics and materials science research. The Model 2290-5 5kV Power Supply and Model 2290-10 10kV Power Supply are well suited for high voltage breakdown testing of power semiconductor components.

Test & Measurement
18th February 2014
GPIB interface enhances control in multi-channel power supplies

Keithley Instruments has added two multi-channel power supplies with GPIB interfaces to its line of programmable DC power supplies. The new models address the need for greater control and communication flexibility in both R&D and production test applications, which GPIB interfaces can provide. Both the Model 2220G-30-1 dual-channel and 2230G-30-1 triple-channel power supplies combine greater output accuracy and lower prices.  

Test & Measurement
15th January 2014
GUI-driven tool upgrades parametric test system

Keithley Instruments has upgraded its S530 Parametric Test Systems. A new GUI-driven tool expands diagnostic coverage for all system instrumentation and matrix pathways, providing greater confidence in the health of the system. Additionally, users can run the system verification tool to ensure the S530 is within its published system specifications.

Essai et Mesure
17th September 2013
Keithley Lance Le Premier Instrument SMU Équipé D'un Écran Tactile Interactif

Keithley Instruments annonce ce jour le premier instrument SMU (Source Measure Unit) de laboratoire doté d'une interface utilisateur à écran tactile capacitif. L'instrument SMU SourceMeter Modèle 2450 combine l'écran tactile intuitif et les commandes à base d'icones que les utilisateurs novices de SMU pourront apprécier pour leur polyvalence exceptionnelle et que les utilisateurs expériment&...

Test & Measurement
13th August 2013
Power Source Meter Targets iPhone Generation

“It’s all about touch screen now,” says Peter Bachmeyer, technical marketing manager at Keithley Instruments as he introduced the Model 2450 Source Meter. Bachmeyer’s argument backed up customer research is that there is a wider spread of engineers using test instruments, and that an intuitive, touch screen instrument meets their needs.

Test & Measurement
27th June 2013
Free Seminar Tackles Curve Tracing Challenges in Power Semiconductors

Keithley Instruments is to offer a free, web-based seminar titled “Testing Modern Power Semiconductor Devices Requires a Modern Curve Tracer.” This event, which is available for on-demand viewing, will discuss the curve tracing challenges posed by today’s power semiconductor devices and will teach viewers how to perform both I-V and high voltage C-V measurements with a modern parametric curve tracer.

Test & Measurement
15th May 2013
The Threat Of Instability

Addressing one of the most difficult reliability challenges facing the semiconductor manufacturing community today. By Christopher L. Henderson, President of Semitracks Inc,. This ES Design magazine article is based on a white paper, with editorial contributions by Peter J. Hulbert and David W. Rose of Keithley Instruments.

27th March 2013
Keithley Adds High Power Wafer-Level Testing To Automated Characterization Suite Software

Keithley Instruments has enhanced its Automated Characterization Suite software to support its expanding family of high power semiconductor characterization solutions. The ACS package is optimized for automated wafer-level parameter test applications, including automated characterization, reliability analysis, and known good die testing.

Test & Measurement
22nd October 2012
Keithley introduce 7 flexible parametric curve tracer solutions for power device characterization

Keithley Instruments has introduced seven instrumentation, software, and test fixture configurations for parametric curve tracing applications for characterizing high power devices at up to 3,000V and 100A. They’re optimized to provide the industry’s most cost-effective solution for characterizing the growing number of high power semiconductor devices, including those based on silicon carbide and gallium nitride technology.

Test & Measurement
15th October 2012
Model 6482 Dual-Channel Picoammeter/Voltage Source from Keithley

Keithley introduces a dual-channel picoammeter with dual +/-30V independent, non-floating bias sources and 1fA measurement resolution. The Model 6482 Picoammeter, the latest addition to Keithley’s popular line of sensitive instrumentation, provides two independent picoammeter/source channels in a 2U, half-rack enclosure, allowing simultaneous 6-1/2-digit measurements across both channels.

8th October 2012
Keithley adds two multi-channel power supplies to Series 2200 line

Keithley announced today the addition of two multi-channel power supplies to the company’s Series 2200 line of programmable DC power supplies. Both combine the advantage of greater output accuracy than offerings from the market leader at prices that are substantially lower, as well as features that enhance ease of use in circuit design, university student labs, materials research, and device testing that requires the use of more than one power ...

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